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Entertainment Movies Download Movies – Netnaija is a website that offers a variety of movies, series, music videos, and other entertainment content. Netnaija also provides a variety of foreign movies, including Nigerian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese films.

In addition to movies, Netnaija also offers a variety of series, music videos, and other entertainment content. You can browse Netnaija by genre, country, or popularity. Also, you can create an account to save your favorite movies and series.

What is

What is Netnaija.com_ is a popular Nigerian website that provides free download links for movies, music, TV series, and other forms of digital content. The site has an extensive collection of Nigerian and other African movies and international content.

The website where you can see all this is Not everybody knows about this site, so I am writing this article to inform you about this site.

Netnaija URL Update

Initially, we all recognized Netnaija’s URL to be, but they had to change their URL due to some issues. If you want to access the site, you must do that using

Although this might seem complicated, Netnaija enabled users to access the main page while still using the old URL ( So, if you enter on your web browser search bar, you will be redirected to This is helpful to the masses visiting the site every day. Movies – Netnaija Download Movies

The is one of the best sites to offer the public what they seek. You can find many of the latest exciting movies, videos, news, and music on the website.

To peak it all, the entire website is all about entertainment, education, technology, web or wap masters, and finance, which I will be expressive about today. First, I want to tell you about the music & how you can download it. Categories

Below are some of the categories that are on

  • Forum
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Netnaija Nollywood movies
  • Netnaija Nigerian movies

These are some types of categories that you can find on, although there are still many more. Movies Categories

The best thing about Netnaija is that they offer all categories of movies for download. Nothing is left out. The site would not let you download when it comes to film, and below I will be giving you some movies you can get your hands on. They include:

  • Horror Movies
  • Thrillers Movies
  • Sci-fi Movies
  • Action Movies
  • Scary Movies
  • Adventure Movies

and many more. Just anyone you could think of is available on Netnaija.

Netnaija Trending Movies – Netnaija Action Movies

Netnaija Trending Movies – Netnaija Action Movies

You can now find trending movies on This section covers all the currently trending movies in the present period. Listing the film would have been nice, but they constantly change, as one may outrank the other. You can find a list of all the currently trending movies on

How to Download Movies on

you can download any movie on

  • Go to the Netnaija website
  • Then click on the video link above the page.
  • Select the Movie category, and then click on it.
  • Now you will see Movies. Select anyone of your choice.
  • After you have clicked it, another page will display.
  • Scroll below, and click on the download button below the alternate link.
  • After that, you can now click on the “download now” that has the size of the movie.

The movie will begin to download immediately.

Is illegal?

Yes, is an illegal website that provides copyrighted material without authorization. The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content, including movies, is unlawful in many countries, including Nigeria. Using such websites can put you at risk of legal consequences. It’s recommended to use only legitimate sources for watching movies.

Conclusion movies is an online repository or platform for the latest movies, music, entertainment gossip, trading news, and more. It offers not less than the best and ensures its viewers get maximum satisfaction.

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