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Botox is administered as an injection and is not a painful procedure; slight pain may be felt during the injection. Also, It injected into the mimic muscles when a decrease in the movements of the mimic muscles desire and into the skin when the complaint of sweating is expected to decrease. Also, The effect of Botox starts 3-4 days after the injection fully settles in the first week and lasts 4-6 months. When Botox loses its development, the application can repeat, and more at

In Which Areas is Botox Used?

In Which Areas is Botox Used?
Wrinkle Treatment

The working of the mimic muscles over the years makes the folds on the skin. And also, that covers it prominent, and thus dynamic lines appear on the face. And also, The most common active lines are seen on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and the lips.

Face Shaping

With Botox injection, the eyebrows can raise from the tail part, and the height in the middle part of the eyebrows can lower, which causes a confused face. And also, The prominent upper gingiva with the smile causes an unaesthetic appearance while smiling. And also, this situation was easily corrected with a Botox injection.

Over-Sweating Treatment

When Botox apply to the sweat glands, the transmission between the sweat glands and nerve endings. And also, it can also stop, and the functioning of the sweat glands can reduce. And also, The areas of the body that sweat the most are the palms and armpits, and more at

Why is Botox done?

In which areas and for what purpose Botox application apply is one of the most curious issues. And also, Botox, is mainly used as a remedy for eliminating facial wrinkles and underarm sweating. And also, is both a therapeutic and a protective application.

  • Complications after Botox
  • Dropping of eyebrows or eyelids
  • Eyelid not closing or having difficulty closing it
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Decreased tears
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • speech difficulties
  • Difficulty making certain sounds.

Botox Types and Botox Techniques

Today, Botox has gone beyond beauty purposes and has started to use for spiritual or health goals. And also, For this reason, the emerging types of Botox divides into three groups.

Psycho Botox

It applies to remove wrinkles that occur due to the frequent use of mimics. And also, It is the most common form of Botox application.

Smile Botox

Service industry workers commonly request it. And also, in which apply to provide a more smiling expression.

Botox for Treatment

It is a type of Botox applied to people with sweating, migraine, teeth grinding, or facial paralysis. And also, It is purely therapeutic.

Minimal Botox

Minimal Botox is a technique specially designed considering the skin structure, age, use of facial expressions, and skin condition. And also, It injects only at the necessary points in minimal doses, and it applies to prevent a dull face and an agitated image unsuitable for age.

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Why Write for Us – Botox Write for Us

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