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KCC Loan – Kisan Credit Card Loan


KCC Loan- KCC Full Form is the Kisan Credit Card that the Indian government offers to farmers to help them with agricultural needs with financial aid. Kisan Credit Card scheme is an Administration of India scheme which provides farmers with timely admission to credit. The Kisan Credit Card (KCC) scheme was hurled in 1998 to provide short-term formal credit to farmers and was shaped by NABARD (National Bank for Farming and Rural Development).

What is Kisan Credit Card?

What is Kisan Credit Card?

The Kisan Credit Card Loan was hurled in August 1998 by the Indian Administration as a helpful hand to our country’s farmers the Kisan Credit Card scheme aimed to ensure that Indian farmers had affordable access to short-term credit. Farmers constantly need short-term credit since they require funds for crop cultivation, harvesting, and maintenance of their farms.

The Objective of KCC Loan

It was not rare that farmers had to rely on non-institutional cash lenders when it originate to credit. Taking a loan from banks was a long and dull process, and thus farmers resort to trusting local money lenders, who exploited them with exorbitant curiosity rates. Henceforth, the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Loan was intuitive, allowing farmers to avail of quick loans with countless accessibility and less paperwork without much hassles.

Application Procedure for the Kisan Credit Card

The application procedure for the Kisan credit card can whole connect as well as rotten.


Visit the site of the bank you wish to apply for the Kisan praise card scheme.

From the list of choices, choose the Kisan Credit Card.

On clicking the choice of ‘Apply,’ the website will redirect you to the application page.

Fill out the form with the required particulars and click ‘Submit.’

In doing so, an application reference number will be sent.

If you are eligible, the bank determination will get back to you for the other procedure within 3-4 working days.


Offline applications can make by visiting the bank branch of your choice or downloading the application form from the bank’s website. And also, The applicant can see the division and begin the application process with the help of the illustrative bank. Once the bureaucracies are done. And also, the bank’s loan officer can help with the loan amount for the farmer.

Benefits and Features for KCC Loan

Benefits and Features for KCC Loan

Farmers will issue an ATM-cum-Debit Card to withdraw funds from ATMs in addition to the KCC.

The KCC Loan includes the facility of revolving credit for eliminations and repayments within the credit limit. All refunds, however, have to be done within 12 months.

Every year, the issuing bank will appraise the loan and choose the validity of the existing Credit Card.

Kisan Credit Card Eligibility

Individuals and joint agricultural landowners are eligible to apply for KCC Loan.

Tenants who have taken up borrowed land for farming are also eligible for KCC.

The land in question must be agriculturally lively and generate a crop.

Applicant’s age shall be between 18 and 60 years when applying.

Documents Required for KCC Loan

The following essential documents required to apply for the KCC scheme. However, the specific document requirement is contingent on the internal rules of the loan-issuing bank. And also, It is subject to change for different banks.

The KCC Loan application form is duly filled and employed by the candidate.

Individuality proof like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter’s ID Card, etc.

Address proof specifying the applicant’s current address.

Land ownership documents or rent agreements.

Passport-size photographs.

How to Apply for Kisan Credit Card Loan?

Applying for a KCC Loan is very easy. Applicants can straight avail of the loan by approaching any bank branch they wish with the required IDs. Applicants may too apply for the KCC online by visiting the bank’s website. All supporting banks have a KCC application facility on their website, which applicants may use.

KCC Interest Rate and Credit Limit

It is up to the banks to choose the KCC interest rate, which shall be by Standby Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. One can use a KCC interest rate adder obtainable on various bank websites to calculate the interest rate. Similarly, the KCC boundary is also set by the concerned bank.

Hence, the KCC Loan arrangement is a highly beneficial loan scheme for farmers in India. And also, The hassle-free disbursement and flexible repayment options are very convenient for farmers and ensure that farmers can smoothly carry out crop cultivation and reaping. And also, The farmers can also use their loans to purchase seeds and fertilizers, thus avoiding exploitative and non-institutional money lenders.

Limits of KCC Loan

Limits of KCC Loan

The following are the limit standards set below KCC:

  • The KCC limit is Rs. 50,000/- for persons and up to Rs. 1 lakh for collections
  • For Kisan Credit Card, the boundary is Rs. 1 lakh
  • KCC limit for institutional debtors is Rs. five lacks, and for social sector institutions, it is Rs. one crore
  • Kisan Credit Card limit can improve by Rs. 50,000/- provided the borrower has repaid at least 75% of the previous Kisan Credit Card limit.
  • Rs can also increase the Kisan Credit Card limit. To one lakh provided the borrower has repaid at least 50% of the preceding Kisan Credit Card limit.
  • Kisan Credit Cardholders can also benefit from an overdraft ability of Rs. 5000/-
  • Kisan Credit Cardholders can also benefit from an additional Rs. one lakh loan under the Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) Scheme.
  • Kisan Credit Card limit for group debtors is Rs. two lacks; for social sector institutions, it is Rs. five crores.

How to Checkered Kisan Credit Card Balance?

You can smear a Kisan Credit Card from any bank standard KCC; this process has now remained made online. To check your Kisan Credit Card balance, you must interact with the bank’s customer care from where you have developed the Kisan Credit Card. You can also record into the bank’s entry and check the equilibrium of your Kisan Credit Card via the site.


KCC stands for Kisan Credit Card. It is a kind of credit card that is obtainable to farmers by the government of India. And also, The main objective of presenting this card was to provide financial assistance to the farmers to meet their agricultural needs. And also, If we will discuss Kisan Credit Cards, including its features and benefits.

FAQs on Kisan Credit Card Loan

What is a Harvest Loan?

Crop loans provide farmers with active credit to help them encounter their working wealth wants. KCC is a type of harvest loan that banks offer. And also, the KCC loan can uses for several other purposes, not just to meet working capital supplies.

What is the Validity Date of the Kisan Credit Card?

This validity period is five years. And also, The occupancy you get is contingent on the activities you plan to use the money for.

What is the Age Requirement to Apply for a Kisan Credit Card?

You should be a minimum of 18 years of age and a maximum period of 75. And also, If you are an older citizen, then it is obligatory to have a co-borrower who is a legal heir.

What is the Interest rate Applicable to the KCC?

The attention rate will left to the discretion of the bank. According to the KCC circular dated 20 April 2012, the interest rate is 7% p.a. on short-term credit with an Rs.3 lakh higher limit on the principal amount.

How does a Bank Determine the Credit Limit on a Kisan Credit Card?

The credit limit obtainable on a KCC Loan Arrangement for the initial year is based on the following:

  • The cultivation of crops according to the proposed scale of finance and cropping pattern.
  • Household / post-harvest ingesting supplies.
  • Expenses related to the upkeep of crop insurance, farm assets, Asset Cover, and Personal Chance Insurance System (PAIS).

Is Revolving Credit Facility Available on a Kisan Credit Card?

Affirmative, a revolving cash credit facility is available on these cards for unlimited withdrawals and repayments made within the credit limit.

Why was the KCC Scheme Introduced?

The KCC scheme introduce to safeguard that the credit supplies for farmers in the agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry sectors met. And also, This done by helping them avail of short-term loans and giving them a credit limit to purchase equipment and other expenses.

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