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45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg – Consultoria Gestao E Treinamentos

45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg – Consultoria Gestao E Treinamentos – The company Ecoseg – Consultancy, Management and Training of CNPJ 45.743.633/0001-28, founded on 03/22/2022 and with corporate name 45.743.633 LTDA, is located in the city of São Luís in the state of Maranhão. According to the Federal Revenue, its main activity is 86.30-5-02 – Outpatient medical activity with resources for carrying out complementary exams. Your registration status so far is Active.

The company’s main activity is outpatient medical, with resources for complementary exams. In addition, it also works with activities to support health management and care activities in emergency rooms and hospital units for emergency care; Hospital care activities, except emergency rooms and emergency care units, among other areas.

Board of Partners and Administrators

  • Daniela Caires Chaves Pinto – Managing Partner
  • Paulo Bogea Martins Filho – Partner

Qualification of the person responsible for the company: Managing Partner

Personalized Solutions for Every Business

One size does not fit all in the world of consultancy. At 45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg, understands the unique challenges that businesses face. Our experts work closely with clients to craft customized strategies that align with their needs and goals.

Data-driven decision-making is the foundation of success in today’s competitive market. Our consultancy services control the latest data analytics tools to provide actionable insights, enabling businesses to make informed choices.

Ecoseg – 45,743,633 Ltda, Management Consultancy And Training


45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg - Consultoria Gestao E Treinamentos (3)

Ecoseg – Consultancy, Management, and Training is a company located in the municipality of São Luís/MA and whose opening date is 03/22/2022, currently having an Active registration status with the Federal Revenue Service. Its primary economic activity is ” outpatient medical activity with resources for carrying out complementary exams, “corresponding to the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) code nº 8630-5/02.

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Registration data: 45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg – Consultoria Gestao E Treinamentos

Corporate reason: 45,743,633 Ltd

CNPJ: 45.743.633/0001-28

Head office or branch: Headquarters

Fantasy name: Ecoseg – Consulting, Management and Training

Registration status: Activates

Legal nature: 206-2: Limited Business Company

Opening date: 03/22/2022

Postage: Microenterprise

Share capital (R$): 50,000.00


Address: Rua Nascimento de Moraes/rua 1, 302 – Complement: Room 04 – Neighborhood: Sao Francisco

Country: Brazil

Municipality/UF: São Luís/MA

ZIP CODE: 65.076-320

Main Economic Activity:

CNAE: 8630-5/02

Description of the CNAE (activity): Outpatient medical activity with resources for carrying out complementary exams

This CNAE comprises consultations in offices, outpatient clinics, medical assistance posts, medical clinics, and other places equipped to carry out complementary examinations.

CNAE also includes public health posts.

This CNAE does not understand the following:

  • outpatient medical activity with resources to carry out surgical procedures (8630-5/01);
  • outpatient medical training restricted to consultations (8630-5/03).

Secondary Economic Activities:

CNAE:                                              Description of the CNAE (activity):

7112-0/00                                       Engineering services

7490-1/99                                       Other professional, scientific, and technical activities not

previously specified

8599-6/04                                       Training in professional and managerial development

8610-1/01                                       Hospital care activities, except emergency rooms and emergency care units

8610-1/02                                       Care activities in emergency rooms and hospital units for emergency care

8621-6/01                                       mobile ICU

8630-5/06                                       Vaccination and human immunization services

8640-2/02                                       Clinical laboratories

8640-2/05                                       Diagnostic imaging services using ionizing radiation, except tomography

8640-2/99                                       Diagnostic and therapeutic complementary service activities not

previously specified

8650-0/99                                       Activities of health professionals not previously specified

8660-7/00                                       Health management support activities

8690-9/99                                       Other human health care activities not previously specified

8712-3/00                                       Activities to provide support infrastructure and assistance to patients at



Daniela Caires Chaves Pinto (Entered: 03/22/2022).

Age range: 31 to 40 years old.

Qualification: 49 (managing partner).

Paulo Bogea Martins Filho (Entered: 03/22/2022).

Age range: 61 to 70 years old.

Qualification: 22 (member).

Establishment(s) of this company:

CNPJ: 45.743.633/0001-28

County: São Luís/MA

Type: Headquarters

Situation: Activates

Other Companies

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  • Webert da Costa Alves – 45.743.629/0001-60
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  • Clv Comercio de Hortifrutigranjeiros LTDA – 45.743.634/0001-72
  • Mv Pneus Servicos e Solucoes LTDA – 45.743.635/0001-17
  • Felipe da Silva Santos – 45.743.636/0001-61
  • Vinicius Resende dos Santos Information Technology Consulting LTDA – 45.743.637/0001-06


45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg – Consultoria, Gestão e Treinamentos is your trusted partner on the journey to business excellence. The accurate measure of a consultancy’s worth lies in the success of its clients. Explore some of our notable case studies to see how 45.743.633 Ltda Ecoseg has helped organizations overcome challenges and achieve greatness. Through a confirmed track record of success and a commitment to innovation, we are here to propel your organization forward.

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