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24-Hour Fitness Balboa Workout in the Most Beautiful Fitness Park

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Feel the Burn in Balboa Park

If a more robust and kid-free workout is what you are craving, start your movement at the Bea Evenson spray at the east end of El Prado between The San Diego Natural History Museum and The Fleet Science Center. Start using the fountain ledge to do upper- and lower-body work. For the upper body, do a set of triceps dips and a set of modified pushups.

For the lower body, do a bunch of step-ups on the fountain ledge, followed by box jumps. Following that, take a light run to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, west of El Prado and south of the square de Panama. Trust us, you can’t miss it.

There, use the bench for the same higher and lower body workout. If you want to get it a bit easier, you can use the stair at the back of the pavilion for your step-ups and box jump. After that’s complete, take one more run back to Bea Evenson Fountain and finish another set of those upper and lower body workouts. You’ll burn as many as 500 calories if you complete that circuit. Want to blast more calories? Instead of jogging back to the fountain, she lunges back. You might look silly responsibility it, but you’ll look great afterwards.

Kid-friendly Fitness Finds

Were you looking for a way to get your kids off the couch and out and about? Try taking them on a geocaching journey all through the park. Geocaching is a money hunt using GPS coordinates relatively than an old-timey map. It’s been an obsession since 2000 and has a global following. The goal is to locate the geocache and write your name in the logbook.

There are often trinkets and other goodies in the cache. You are free to take an item, but you are also supposed to add something – a stuffed animal, a pen, some sunglasses – back to the cache. There are plenty of geocache sites throughout the park. Searching during these expeditions helps keep the mind engaged and the body in motion; if you want a little more burn, do 10-20 pushups or squat at all geocache locations – or not.

Artistic Cardio

Want to nourish the mind and train the body while being attractive in Balboa Park’s many cultural institutions? The game plan starts in the motivation Point parking lot on Park Boulevard, which will help you get some steps in and typically has plenty of parking. You can walk to the near Veteran’s Museum and check out San Diego and Balboa Park’s military history in the converted chapel.

Next, head south on Park Boulevard and east to the Palisades part of the park. Present, you will find the San Diego Air & Space Museum and the San Diego Automotive Museum, and both places are overflowing to the brim with exciting and unique aircraft and autos.

Fitness in Balboa

24-hour fitness balboa  – Head further west and across the road to check out the Museum of Us, which has a wide range of exhibits, because monsters to mummies to the history of beer. After the Museum of Us, you can ring back east to the Plaza de Panama, where you willpower find the San Diego Museum of sculpture and the Timken Museum, both of which have substantial fine art collections.

Follow the El Prado and pop into the Museum of Photographic Arts, one of the few museums in the country devoted to taking pictures; the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, which offers eye-popping and unreserved model train sets; and the San Diego History Center with its unique exhibit detailing the region’s wealthy the past.

If you track the El Prado east, you’ll end awake at the Bea Evenson Fountain with the San Diego Museum of usual History on the north and The Fleet Science Center on the south. Both are great for those curious about nature, science and innovation.


24-hour fitness balboa – The best part about Balboa Park – besides its jaw-dropping beauty – is the range of workout choices. There is something for everyone at each fitness level, from strolls to some serious calorie-burning callisthenics. Here be a few ways to get your steps in and sweat on in Balboa Park – the world’s most beautiful outdoor gym.

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