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How to do Knee Pull-Ins: Benefits and Uses

Knee Pull-Ins –

We have knee pull-ins and heard advice from coaches, gym instructors, and even our teacher during high school. if you have trouble doing push-ups, try resting your knees on the floor. An alternative to the classic push-ups, a little simpler, with which until now, we were convinced that we obtained almost the same benefits: strength in the arms and a toned abdomen. But here’s the bottom line: there’s a right and a And guess which is the most common? Exact: the wrong one.

“If you don’t tighten your entire body, you risk overloading different muscle groups like your shoulders, deltoids, and chest,” explains Men’s Health fitness director Todd Lewinski’s. “If you do the pushup with your knees on the ground, but with incorrect posture, it can also put pressure on your lower back, especially if you’re prone to arching during this exercise.”

Lie on an exercise mat. Crook your knees and raise your legs to form a 90-degree viewpoint. Place your palms below your glute or face down beside you.

Next, begin the workout by extending your legs and touching the floor with your toes to feel a taut stretch in your lower abs.

Return to the early position, inhaling as you do so.

Repeat the number of reps in your set.

How To, Muscles Worked

There are many different ways to improve your current exercise routine. What about doing knee pull-ins, what will the effects be?

There are two main variations of knee pull-ins, the seated and the lying version. The seated version is mainly suitable for attractive hip flexor muscles and abs only to a certain extent. That is why this article considers lying knee pull-ins the main version.

To do a lying knee pull-in, lie down on the ground. After that, push your lower back against the floor so that your legs hover above the ground. Next, slowly move your knees to your chest and back.

Typically done to grow and strengthen core muscles like your abs. For other fitness goals, there are many better exercise options.

One potential downside is that you can use the momentum of your legs instead of your abs. But you are not used to ab training workouts. Something like a reverse crunch may be better to get used to using only your abs.

Benefits of Knee Pull-Ins

Benefits of Knee Pull-Ins

Some people question how proper this exercise can be but adding knee pull-ins to your routine can offer some practical benefits. Some of the most important ones include:

  • More robust muscles: Resistance training that can help you strengthen your core muscles.
  • It can help you lose weight: Doing  knee pull-ins requires more energy than your daily actions. Extra muscle mass also helps with burning many calories. Both of these aspects can help with but are no guarantee for weight loss. Keep in mind that there are better exercise choices if weight loss is your goal.
  • Improves mood: Exercise promotes the release of substances that help you feel good.
  • Balance & coordination: Balance & coordination are fitness skills that can improve by challenging them. Knee pull-ins can help you with this.
  • No equipment or location required: Since knee pull-ins are a bodyweight exercise, you don’t have to invest in equipment or be in a specific place. A soft surface like a yoga mat can make the exercise more comfortable.
  • Improves sleep: Exercise can enhance the quality and duration of your sleep, offering many essential benefits.
  • Slows down ageing: Knee pull-ins won’t influence how many days you have passed since birth. However, exercise can slow down the progress of specific ageing markers that correlate with adverse health effects.
  • May reduce or prevent back pain: Core increase exercises like knee pull-ins can reduce or prevent back pain (1, 2). If you currently have back pain, you want to be careful and talk to an expert before implementing this exercise.

While inevitably, many workouts are better for some of these benefits, it is impressive that you can get many vital benefits from adding one activity to your routine.

Knee pull-in variations

Your body weight are the standard version of the exercise. There are also a few variations that can make the exercise easier or harder.

To work up to the full version, you can start by lying down and pressing your lower back to the ground with the help of your abs. It will help you train the muscles used in the rest of the exercise but at a less challenging level.

On the other hand, At this point, you may require to turn to other exercises or make harder to keep seeing muscle growth and strength progress.

Making harder at the right points in your training journey can also speed up progress compared to doing the regular bodyweight variation over and over.


Many people will benefit from adding knee pull-ins with the proper technique to their routine. You may need to make the regular version more challenging soon to keep seeing muscle growth and strength progress.

That said, for goals besides strengthening your abs and making them stand out more, there are many better exercise options.

You also must remember that knee pull-ins can be hard on body parts like your back, hips, hip flexors, and neck, even if you implement the proper technique.

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