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Happy Health India Login – Product, Plan, Types, Benefits, & Profit

Happy Health India Login

Happy health India Login- Happy health India login। happy health India crops List। the happy health Republic of India. । happy health India diploma. In today’s article, we will tell you about a company that has grown very well in the last few years: a direct-selling company named Happy Health India Marketing Private Limited. In this article, we will get complete information about this company, what work this company does, what its products are, and how you can earn money by registering with it.

Happy Health India

Happy Health India was registered under MCA from Chandigarh in January 2016, and its full name is HHI Marketing Private Limited. And also, It is headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, with three women in its management. As you know, Happy Health India is a product-based direct-selling company, so that any person can join it as a Direct Seller (Distributor).

After joining Happy Health India, two major things must be done.

1. Product Buying and Selling

Happy Health India has a wide range of products for daily needs. However, the distributor must buy and sell the same effects further. Therefore, HHI makes its products available to its distributors at a lower price than MRP, i.e. DP, and they get retail profit by selling them further.

2. Conscription

The additional job is recruitment, the most critical and challenging career in every MLM company. Recruitment means adding a new distributor to your downline in Happy Health India. And also, The more persons you have in your downline, the more you can profit. But the important thing is that no MLM company gives money to add people. Your earnings depend entirely on the product buying and selling done by yourself and downline. And also, If your downline doesn’t buy HHI’s products, you won’t get any income from adding them.

How to Earn Money from Happy Health India Login?

How to Earn Money from Happy Health India Login?

Now we talk about how to earn money from Happy Health India. And also, To make money from Happy Health India, you have to connect with Happy Health India; after joining Happy Health India, you must buy some company products. You can use those products or earn retail profit by selling them. Working with Happy Health India can be done in 2 ways

Purchase Product

Product Purchase means buying a product from the company; Happy Health India will give you some BV (Business Volume) on every purchase. Which is used to calculate income,

You will have to buy more and more products, which will increase the earning opportunities. You can sell the purchased products to anyone in MRP.


The second job is Conscription, the most significant and challenging task in each MLM company. And also, If You have to add other people to Happy Health India. You must attach your friend, relative, neighbors, or any unknown being with Happy Health India, which we call Direct Downline. Now they will also have to be asked to do the work of Product Purchasing and Staffing.

The more persons you have in your downline, the more profit you can make. This is because your Direct Downline, which will attach to the business, will also be counted in your Downline.

Happy Health India Product Details

Happy Health India sells one type of health sector products, predominantly made according to Indian Ayurveda. Due to this, there is no harm to our bodies, but many significant diseases get away from it.

The mission of this business is to make people healthier and healthier so that people fall ill with the least and live their lives efficiently. And every person hopes for a good and healthy life, but for many reasons, the year is not fulfilled for which Happy Health India Company has come into the market.

Happy Health India Private Limited Company currently has more than 530 products, out of which it manufactures about 150 products and imports the rest from other companies. Therefore, you can earn a lot of profit by reselling these products.

Income Plan of Happy Health India Login

Let’s talk about the Compensation, i.e. Income Plan of Happy Health India. There are nine types of income in HHI, and certain conditions must fulfilled to be eligible for most of the payments.

  • Retail Profit (25% – 35%)
  • Performance Bonus (10% – 30%)
  • Special Incentive (15%)
  • Leadership Bonus (14%)
  • Traveling Fund (2%)
  • Motorbike Fund (2%)
  • Car Fund (2%)
  • House Fund (2%)
  • Loyalty Fund (5%).

Retail Profit of Happy Health India Login

HHI promises retail profits of 25% to 30%.

You can extract retail profit on every product yourself; deduct DP (Distributor Price) from MRP, from which your retail profit comes out.

Performance Bonus

It is also called Performance Incentive Income. You get fixed BV in return whenever you or your downline distributor buy HHI’s products. According to the total BV collected. And also, The percentage level of the performance bonus is decided, and then this income is given according to the BV of every month. As your total BV is more than 25000, your performance bonus will be at a 20% percent level. For example, this month, you and your downline have bought a total of 1000 BV products, so your performance bonus for this month will be Rs.200.

HHI Ranks & Other Income

The chart below shows the distributor rank of Happy Health India and the bonus available according to the class. And also, In addition, you can download its business plan PDF to understand Leadership Bonus, Traveling Fund, Motorbike Fund, Car Fund, and all other income. And also, Happy Health India released Business Plan PDF that can download from the link below.

Types of Happy Health India Login Income Benefits

Let us know about Happy Health India’s Business Plan; Happy Health India’s Business Plan is a Hybrid Plan, which means that both Binary and Generation Plans are present in this plan.

Inside Hybrid Paddy, you also get income under Binary and under Generation Plan, where another Binary income gives Fast Achievement at the initial level. And also, The same Generation income gives uniform, continuous, and enormous income Life Long.

Types of Binary Income of Happy Health India Login

Under HHI Business Plan, you can earn in 5 ways through binary income.

Matching Bonus: 16%

Direct Sponsor Bonus: 10%

Weekly CP Bonus: 4000/week

Reward: Rs 1000/- to Rs 1 Cr.

Unlimited Direct: Sponsoring Income

Happy Health India Products Categories

Happy Health India Products Categories

HHI Company manufactures more than 600 products under six categories. Where the company started with 35 products, today, the company has more than 600 products in 6 years. And also, It by the end of 2021, the company will launch 200 more new products in different categories.

  • Health Products of HHI
  • Food Products of HHI
  • Bio Energy Products of HHI
  • Garment Products of HHI
  • Personal Care Products of HHI
  • Home Care Products of HHI.

Question & Answer for Happy Health India Login

What is the fee to join Happy Health India?

According to the Direct Selling Guidelines, no MLM company can charge joining fees, and most companies that do this are pyramid schemes. But it is necessary to buy the product.

Can Happy Health India products be returned?

If unsatisfied with the Happy Health India product, you can return the creation within 30 days and get your money back. And also, For this, talk to Upline, HHI Franchise, or the company’s customer care. But keep in mind your product must package and in returnable condition.

How much money can I earn from Happy Health India?

It depends on you and the product purchase by your downline. And also, The more downline crops you buy, the more you will profit. Keep in mind MLM does a fixed salary like a job, and a commission is paid on product sales.

How to be successful in Happy Health India?

Happy Health India is an MLM company. So it may take 2 to 3 years to build a downline network and make a regular income. And also, It requires marketing, negotiation, and presentation skills to be successful.

Should you join Happy Health India?

The answer depends on you. If you can sell its products and add new distributors, then only step into MLM. However, the success rate of MLM is only 0.4%, so don’t consider it a way to get rich quickly.

Why Happy Health India?

It register in January 2016 from Chandigarh. Its registration TH HHI Marketing Pvt Ltd. And also, The Head Office of Happy Health India is located in Ludhiana, Punjab, and its directors are Reema Jain and Anuj Verma, according to the Consumer Helpline site.

Happy Health India an entirely Legal MLM company registered with MCA and on the Legal, Direct Selling Companies list. This also means that the Direct Selling Guidelines for Happy Health India follow.

Happy Health India Login Company Profile

Registered Name                             HHI Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

CIN no.                                              U51909PB2016PTC040009

Date of Registration                        1 August 2015

Directors & MD                                  Smt. Reema Jain (Dir.) & Sardar Santosh Singh (CMD)

Office Address                                   B-31, 129/247, St. No. 7, Expert Arjan Dev Nagar, Near Samrala Chowk,                                                                Ludhiana – 141008, Punjab

Contact Info                                        0161-5031026

Company Website                 


We hope you liked this “ Happy Health India Business Plan & Products ” article. Apart from this, the solution to your Happy Health India Company question would be found. And also, So, if you have any questions or proposals, do tell us in the comment. After that, you will see the signup b. You also have to enter the referral ID, and with that, you have to enter your personal information like your name, address, mobile number, and other information.

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