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Red Curly Hair – Hairstyles for Every Taste

Red Curly Hair

Let’s face it red curly hair is striking. If your hair is wavy on top of that, then you’re likely to turn heads fast. However, finding the ideal shadow of red for your curly hair can be complicated. It’s essential to work with your personal needs and skin tone to compliment your fiery locks best. We always keep this color one of the hottest, most vibrant, and trendy hair colors. All you essential is to find the right shade that suits your skin and style. Then, consult your hairstylist/colorist to get the best advice for your hair and prevent hair damage. Once done, use color-safe hair crops and follow a good hair care routine to nourish your locks.

If you don’t have curls, you think red curly hair always falls perfectly and naturally. You know better. Taking care of a beautiful curly hairstyle takes time and effort. Proper maintenance is crucial to keep those curls bouncy, shiny and voluminous.

Try a New Bold Look With Red Wavy Hair

Try a New Bold Look With Red Wavy Hair

Why stay with just bloodshot? Play with all its types and let your hairs flaunt like never before. Try each of the listed red curly hairdos with every barbershop visit. From light sunglasses to copper hue, you’ll find every shade you can choose, contingent on your skin tenor and choice.

Red is bold, and if you’re looking for different sunglasses, below are 13 red curly hairstyles to inspire you.

1. Curly Auburn

This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a shadow that will give you a severe autumn vibe. This auburn red curly hair is an attractive way to flaunt your locks. It is a fashionable shade and will give your hair a fuller and healthier look.

2. Short Copper Locks

Curls and color go hand in hand, but the mixture develops even more stylish with copper-red. It goes well with any eye color and skin tone. But, it is the faultless option for women with fair skin tones and brown eyes. The copper tone will create a unique, eye-catching look with a few frizzy curls.

3. Wine Mohawk Curls With Shaved Side

You can tap a reddish wine to get a bold look. The Mohawk with cleanshaven sides is quite a daring and stunning look that will go healthy with a fair skin tone. The maroon highlights the usual beauty of your curls.

4. Scarlet Siren One-Sided Ponytail

Want to try an elegant and understated look? Then, we’ll recommend you opt for this shade. Scarlet Siren is a bold and natural-looking color at the same time. The perfect shade goes well with fair and warm skin tones.

5. Perm Orangish Curly Bob

Consider a perm with a pop of carroty hue. This is the best way to draw care to your curls.

It is a vibrant shadow that will go well with average to fair skin tones. This red curly perm hairstyle adds volume to your hair and gives a modern and edgy vibe.

6. Orange-Red Balayage With Reports

For a bit 60s look, go ahead with these curls with intelligence. This shade energy well with almost all skin tones. With this shade, you can fulfill your infantile dream of being a mermaid and wear the sundown color on your tresses.

7. Ginger Red Long Curly Hair

Ginger red is the best option if you’re looking for a natural-looking hairdo with a bold touch.

The shade is hotter than the typical redheaded and has a reddish-brown spicy tone. It is an ideal shade for females with fair skin tones and brown or green eyes.

8. Side Parted Wavy Bob

The red curly bob is another hairdo that will suit a fair skin tone and green or blue eyes. It will give you a youthful, cheerful as well as stylish look. Though it’s a spicy shade, it gives your hair a natural look.

9. Frizzy Red Locks

The curly red wavy bob hairstyle creates an affected influx with the two types. It is a fashionable style and likely to grab attention that will go well with a medium to fair complexion.

10. Redheaded Red

Whether you’ve got long red curls or a pixie cut, this redheaded color suits those redheads with golden skin that can handle a tan. This color is rich, so you don’t need to worry about creating dimensional highlights. Floating curls can income care of that!

The Half Bun for Red Curly Hair

The Half Bun for Red Curly Hair

This hairstyle is one that you can quickly master, but because it works so well for curly hair, we’d like to highlight it here. But, of course, you can also vary endlessly what the half bun is, the lifesaver for every day of the year.

Make sure you always choose the right shampoo for your hair. For example, the Andrelton Oil & Curl shampoo and conditioner have a strengthening and caring effect thanks to the added burrito oil.

Always let your hair dry naturally, never brush it while it is still wet, and squeeze it with a towel instead of vigorously rubbing it. This ensures that your hair does not become frizzy and falls out less quickly.

These are the Best Tips for Red Curly Hair.

  1. When combing curly hair, it is best to use your fingers or a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. This prevents broken hair and fluff and saves the structure of your curls.
  2. If you brush the curly hair, brush from the bottom up instead of starting at the roots. Combing becomes much easier when you remove the knots from your ends.
  3. Condition your hair before you get in the shower. Then put on a bathing cap and wash your body before washing your hair. The steam from the warm shower water will help moisturize your hair.
  4. Do you have dry, curly hair? Skip the shampoo and only wash your hair once a week (or when necessary) with conditioner or a mild co-wash. Shampoo cleanses all the natural oils out of your hair; those oils are what your dry curls need.
  5. Instead of combing your hair when it is dry, comb it in the shower after applying conditioner. If you comb your hair after the storm, you search your curls apart, and this causes frizz.

How to Bring Out the Red Curly in your Hair?

Wavy hair, coarse curls, or tightly curled hair, natural or styled… Curly hair is all the rage! So forget about the hair straight from now on and unpack with a beautiful head of hair with a natural twist. Is your wavy hair lifeless and lacking in curl definition? Not everyone has wavy hair that looks beautifully bouncy! Hydration, care before and after shampooing, daily care and attention, haircuts and styling sessions… Curly hair requires specific care.

Care for Delicate Red Curls Hair

Care for Delicate Red Curls Hair

Curly hair includes many different types of curls. The hair texture, the shape of the ring, and the way the hair curls up differ for wavy, curly, and frizzy hair. However, every curl type needs the correct dose of hydration. Although we love curly hair, this hair type is rough and delicate. Where the hair curls, the hair is usually thinner, and the hair cuticles open faster, making the hair more vulnerable. The form also causes a less good distribution of sebum and causes a weakening of the hydrolipidic barrier. As a result, the hair loses moisture faster, leading to unruly and damaged hair. Especially if you have curly hair, a good hair care routine is essential. Apply nourishing and moisturizing hair care products specially developed for your curl type. Also, opt for the least styling techniques that damage the hair to achieve those beautiful curls carefreely!

Choosing the Right Care Products to Shape Curly Hair Beautifully

A good hair care routine for beautiful curly hair starts with the right shampoo choice. Choose a shampoo for curly hair perfectly suited to your scalp and hair type. This is the first step to beautifully defined curls in all softness. It is best to choose a shampoo that does not contain silicones. These weigh down the hair and do not allow the scalp to breathe correctly. Choose our Sublime Curl, the shampoo from our range of care products specially designed for curly hair. This shampoo is enriched with Acanthus extract, an active ingredient with patented properties that promote hair curls.

Before stepping out of the shower, you should take a moment to apply a suitable detangling balm to your damp hair, such as our Curl Activating Detangling Balm Sublime Curl. This nourishes the lengths and ends of the hair. It is certainly also a good idea to provide variety by applying a different hair care product once a week and letting it work for a while. One of our hair care products from the same range that profoundly nourishes and repairs the hair is the best choice for this.

Take Care of Naturally Curly Hair by Letting your Hair Dry Naturally

How you dry your hair plays a decisive role in how beautiful and defined the curls come through: not to weaken the fragile hair fiber, but even more, we recommend using a diffuser. Ideally, omit the hair dryer and let the hair air dry. You can wrap the damp hair in a towel (preferably made of microfibers) immediately after the shower. Let the towel absorb the excess moisture from your hair for about 10 minutes, and then remove the towel.

Fortifying Hair Care Products to Redefine Curls

Fortifying Hair Care Products to Redefine Curls

As a final step, apply a leave-in cream to the hair. This strengthens the curl’s shape, deeply nourishes the hair, and ensures that the styling goes much smoother. The Sublime Curl Activating Nutrient Velvet is valuable to your hair care routine!

Please do not use a brush on dry hair, as this can cause the curls to slacken and lose their bounce. It is also better not to rub the hair dry with a towel. It is, therefore, best to comb your wet hair with a coarse, wide comb.

And What about the Length of Red Curly Hair? How to Best Style My Curly Hair?

In terms of haircuts and styling, everything depends on the quality and texture of the curls themselves. Curly hair usually shows more volume at the bottom and ends than at the roots. Go for layered haircuts that distribute the book along the length and enhance the face. A froufrou also looks very lovely with curly hair! It’s worth a try, but don’t cut it too short give your curls room to move and your hair strands to stretch to a certain length. And when styling curly hair, don’t be too aggressive when tying it back. In a braid, ponytail, or bun, with curly hair, it’s all possible! You mustn’t tighten the hair too tightly. Otherwise, the lengths will be damaged.

And, to keep the hairstyle in perfect shape for a long time with beautiful wavy hair, there are plenty of options: you can moisten your curls with a spray perfect for making your curls bouncy again between two hair care sessions or revitalize them with a reactivating mist, such as those from our Sublime Curl range. This one prevents fluff and ensures naturally curly hair that doesn’t feel stiff/hard.


Curly hair. Curly hair, spiral curls, coarse curl, dense curl, and so on! Do you have curly hair? Then you will probably regularly hear what beautiful curls you have! Curly hair is gorgeous, but you have to know how to take care of your curls! This blog tells you all you need to know about curly hair. Curly hair needs just a little extra care than, for example, straight hair. Curly hair doesn’t care, they sometimes say, but with the proper care. For tips and facts, scroll quickly. With us, all our hairstylists are trained to cut curls because you have to handle curls very carefully, and a good haircut treatment can also bring your curls to life! Ilham Masrour, the curly-cutting expert among hairstylists, trains our CFH toppers.

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