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Mango: Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Mango – Fruit-eating is one of the best ways to obtain vitamins and minerals through food. Each of them is capable of containing several of these elements. One of the fruits that has more nutrients is the mango. In this article, we will get to know the handle more closely. We will see what its properties are, what benefits it provides, and how it is used.

What is Mango?

The mango is the fruit obtained from the tree known as Mangifera. It belongs to the Anacardiaceous family. Its shape, size, and flavor vary depending on its category. Even its appearance can be different from class to class, but it is usually between yellow and red.

Its texture is very soft and creamy in all its presentations. It has a skin of minimal hardness, delicate flesh, and a seed approximately 20% the size of the fruit. Within the varieties it offers, we find around 500 species, at least those known and named until now.

Properties of Mango

Properties of Mango

The many properties that the mango has to make it an excellent source of energy from food. It is the favorite of many birds and insects, among other animals.

Antioxidants. The mango has vitamin C and vitamin E, so it helps fight free radicals.

Regenerators. Thanks to the vitamin A content, it stimulates the formation of skin cells.

Immunoreactive. This is due to vitamin B6. It also has neuroregulatory characteristics.

Regulators. As it has magnesium, it can regulate sugar levels in the blood stream. This also gives it energizing properties.

It should note that not only the fruit itself has beneficial properties for health. The leaves of the tree also have them. Among them, we find anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and expectorant properties.

Benefits of Mango

Benefits of Mango

Having so many properties, it is normal that mango consumption contributes to an excellent extent to enjoy good health.

Prevents Cancer

The mango contains phenols, which allow us to have many elements necessary to keep the body in optimal conditions. It is credited with the ability to eliminate cancer cells, as long as they are in their first stage of development.

The prestigious Harvard University, through a study. Point out that diseases such as prostate cancer can be prevent with mango consumption. There are also very favorable results in those who already suffer from this disease in the colon or liver, although the results are very few, so they require more studies.

Improves Eyesight

One of the main benefits of the mango is that it favors the eyes, thanks to the concentration of vitamin A. It is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin concentration. Therefore, consuming mango regularly helps reduce and even eliminate problems such as night blindness, itchy or irritated eyes, etc.

Favors The Skin of Mango

Favors The Skin of Mango

The skin also receives many benefits that mango presents. One of its effects is improving the pores’ condition, eliminating the accumulation of fat, which usually causes acne. However, it also regulates the amount of fat throughout the body. Which affects good hydration and skin protection.

These benefits can be obtain in at least two ways. One of them is through your daily intake. But, if you want to see results in a short time, the best alternative is to place the pulp of this fruit directly on the skin.

Memory Aid

This benefit is achieve mainly in children. The elements of the handle help improve neural function, especially in the part that controls the ability to remember things or concentrate. It also allows to slow down the natural degenerative process that the brain presents.

Components such as vitamin B6 and iron are involved in all this. Both are necessary to maintain good condition and the proper functioning of the brain. In fact, both for this and for many other processes in the body, iron is require. And the mango, in addition to having it, also stimulates its production through vitamin C.

Risks and Contraindications OF Mango

Despite the many positive characteristics we can highlight about mangoes. It is also important to point out that their consumption can generate specific adverse effects. Now, these are directly relate to some particular condition of the person. That is, under normal conditions, it does not cause any risk. Therefore, the following groups should avoid its consumption:

Allergic to latex: The mango causes what is know as a cross-allergic reaction in these people. Which would cause the signs of an allergic reaction to appear.

People with diabetes: It can increase the negative symptoms of your disease, especially if it is consumed in large quantities due to the sugar it contains.

People with stomach diseases: We talk about ulcers, gastritis, or gastroenteritis. This is because mangoes increase stomach acids.

Mango is one of the best fruits we have available. Therefore, it is worth including in our diet, thus taking advantage of all its properties.


The mango is use as food in many parts of the world, thanks to its pleasant flavor to the palate and the variety of species it offers. In addition, its leaves, due to their properties, are use in the preparation of infusions. That same preparation can be use topically to reduce inflammation from bumps or sprains.

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