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Bretman Rock AB Workout – Join, Even, and Routine

Bretman Rock AB Workout

Early last year, social media influencer and previous Vine star Bretman rock ab workout exposed his AB Solute Not Workout to the world in a video called aristocratic 3 EASY Workouts to Look Cute. The routine consists of basic core exercises that most gym-goers are generally familiar with.

However, the number of reps for about of the activities has raised some eyebrows. Bretman wasn’t completely cruel, though. In the video, he advises strategy out once you’d like to take breaks. For example, he recommends 30-second intervals after each 60-rep exercise or 10-second breaks after each one on the list.

How can you Join Bretman Rock AB Workout into your Even Routine?

Fitness experts and Bretman rock ab workout make it strong that he isn’t one to advise working on your abs after another workout routine. It is otherwise pointless to do ab exercises alone. It would help if you did something to get your engines running before that. This will ensure adequate muscle activation and blood flow to the areas being worked on.

A ten-second disruption after each one is ideal to ensure your abs don’t start feeling too tired too early. Of course, this could hinder your performance. And you probably won’t get chiseled abs like Bretman.

Add it to your Active Recovery Days

You can take some time to achieve this monotonous at the end of your cardio meetings. It would make for a solid finisher as well.

Do it at the End of a Higher Body Routine

Uh, the mid-section does count as the upper body. So it goes without saying that you can do a round or two of this workout once you’re done busting your arms, back, chest, etc.

Perform it as an Amrap or HIIT Routine

AMRAP stands for as many circles as possible. So to challenge yourself, set a timer for 12 to 15 minutes, and try to perform as many games as possible in that time frame.

HIIT is high-intensity interval training. Allow a few seconds to complete each exercise and a few seconds of rest. Ensure you have set a minimum goal of three to four rounds so you get your heart racing.

For Example:

20 seconds of crunches40 seconds of in-and-outs60 second plank hold30 additional rest

Then move on to the following three actions, rest breaks, and so on.

The significant part of Bretman’s home-based dull is that it syndicates dynamic actions and isometric holds into one easy-to-achieve yet natural way. So be indubitable to stretch this routine – or one of the versions we’ve obtainable – a go once you effort out next, whether at home, at the gym, or outdoors. But then, good luck rolling out the bed the following day!

What is the Bretman Rock AB Workout Solutely Not Workout”?

What is the Bretman Rock AB Workout Solutely Not Workout”?

The AB Solutely Not Workout, also recognized as the “Bretman Pillar Ab Workout”, is Bretman Rock’s core routine. You can access the test for free on Pillar’s YouTube station. The “ABSolutely Not Workout” twitches at 9:18 in this audiovisual called “3 EASY Tests to appearance Cute.”

The workout is easy to shadow, requires no gear, and works the abs from all viewpoints. It’s only 8 minutes, but people claim it greeneries their abs red-hot. The workout contains three circuits of three exercises performed in a 20-40-60 pattern. You break for 30 seconds between each round.

  • 20 crunches, 40 in-and-outs, 60-second elbow plank
  • 20 plank with hip dips, 40 mountain hikers, 60 scissors kicks
  • Twenty reverse crunches, 40 toe-touch crunches, and 60-second hollow hold.
  • I Tried the Bretman Rock AB Workout Solutely Not Workout.”

It started the next round with the hip hollows, which felt astonishing. I loved occupied my love handle area and felt my side waist constriction. I’m going to incorporate that into my regular ab routine. The mountain climbers were annoying, per usual, and I had to modify the 60 scissor kicks, custody my head down, and do less of a swipe with my legs. Since I was touching so fast, my legs were more tired than my abs because my abs weren’t as betrothed as they should be, but with that many reps, it was tough to keep them working without my legs taking over.

What did I like about the Bretman Rock AB Workout Solutely Not Workout?

It’s only 8 minutes! But not having enough time is no excuse for not being able to get in a solid core workout. I love that the activity hits the core after all angles lying down on the crushed on your back, in plank and side plank. It works not lone the front of the abs but to the sides, specifically the obliques and side waist. I plan on including some of the exercises into my routine regularly.

I held my knees to my torso to rest my legs throughout the break. Then I ongoing up with the third and final (thank God!) round. I was careful not to let momentum take over during the 20 reverse crunches, so I felt my low abs firing during these reps. Again, the toe traces were a torcher! Again, my low abs and upper abs were on fire. (Letter to self: I must also incorporate this into my workout routine!) Unfortunately, the hollow hold was too long to cap off the workout. I had to stop at 30 instants and then finish the final 30 seconds after a quick break in its place of doing it for the full 60 seconds.

What Didn’t I Like about the Bretman Rock AB Workout?

What Didn’t I Like about the Bretman Rock AB Workout?

I wouldn’t say I liked how there wasn’t a step-by-step demo of each move. I would have at least wanted to see a full version of Rock doing the monotonous to follow along with him. Instead, you watch the video where he shows clips of himself making the moves, and then you set the timer to do the workout on your own. Especially for novices, I am worried that people may strain their necks and backs. Rock even says that he knows people will analyze his form, so I want to warn people trying this routine to listen to their bodies and take breaks when needed.

This workout is not for beginners. I recommend that beginners go slower, do fewer reps, and take much longer breaks.

I would recommend the “AB Solutely Not Workout” to:

  • Advanced exercisers looking to burn out their abs
  • Pilates enthusiasts are looking to change up their ab routine.
  • Anyone who wants to get a solid core workout in a short amount of time.
  • People are looking for a core routine they can do anywhere (without equipment!).


As a health and fitness coach, I often find inspiration from social media and love analyzing different workout trends online. Bretman Rock ab workout, the beauty expert and social media influencer took social media by storm with his workout, the “Bretman rock AB Solute Not Workout” it racked up nearly a million views within a few months! While Rock isn’t a personal trainer, he has a fitness background as an athlete and does work with CrossFit instructors and trainers.

After reading some reviews, I thought there was no way this workout could be as intense as everyone was claiming. As a Pilates instructor, I work my core every day, so I figured I had the strength and stamina to make it through his workout easily. I was excited to try it and see for myself what all the hype was about.

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