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According to recent reports of Apple’s iPhone exports from India crossed $1 billion in five months since April 2022, reflecting the tech giant’s growing bet on the South Asian nation amid New Delhi’s push for local manufacturing. The outbound shipments of India-made iPhones, mainly to Europe and the Middle East, are set to reach $2.5 billion in the 12 months through March 2023, almost double compared to the year through March 2022. The devices exported from India from April to August 2022 comprise iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models, and exports of the new 14 line will begin soon. This is a significant achievement for India as it aims to become a force in electronics manufacturing and an alternative to China as a factory.

Apple iPhone Exports from India Doubled between Apriland August

Apple iPhone Exports from India Doubled between Apriland August

Recent reports propose that the number of Apple iPhone exports from India augmented significantly between April and August. The Indian government has witnessed an upsurge in Apple iPhone consignments, with exports rising from 450k in April to nearly 1 million in August.

The news is positive for the Indian cheap and Apple’s presence. Apple iPhone exports indicate that the iPhone is gaining popularity among Indian consumers. Local constructors will benefit from increased production demand, providing job security and better worker wages.

This News is a significant boost to PM Modi’s push for local manufacturing, and benefits are eminent:

Some of the benefits are:

  1. It helps India become a smartphone export hub for countries including Germany, Russia, the UK, France, Italy, the Middle East, and Japan1.
  2. It supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to make India an alternative to China as a factory and attract foreign investment2.
  3. It reduces Apple’s dependence on China for iPhone production and diversifies its supply chain amid geopolitical tensions and Covid-related disruptions3.
  4. It enables Apple to offer lower prices and better services to its customers in India, the second-biggest smartphone market in the world.

How many Apple-iPhone are Made in India?

According to TechHQ, the Indian government has been encouraging smartphone companies to produce in India, increasing the number of “Made in India” phones. And according to News Arena India, exports of Made in India iPhones increased by four times last year, as ₹40,000 crore iPhones were exported in the previous year. The latest data shows India now accounts for 5% of total iPhone production, and in 2020 the number was less than 1%. And a report by Tekdeeps shows that the number of iPhones manufactured in India increased by 65 percent last year compared to the previous year, and a 162 percent increase in value was measured.

How does this Impact China’s Economy?

  1. It reduces China’s share of global iPhone production and exports, which could affect its revenues and employment.
  2. It increases the competition for China from India as a manufacturing hub for smartphones and other electronics.
  3. It exposes China to geopolitical risks and trade tensions with the US and other countries seeking to reduce their dependence on Chinese supply chains.
  4. It challenges China’s dominance in the high-tech sector and its ambitions to become a leader in innovation and quality.

Factors Contributing Indicates, Apple iPhone Gaining Approval

Factors Contributing Indicates, Apple iPhone Gaining Approval

Various factors have been credited to the increase in Apple iPhone exports from India. These include the Administration of India’s Production-Linked Enticement Scheme, Apple’s efforts, and the growing demand for iPhones in the Indian market have led to expanding its manufacturing operations.

Production-Linked Inducement (PLI) Scheme:

The Government of India’s Production-Linked Inducement (PLI) scheme has attracted transnational company such as Apple to expand their trade operations in India. And also, The system incentivizes manufacturers to increase their production capacity in India. Thereby growing investment and employment opportunities in the country.

Localization of Production:

Apple increasingly focuses on localizing its engineering in India, resulting in lower costs and a more streamlined supply chain. This localization plan enabled Apple to comply with India’s import rules and prices.

iPhone Demand Evolution in India:

The demand for smartphones, counting the iPhone, has augmented in recent years in the Indian market. This upsurge in demand has fortified Apple to increase its production in India and meet local demand.

Infrastructure Development:

India has made essential infrastructure improvements, including expanding the transport network and the availability of dependable electricity. This has made it easier for businesses like Apple to start manufacturing operations nationwide.

Favorable Business Environment:

The Government of India is working to recover the country’s business by reducing bureaucracy and enhancing the ease of business. These moves have attracted more foreign investment, including Apple, and helped boost the country’s manufacturing sector.

The Indian Economy: Outstanding Progress for Apple-iPhone

It says a sharp increase in apple exports from India could significantly impact the country’s economy. If this trend lasts, it could create up to 175,000 jobs by 2020, creating much-needed employment chances and causal to economic growth. Apple’s exports have previously brought in nearly $2 billion in just five months, highlighting the potential for income growth and a trade surplus for India.

Increased Employment Opportunities:

As Apple increases its industrial capacity in India, it will likely create more jobs in the industrial sector. This can lead to healthier job security and higher wages for workers.

What do Rajkot Updates say on the Export of Apple in India?

What do Rajkot Updates say on the Export of Apple in India?

According to Rajkot Update, India saw an essential increase in Apple iPhone exports between April and August, with over 1.5 million iPhones introduced from China. This has finished India, the world’s fifth-largest exporter of Apple iPhones and the second-largest receiver of introduced iPhones.

Export earnings have also grown substantially by 73% year-on-year in April-August 2020. This increase in demand for Apple crops is credited to the cumulative dependence on mobile phones for work and entertainment.

Interestingly, despite the ongoing US-China trade tensions moving imports from China, India achieved record statistics. This highlights the effect of global politics on India’s skill industry. For a detailed examination of this topic, see Rajkot Update.

Why does the Apple iPhone Export Increased in India?

While the sudden surge in Apple iPhone exportations from India may be a mystery. It offers a chance to reform the country’s technology industry. India has long remained known for its accomplished workforce and low cost of production. And also, A making it an ideal site for tech companies looking to expand their operations overseas.

The Indian government can invest in substructure and policies that promote innovation and technology development to capitalize on this trend. These may include making a more business-friendly environment, promoting research and development, and investing. And also, In education and training programs to build a high-skill workforce.


Apple’s iPhone exports from India creased between April and August this year. And also, The export increase is attributed to the Indian government’s production-linked inducement scheme. Apple’s efforts to expand its industrial processes in India. And also, The growing request for the iPhone in the local market. This trend will likely significantly impact the Indian economy, resulting in increased employment opportunities, higher GDP contribution. And also, An increased reputation as a business-friendly destination.

India is making giant strides in presenting itself as an alternative to the world’s factory, i.e., China. According to a Bloomberg report, the country exported more than $1 billion worth of iPhones in five months since April. Moreover, Apple’s export growth might stimulate the development of a more robust technology network in India and lead to a trade excess. Overall, this growth in Apple exports tourist attractions gives India the potential to develop a significant global technology manufacturing and trade player.

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