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How To Fix [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] Error


pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d – Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] is undoubtedly a great email management companion for both official and personal use. And also, It integrates all email addresses from different service providers into one platform with a plethora of features feature-rich and user-friendly interface. And also, In addition, Microsoft adds an extra layer of security to its software, making it compatible with many well-known antivirus programs.

With an attractive feature set and interface that even a beginner can take full advantage of, it’s a decent option; well, like any software, it’s not perfect in all aspects. Applications often encounter some glitches and glitches for several reasons. But, as the only reliable platform for an organization or an individual, such shortcomings cannot be tolerated.

One of the Weaknesses of Microsoft Outlook is [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]

[pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d], where the IPI refers to personal information. This error has recently occurred on many systems for several reasons. Now that you are here, you are also looking for a proper fix for this error in your Outlook system. Well, you’ve come to the perfect place.

What is [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d], and Why Does it Occur?

What is [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d], and Why Does it Occur?

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Outlook is safe. It uses Microsoft’s SSL and TLS security encryption to send and receive your emails. You don’t need to be familiar with SSL and TLS security ciphers to resolve [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]. Understand that they are one of the most secure ciphers out there.

If you try to connect to an email service without SSL and TLS security, you will get [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]. And also, It is not the only reason you get [ pii_email_041f50ef1285610b5a5b ] error in your Microsoft Outlook. We’ll discuss the other reason and solutions in the “How to Fix” section. And also, To use the email server in your Outlook, it must have both SSL and TLS encryption. When logging in, it is best always to check all settings such as port number, authentication, and secure connection.

How to Solve Error [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]?

How to Solve Error [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]?

Now, you understand why the [ pii_email_041f50ef1285610b5a5b] error occurs. You probably have an idea of ​​how to resolve the issue. And also, If you are not in the technical field but still want to fix the problem, it is easy to follow the steps below and not see the problem again. We will mention six ways to solve the problem, and one should fix it for you.

1. Check if There is a Duplicate Account

If Microsoft Outlook is configured through a duplicate account, you may see the [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] error. This is the case for you. The solution is straightforward. If you are unsure if this is causing the [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d], follow the steps. If your problem is resolved by the end of this pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d solution, it is most likely due to a duplicate account. Please don’t panic; we have plenty of other solutions for you.

Follow the steps to find a duplicate account:

  • Open the control panel on your desktop and change the view to “large category.”
  • Then click on Mail
  • Once you refer to the email, a pop-up screen will appear. On this screen, click Email Accounts.

Then you will see all the email accounts configured in your MS Outlook. Check if there is a duplicate account or not. In this case, delete the same statement, which is the main reason for [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]. If you don’t see duplicate accounts, you can still delete all accounts and add new ones, which can solve the problem.

2. Check the SMTP Configuration

It is better to check the SMTP configuration for Microsoft Outlook because a misconfiguration causes 80% of the time [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] in the SMTP. Verifying the SMTP configuration is pretty straightforward, and follow the steps below:

Follow the steps mentioned in [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] solution 1 to open the “Email accounts” settings where you deleted the email account.

Double-click on the email and click on “More settings.”

If your server uses authentication, Check “My server requires authentication.”

Then, go to the Advanced tab and make sure that the correct port number is being used. It is the port number to use for IMAP and SMTP.

IMAP: 993

SMTP: 465

After SMTP setup, close the application and restart your computer. After restarting Microsoft Outlook, check whether [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] is still displayed. Still, if the problem is not resolved, continue to the next solution.

3. Use SCANPST. Exe

You might wonder what it is if you’ve never heard of SCANPST.exe. Many Outlook users have complained to Microsoft about issues like [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]. Follow the steps below to use SCANPST and resolve the [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] error.

Open the file explorer. (My computer)

Go to Program Files> MS Office> Office18 (depending on the version of MS Office you are using, if you are using MS Office 2014, it should be like Office14)

Find the SCANPST.exe folder and open the application as an administrator.

Click Browse, select the PST file you want to repair, and click Start.

Highlight “Create a backup” and click Browse to select the location where you want to save the back-up file. Then click on “Repair.”

After repairing damaged PST files, the pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d error should be resolved. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, we need to move on to the general solution that will help fix any Windows problem. I hope this will solve pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d the error.

4. Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender

4. Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender

Sometimes Anti-virus and Windows Defender [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] firewall rules cause problems. Because they can think of outgoing emails as the malware signal, you can turn off Antivirus or Windows Defender if you are not using an antivirus program to resolve the issue.

Disabling Antivirus is easy. Open whatever antivirus program you are using, and there should be a button that says “Disable Antivirus” or “Disable Antivirus.” Select one of the buttons and see if the [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d] error still appears.

To turn off the Windows Defender, follow these steps:

  • Select Start> Settings> Update, and then Security> Windows Security> Virus and threat protection> Manage settings (or Virus and threat protection settings in previous versions of Windows 10).
  • Disable real-time protection.
  • Disabling Antivirus or Windows Defender fixed pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d for most of our visitors, so you should try it.

5: Clear Cookie and Cache

In our previous articles explaining how to fix various errors, we always say clear the cookie and cache. To solve pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d, you can try clearing the cookie and cache. To do this, follow the steps:

Enter Ctrl + R on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

Then enter “% app data%.”

Delete all the files in %app data% or select the MS Outlook folder and delete it.

After you’ve cleared all of the App Data, it’s time to delete the files from Local App Data. To do this, follow the steps.

Enter Ctrl + R on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

Then enter “% Local app data%.”

After you have the Local App Data, delete all files in the folder again.

After clearing the cache and all cookies, go back to Microsoft and see if the problem is resolved.


Many businesses use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails. Companies and many individuals use this email client because it is easy to use and secure. But sometimes Outlook gives a headache due to different kinds of errors. One of the common errors when using faces is [pii_email_b1b25864d4f750589e2d]. In this article, we will discuss the nature of the error and how to fix it so you can continue working with Microsoft Outlook.

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