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Bosco Chocolate Syrup – History, Ice Cream, Desserts, Natural, and More

Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Bosco Chocolate Syrup is a product of chocolate syrup, first shaped in 1928. It Products is based in Towaco, New Jersey, and its products are sold throughout the United States and Europe.

What is Chocolate Syrup?

Chocolate syrup is a sweet condiment made using cocoa powder that tastes like chocolate and has the consistency of a thick sauce. “syrup” comes from the Arabic scarab “drink”.

What is Bosco Chocolate Syrup?

Rich and Chocolatey; taste mighty; Made with natural cocoa; No artificial flavors or colors; Gluten Free Taste: Chocolate is more potent than any chocolate syrup, so rich and chocolatey, you’ll enjoy milk, ice cream, and desserts more than ever with Bosco Chocolate Syrup. Nice and thick, and unlike the rest, it’s made with natural cocoa for a deeper flavor. So, whether it’s a glass of Bosco-an-Bosco milk or an over-the-top dessert, you’ll realize what a kid with chocolate syrup being is all about. And also, All our products are from the United States, SKU 26091806496.

History of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

History of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Bosco chocolate syrup conceives in 1928 in Camden, New Jersey, by an unidentified doctor. And also, The William S. Scull Company, founded in 1831 in Camden, license to manufacture. Scull’s most famous product was Bosco coffee, which gave the product the trademark “Bosco”. In the 1950s, Corn Products acquired Bosco, and Bosco Products, Inc. acquired the brand in 1985. And also, The name is reminiscent of the Greek word.

  • The trade name “Bosco” was first used in 1928 but not register until 1968.
  • com is not affiliated with the cocoa product or manufacturer; the domain name was the subject of arbitration.
  • The company has expanded to produce other products, including chocolate bars under the brand name.
  • The nutritional and nutrition values report.

Manufacturing Process

Bulk materials add utilizing automatic measuring devices to stainless steel cooking baths. Minor ingredients and flavors are batch-blended separately using a dedicated blender, following strict product handling and quality assurance practices. And also, While in the vats, Bosco is pasteurized to make the product homogeneous and then chilled for bottling. Computers measure and control the temperature of the product. Added malt extract, combined with Bosco cocoa powder, gives the characteristic taste of Bosco.

Bosco Was Once Packed in Glass Jars but is Now Wholesaled in Soft Bottles

As of 2015, Bosco comes in several flavors in addition to the original chocolate: Strawberry Sea Salt Caramel, Fudge Fairy, Sugar-Freee, and Mocha (the last of which was added around 2012, replacing Berry Blue).

Cultural References

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Bosco’s chocolate syrup, then called Bosco Milk Amplifier, was advertised heavily on children’s shows in the late-night 1950s and early 1960s, such as The Popeye Club, a resident program in Atlanta, Georgia, featuring Popeye cartoons, as well as live scenes. And also, An essential feature of many television commercials was the ringing I love Bosco.

Bosco commercials were often used as some of the “retro commercials” used in place of commercial breaks on TV Land during its early years.

Bosco advertisements often featured the ” Bosco Chiller-Diller ” mixture.

Bosco’s television and radio advertisements also featured the ” Bosco Nova ” song and dance in a bossa nova style.

Critical of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Critical of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

The essential ingredient in real chocolate is cocoa’s birthplace, South America. Local tribes have used cocoa beans to make a tonic drink since ancient times, and Europeans got to know him only closer to the 18th century. And also, The drink was consumed with sugar, milk, or cream. In the center of the 19th century, the initial chocolate bar was made by a Dutch chemist. He mixed the cocoa powder with the milk powder, sugar, and cocoa butter and got a new product. And also, Currently, chocolate is used both as a hot drink and in the form of bars, sweets, icing, and Bosco chocolate syrup.

Benefits and Harm of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Bosco Chocolate syrup contains quite a lot of calories and carbohydrates. It quickly satisfies hunger and is easily absorbed by the body. And also, The product comprises group B, vitamins C, D, PP, and E, and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc, and sodium. Bosco Chocolate syrup helps to quickly restore strength after physical and mental stress, helps to restore the nervous system, and strengthens the immune system. But it should be noted that its excessive use can lead to the formation of excess cholesterol in the blood and obesity. Therefore, it is better for people with diabetes to refrain from using the product.

What does Bosco Chocolate Syrup Taste Like?

The syrup has a bright chocolate flavor and aroma. And also, The degree of bitterness present in the product will vary depending on the percentage of cocoa contained in the product.

How is Bosco Chocolate Syrup?

Bosco Chocolate syrup is used to make smoothies and ice cream. It adds to coffee and tea, alcoholic beverages, used as an impregnation for biscuits, and as a filling in the preparation of desserts. And also, The syrup pours over cakes and pastries with dairy products, nuts, fruits, and berries.

How and How Much to Store?

Bosco Chocolate syrup is stored according to the terms indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. The opened syrup should be refrigerated use within three months.

Curious Facts

Bosco Chocolate syrup contains theobromine, similar in properties to caffeine. However, he has a tonic effect and is responsible for the pleasure a person receives from the product.

In Russia, the fashion for chocolate (then still in the form of a hot drink) was introduced by Catherine II.

Bosco Chocolate syrups are available not only with the taste of dark chocolate but also white, bitter, and milk.

Show of Bosco Chocolate Syrup

  • Bosco chocolate syrup is used as fake gore in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) throughout the shower scene.
  • Bosco chocolate syrup cast off as fake lifeblood in George A. Romero’s Night of the Alive Dead (1968).
  • Bosco is stated by Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Firm (2013) when he was roasting his son Jack.
  • Leslie Nielsen says Bosco in The Naked Gun: From the Police Squad Files! (1988).

The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup

The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Brand                                  Bosco

Taste                                   Chocolate

unit count                          22 ounce

Number of articles           1

Volume                               480 Milliliters

About this article

  • Enjoy the taste of your youth. !!
  • Each plastic bottle contains 22 ounces.
  • Delicious chocolate malt liquor taste for milk or desserts
  • Complete with natural cocoa and malt extract for an unmatched flavor
  • Bosco, the ultimate flavor in milk drinks and dessert pulps, is back.

Chocolate Syrup Bosco Caramel with Sea Salt, 425 ml

Caramel viscous sweetness with a bit of sea salt will decorate your desserts: pancakes.

Product code: 15261

Gross weight: 500 gr

Quantity in a group package: 6

Someone more, someone less, but we cannot wholly deny ourselves sweets, and even. And also, It we follow strict rules in food, we still allow ourselves minor pranks. And also, no one can refuse caramel and chocolate. Well, at least a lick or a little bite to try. But chocolate and caramel have one significant disadvantage: it melts. Therefore, it is not very convenient to serve it on the table in a room with a high temperature and take it with you, especially in summer. And also, there is continuously a way out of caramel in the form of syrup, not simply, but with the addition of natural sea salt.

You can dose the amount of sweetness yourself and even do it at any convenient time and place that distinguishes syrup with caramel and sea salt from all other delicacies. And also, A Suitable plastic packaging with a dispenser will always apply the syrup to the base accurately and in the right amount. And also, It grains of sea salt will give the classic caramel an extraordinary flavor.

  • Now you can always treat yourself, your guests, girlfriends and friends, and boisterous kids with classic pancakes, sweet sandwiches, and pies or experiment at your discretion, inventing new treats.
  • Compound: high fructose corn syrup, water, non-dairy creamer, sea salt, natural sugar extract, natural flavor, xanthan gum, caramel color, vitamins B2, B3, B6, food colors Yellow 5 (E102) and Yellow 6 (E110).
  • Nutritional and energy worth per 100 g of product: 275 kcal / 1152.5 kJ; F 1.25 g, Y 67.5 g, B 2.5 g.
  • The product recognizes as kosher (parve).

Chocolate Syrup Bosco Classic, 425 ml

Chocolate Syrup Bosco Classic, 425 ml

Thick, classic, rich chocolate syrup with natural, high-quality cocoa in the composition

Cargo code: 14986

Gross weight: 525 gr

Quantity in a group package: 6

One of America’s most famous chocolate syrups – super chocolate flavored! It recommends using as an additive in cocktails, as a topping for ice cream and other desserts, and as an icing or filling in pastries. And also, chocolate milk with the addition of this syrup will appeal to both children and adults. It is also delicious to add syrup to coffee or soak biscuits.

Ingredients: Tall Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Water, Natural Cocoa, Invert Sugar Syrup, Cultured Sugar (Natural Extract), Xanthan Gum, Salt, Citric Acid, and B Vitamins. And also, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), and vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Does not contain fat, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Does not contain gluten.

Orange Chocolate Cheese Cake with Chocolate Syrup


  • 1 cup almonds or walnuts
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • Three dates, three oranges
  • 2/3 cup sweetener of your choice (such as maple syrup)
  • 5 cups cashews (or other of your choice)
  • 3/4 cup butter cocoa.



  • 1 cup almonds or walnuts
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder.

3 Dates

  • Blend all ingredients in a mixer or food processor: If the filling is too crumbly, add one tablespoon of water until the dough begins to stick together.
  • Set aside 1/4 cup of base ingredients for later use: Put 3/4 of the elements on the bottom of a mold or tray (about 15 cm in diameter) and refrigerate.


  • Three oranges
  • 2/3 cup sweetener (syrup/honey)
  • 5 cups cashews (or other of your choice)
  • 3/4 cup cocoa butter

First, wash the oranges thoroughly. Then, remove the zest, leaving the white skin. You should get at least 3 tbsp spoons of zest.

Squeeze juice from oranges – at least 2/3 cups should come out.

Mix nuts, sweetener, cocoa butter, zest, and orange juice in a blender/combiner until soft and smooth. Pour the mass over the base, decorate with the rest of the base and zest rings on top, and freeze for at least 4 hours. Remove from freezer 30 minutes before serving and drizzle with chocolate syrup.

Explanation of Chocolate Syrup Bosco

Explanation of Chocolate Syrup Bosco

We are EXTRA KOSHER, the largest Kosher food store in Mexico. All our products are certified. And also, We are Mercado Lieders, have all the products published, and ship to the whole country. Buy with confidence, buy with peace of mind, buy EXTRA KOSHER

Bosco Chocolate Syrup Syrup: tastes delicious on ice cream and goes your regular milk into fabulous chocolate milk. Plastic container to squeeze. And also, Bosco Chocolate Syrup contains no fats, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. You might even taste a malty note.

When you eat ice cream in the summer, you can use Bosco syrup to make the toppings stick together to turn your vanilla ice cream into a fabulous chocolate and candy experience!

The Bosco brand has been about since 1928 with its all-natural recipe, colorfully and uniquely packaged in an easy-to-use squeezable plastic bottle. Bosco syrups are obtainable in a diversity of flavors such as Bosco Chocolate, Bosco Strawberry, Bosco Blueberries, and Bosco Caramel. And also, Use all the flavors to create a rainbow of flavors! Some even dip their sweets in Bosco syrup.

The same great taste you remember as a child hasn’t changed; the Same recipe and the same quality since 1928. You made it with natural cocoa and malt extract. Share some with your kids! This product is a very effective and inexpensive way to have fun with any pudding, a hot drink, or show your kids -or grandkids- how much fun you can turn dessert into.


We are an original, fresh and cheerful company. We commit to allowing our customers to explore and discover exclusive products with various options. And also, They can get any product online and send it to any corner of Mexico with the sound of a single click.

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Why Consume Kosher Products by Chocolate Syrup Bosco?

In addition to religious reasons, it is well known that Kosher laws, inspecting qualified Rabbinates, strict, and their follow-up regarding raw materials is also very rigorous.

Over time, this seriousness transmitter to national and international consumers the confidence sought in industrial products, whether for local consumption or export products.

Strict and, in certain circumstances, complex, the Kosher code requires impeccable detail execution. Only then is the product legitimately considered kosher.

Are the Products Certified?

Yes, all kosher food products we sell in the store have the corresponding seals.

Do you ship to the whole country? What are the conditions?

We ship to all of Mexico through Mercado Envois. All our products dispatch from Mercado Libre warehouses, guaranteeing that they deliver on time and in optimal conditions.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

To know the shipping delay and its cost, you must enter your CP so that the Mercado Envíos calculator shows the available shipping options and the price of each one.

How do to Have free Shipping?

It is possible to add products to the shopping cart to exceed the amount that the shipping market stipulates for free shipping. And also, You can count on confidence if it appears published because it is available for sale.

What is the Finish Date of the Products?

To send food products to the Merculief warehouse, they must have at least six months until the expiration date. And also, These parameters govern all the products in our store, so they have an extended expiration date.


This is a thick classic Bosco syrup. It is natural, has a rich chocolate flavor, and enriches with B vitamins. And also, The Bosco Classic Syrup best paired with ice cream, milk, and coffee. Bosco Chocolate Syrup is the wealthiest and thickest chocolate syrup, all-natural, and fortified with B vitamins.

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