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Hot Honey Sauce – Recipe, Use, Tips, Ways, and Natural

Hot Honey Sauce

Get ready to drizzle this crazy decent hot honey Sauce on all! This is not your characteristic one-dimensional spicy honey. Instead, it’s an addictively sugary and spicy sauce with smoky undertones and tons of flavor, perfect for chicken, snacks, fries, and more. Plus, it can be completed in less than 2 minutes. And also, Hot honey sauce is a food that combines the intensity and natural power of two essential ingredients, the sweetness of honey and the spiciness of the habanero pepper. Perfect for preparing grilled meats, such as chicken wings, as a dressing for green leafy salads and nuts, serving alongside a cheese platter. One of the most widespread uses of spicy honey is as a sauce for pizzas; the result is fantastic, as the combination is perfect.

What is Hot Darling?

Hot honey is just honey that has continued infused with chili peppercorns (dehydrated or fresh) to make a sweet and spicy pulp. And also, The type of chili and the quantity of rummage sale will all result in the exact flavor and spice equal. And, different from my chili and garlic-infused honey, this version skips the several days of slow pervading time and simmers all the ingredients for several minutes. Again, the type and quantity of chili used will impact the flavor, creating it more multipurpose than pre-made grocery store versions. When eating it, you’ll first palate the honey’s beautiful sugariness, stretching to a lingering (delicious) heat. It’s beyond yummy, so let’s jump hooked on the hot honey recipe.

Hot Honey Sauce Recipe

Hot Honey Sauce Recipe

This Hot Honey Recipe Needs Just three Pantry Staples.

Honey: Use high-quality honey you like the palate of (try to use resident love where likely). And also, This would also be a decent use for crystallized darling, as heat breaks down the crystals.

Apple cider vinegar: ACV equilibria the sweet honey flavor and adds complexity. White wine vinegar or rice mauve vinegar may also work.

Chili: A combination of chili powder (optional) and red peppercorn flakes will provide the hot honey with a different texture and flavor. And also, Adjust the amount to taste, and experiment with other chilies.

How to Use Hot Honey Sauce?

This homemade hot honey sauce has no lack of serving choices, including wet it over:

  • Avocado bread
  • Guacamole
  • Beat ricotta or feta dip
  • Phyllo wrapped feta
  • Pizza
  • Knotted egg (or tofu) or omelets and frittatas
  • Cooked salmon
  • Fried chicken and chicken wings
  • Roasted and sauteed veggies (i.e., Brussels shoots, broccoli, asparagus, corn on the cob, etc.)
  • Crispy French fries, mad apple chips, or air fryer zucchini fries
  • A grilled cheese
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • A yogurt parfait
  • Pancakes, waffles, and French toast
  • Grilled fruit (i.e., grilled bananas, watermelon, peaches, mango, etc.)
  • Cheesy pasta plates (i.e., cheesy gnocchi, tortellini/ravioli, mac and cheeseflower, etc.)

What is Spicy Honey?

Spicy honey has become one of the fashionable condiments, and for a good reason: the sweet and spicy combination. And also, A bit sour and salty, if you like- has a lot to contribute to a multitude of dishes and preparations. Preparing it at home instead of buying it already made has countless advantages: you make sure of the quality of the honey, and you can also adjust the type of spiciness and intensity you are looking for. You can also select if you want to add a pinch of salt and vinegar highly recommended to balance. And also, Its sweetness, especially if you are going to use it alone and not as an ingredient in sauces and so on- or leave it as it is.

Only Natural Honey and Habanero Chile for Hot Honey Sauce

Only Natural Honey and Habanero Chile for Hot Honey Sauce

The Dora brand includes spicy honey made with only four natural ingredients: honey (94%), habanero chili (4.6%), vinegar, and salt. No more additives or preservatives; since honey is a product that is kept in perfect condition and is a natural preservative. And also, It is a fresh product that does not need any artificial components.

Dora honey is obtained directly from the Andalusian mountains, a natural and privileged environment where bees make honey from wild flowers and create landscapes of color and unique aromas.

The other fundamental ingredient is habanero chile, a food that gives it spiciness naturally. And also, The habanero chile is a hot pepper grown mainly in Mexico. However, we can also find it in other South American countries and some areas of the Joint States such as Texas, Idaho, or California.

What is the Best Chili to Use for Hot Honey Sauce?

This comes down to what you have available and the flavor and spice level you’re looking for.

  • Korean pepper flakes (gochutgaru) – milder,
  • Red pepper flakes – hotter,
  • Dried smoky chilies – mild to hot and smoky.

You can also use whole fresh or dried chilies, whichever matches your desired warmth levels. For example:

  • Anaheim is comparatively mild.
  • Guajillo and jalapenos are medium.
  • Chipotle and habanero peppers are hot.
  • Chile de Arbol is very hot.

Note that using fresh chile peppercorns will affect the ledge life. Also, when using fresh chili, note that the number of seeds you add will affect how spicy the darling hot sauce recipe is.

How to Make Hot Honey Sauce?

How to Make Hot Honey Sauce?

This quick hot honey recipe is ultra-easy to make. All you’ll need is honey and your favorite hot sauce. You can use any hot sauce: Mexican styles like Cholula brand, Tabasco, or even Sriracha. For ours, we used equivalent parts, Cholula and Tabasco, for a nuanced flavor.

Here’s how to make hot honey:

  • Combine ¼ cup honey and two teaspoons of hot sauce of your excellent. Microwave for 30 seconds, then stir.
  • Alternatively, heat the range in a small pot for a few minutes.
  • Store in a sealed container in the icebox. You can buy it for up to 3 months.
  • Add the honey and dried chili flakes (and dust if using) to a small pot, stir, and transport to a simmer over medium-low heat.
  • Simmer (don’t boil!) the combination for 3-5 minutes, rousing occasionally. Then eliminate from the heat and stir the apple cider vinegar into the hot darling sauce. Let it cool down, and transfer it to a sterilized jar. Enjoy!

Storage Instructions

  • Store the hot honey in a pasteurized jar in a cool, dark storeroom for three months.
  • If you use fresh chilies, I aim to use the hot honey for 1-2 weeks (up to a month if you’ve strained out the chilies). And keep it stored in the fridge.
  • Note that honey will thicken when chilled. Bring it to room fever before using it (or pop it in the microwave oven for 10-15 seconds).

Top Tips for Hot Honey Sauce

Use clear filtered honey: raw honey will harden faster, so we don’t endorse using it for this hot darling recipe.

Shop local: we love to buy local darling with no flavors. It truly makes a difference in the taste!

Choose your variety of spicy pepper: we used red pepper shavings and Thai chilis to make our hot honey sauce spicy, but you can too use jalapeños, cayenne pepper, or any spicy pepper or spice that your heart desires.

Make a large batch: triple this recipe and use it as a topping or marinade, or add it to dressings all week.

10 Ways to Use Hot Honey Sauce

10 Ways to Use Hot Honey Sauce

There are so numerous ways to use this sugary and spicy drizzle! What doesn’t sound healthier with a “with Hot Honey” appended to the end? Homemade rusks with hot darling. Roasted peaches with hot honey. It sounds so sophisticated, yet this formula is so quick and easy that it’s nearly like cheating. Here are all of our favorite ways to eat it:

  1. Drizzle over whipped feta dip and help with pita triangles.
  2. Serve with homemade biscuits, Dutch oven cash, vegan cornbread and salted butter.
  3. Drizzle over pizza for a sugary and spicy kick. Try our homemade cheese pizza or mushroom pizza with fresh herbs.
  4. Add it to grilled cheese on the grill, like cheese with love apple or pesto-barred cheese.
  5. Drizzle over roasted shattered potatoes. Or french fries.
  6. Serve with corn on the cob.
  7. Bring out the sweetness in baked vegetables.
  8. Drizzle it over parched brie and serve with the wild.
  9. Add a spicy hint to crostini or bruschetta, like pink & goat cheese crostini or easy bruschetta with mushrooms.
  10. Dress up fruit, like baked peaches.

A Note on Local Honey

If you can find local darling, use it in this home-based hot honey recipe! Local love is delicious and supports local business. Also, since local honey comprises a blend of local pollen, it can strengthen your resistant system and reduce allergy symptoms. We buy our local love at our farmers market; local honey vendors can often be found in your local grocery stores.

Question and Answer

What is the Best Honey for a Hot Honey?

The best honey is fresh honey. Honey that has been conserved is not appropriate for this recipe. While local honey or uncooked honey is pleasant, it is not essential for this recipe.

How Spicy is Hot Honey Pulp?

The peppercorn’s spiciness determines the hotness level and how much pepper is used. And also, We want this recipe to be spicy and adequate to feel the high but not so spicy that it blows your mouth off. Of course, feel free to adjust the hotness level for your tastebuds.

How to Store Hot Honey Sauce?

Store any extra sauce in a sealed ampule in the refrigerator for up to 2 workweeks. Then, please transport it to room temperature or warm it before serving.


Spicy Hot Honey Sauce is a sweet and spicy condiment made with just four ingredients in 5 minutes! Drizzle it on pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken, biscuits, and more for an extra kick, and gift it to family and friends. This spicy honey sauce is the perfect addition to just about everything. Charcuterie boards, salmon (like these Broiled Salmon Collars), Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread, the possibilities are endless! Most hot honey sauce recipes take hours or days to infuse the honey, but our method takes only four ingredients and 5 minutes. You can strain the chili flakes or leave them in for even more flavor and texture.

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