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Small Rose Tattoos – Great, Classic, Meaning, Choose, Other and Style


Small Rose Tattoos – New small rose tattoo trends surface daily; while the ink is permanent, some are not. Fashions fluctuate in popularity on Pinterest, but a few tattoo styles only get better with time and roses are one of them. This flower leaves much room for interpretation, making it one of tattoo artists’ most popular design requests. Whether you’re drawn to the romantic meaning of the rose or love how it looks, there are a million ways to make it unique to your style. While some have a thing for large flowers in the neo-traditional style, we are also fans of little, delicate roses.

The tattoo is a hidden or imposing jewel that knows how to bring a sensual side to a woman’s look. Unfortunately, finding an original and unique pattern on the drawing side is not always easy. Here, no surprise because, generally, we start from the existing. Yes, logically, our future tattoo is more or less often inspired by an already existing tattoo and styles already created. In search of the original, DeVita will present you with a magnificent idea that can be personalized according to personal desires, as with any other tattoo idea. Guarantee of femininity, the rose tattoo will adorn the skin in a resolutely sensual way. Continue reading and discover a selection of magnificent views unearthed on the Internet.

What is Rose Tattoos?

The rose tattoo is beautiful, discreet and romantic. If you’ve almost decided on a rose tattoo but still haven’t found the right design, this post is for you. Zoom on some of the most beautiful rose tattoo models! In the collective consciousness, the rose is associated with love and passion. The tradition of offering flowers has existed for a very long time. When you want to demonstrate your love to someone, one of the most delicate ways is to give them a red rose.

The Small Rose Tattoos is a Great Classic for Romantic Hearts

The Small Rose Tattoo is a Great Classic for Romantic Hearts

We recently dedicated an article to the rose tattoo and the existing models. Today, we continue on this same subject, presenting a new rose tattoo selection of 40 rose tattoo models in inspiring photos. So scroll down and discover the tattoo model made for you! But, of course, it is always better to look at several different tattoo designs to choose the most suitable one for self.

The flower tattoo is one of the sweetest tattoos. It is often chosen as an arm, forearm, finger, wrist, ankle, behind the ear, back, etc. tattoo. However, the rose tattoo is arguably at the top position among women’s and men’s most preferred flower tattoos. It has indeed become a great classic in tattooing. It was often chosen as a couple of tattoos or a love tattoo. But what is its meaning?

What is the Meaning of the Rose Tattoo?

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, is often illustrated with roses adorning her head, feet and neck. This can be understood in many ways, but the association stems from a rose garden that grew in a pool of blood, that of her deceased lover Adonis. The rose is associated with immortal love that resists time and even death.

In the tarot card game, the rose is considered a symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower expresses promises, confidence and new beginnings. Its meaning varies according to the number of thorns and petals. An open rose or a closed rose does not mean the same thing. Color is also of great importance.

What Color for a Rose Tattoos?

What Colour for a Rose Tattoo?

The more the years pass, the more the tattoos become refined and seem to belong to the skin on which they are tattooed. In our opinion, the most beautiful tattoos are these excellent and subtle ones.

The black and white rose tattoo is widespread. Again, we play on the fitness of the line and the games of gradients. Some tattoos even consist of only an outline, as if the rose had been drawn with a freehand line. Graphic and trendy as desired.

  • We play on contrasts and shades of grey and black for larger tattoos.
  • Several options present themselves for those who are not afraid to wear colour.

On Which Part of the Body to Small Rose Tattoos?

For a sexy rose tattoo, we take inspiration from a bouquet of roses deployed in a beautiful thigh tattoo.

In another genre, the rose is particularly suitable for rib tattoos, in micro-tattoo versions or maxi bouquets of roses.

Finally, to remain discreet and seductive, why not tattoo a rose on your shoulder blade?

  • Watercolour rose tattoo
  • colour rose tattoo on forearm
  • Roses tattoo on colourful roses tattooed on the ribs
  • A black and white rose on the forearm
  • red rose tattoos on hands
  • A rose tattoo on the ribs in black and white
  • A rose tattoo inspired by The Little Prince
  • Blue rose tattoo on hand
  • Rose from Beauty and the Beast arm tattoo.

Rose Tattoo with and Without Thorns: What is the Difference?

Rose Tattoo with and Without Thorns: What is the Difference?

A rose without thorns means that one is deeply in love with someone. Some say the thorns represent untouchable and distant beauty that cannot be touched. This was also the case with the enchanted rose from the eponymous tale “Beauty and the Beast”. She is unique and beautiful but inaccessible and locked up. It is impossible not to mention “The Little Prince” and his love for his beautiful rose, which he believed to be unique. In short, the rose is a flower that has inspired several artists and continues to inspire contemporary artists of art on the skin, tattoo artists. Some people combine the rose with a gun for a more dramatic effect, while others decide to tattoo a heart, a diamond or even their lover’s name. It may not be incorrect to approximately that the rose tattoo is the tattoo that has seen the most transformations and variations.

What Size and Location for my New Small Rose Tattoos?

Some prefer large tattoos; others have small discreet tattoos. It all depends on your preferences and habits. If this is your first tattoo, we advise starting with a small one. Then you will eventually decide on a great tattoo. We prefer small tattoos because we find them more elegant, but it’s all a matter of taste. There are also large rose tattoo designs that go for it! The variety of models is wide. You will find inspirations online or at your tattoo artist. All tattoo studios have catalogues of tattoo designs.

Location is Important, but How do you Choose It?

Choosing the location of your new rose tattoo is incredibly decisive for its visibility. Usually, the most visible areas of the body are the arms, hands, fingers, wrists and ankles. Getting a rose tattoo on your arm is excellent if you don’t mind flaunting it in the summer. If you prefer to tattoo an inconspicuous part of your body, then opt for a tattoo behind the ear, back, or any other area where you expose very little. When deciding where to place your new tattoo, remember that the closer the skin is to the bones, the more it will hurt you when you get a tattoo.


The location is also chosen according to your lifestyle. Getting a face tattoo might not be the best idea if you work in a formal setting and meet new people often. Even if it seems okay to you, don’t forget that everyone has their prejudices. In short, it’s about your body, and you know what will suit it best! We are big fans of small, understated tattoos, but that’s also because minimalist, Scandinavian, clean design has stuck in our hearts. And then, if it’s the first tattoo, take it easy.

It is essential to know the Different Meanings of Colors

It is Essential to know the Different Meanings of Colors

At the time, the yellow rose meant jealousy, but today it is also a symbol of happiness, security and mature love. If you want a yellow rose tattoo, that’s fine, but be aware that colour tattoos are more expensive and can be difficult to remove afterwards.

White, Red, and Pink

The white rose symbolizes purity, spirituality, youth, and perhaps even a secret admirer. Historically, red roses have consider the symbol of great and passionate love. The pink rose represents healing, gentleness, grace, elegance and virtue.

Blue, Black, Orange, and Purple

Blue roses have used to symbolize the unreachable, the fancy, or the impossible. Black roses are a symbol of death, farewell and darkness. The coral rose represents the desire of the heart. Orange roses were a representation of enthusiasm, excitement and fascination with life. The peach-coloured rose signified modesty and friendship. And the purple rose is for enchantment and love at first sight.

The Small Rose Tattoos can also Combine with Other Style

It is quite possible to get a tattoo of a small rose and develop it later by adding other elements: heart, key, animal, star, letter, triangle or whatever you want. However, it’s better to have a clear enough idea in your head so that you can carry it out well with the help of your tattoo artist.

The best way to visualize the tattoo you imagine is to take a sheet and draw it. Don’t worry; even if you’re not good at drawing, you can still pull something close to the idea and develop it later with your tattoo artist. And he knows how to draw; it’s his job!

Which Small Rose Tattoos Model to Choose?

Which Small Rose Tattoos Model to Choose?

We told you the rose tattoo is available at will or almost! You will first decide if you prefer a colourful model, like traditional American tattoos, with bright colours, bold edges, and shadows, or even in watercolour style.

But you can also opt for a simpler version, without colours or filling, perhaps even with geometric outlines for an ultra-graphic look. Your rose tattoo can be accompanied by a first name or other motifs for a more symbolic result, such as a skull to evoke a new start in life or a clock without hands to signify eternal love.

You will inevitably find inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, but also, of course, in popular tales and stories such as Beauty and the Beast with its famous rose under a bell jar or the rose so dear to the eyes of the Little Prince by Saint-Exupery.

  • You see, there is no shortage of rose tattoo ideas!
  • On which part of the body to make a rose tattoo?

If you already know ​​the size of your future rose tattoo, this will guide you in choosing its location. Want a discreet rose tattoo? Then place a single rose inside the wrist, on the ankle, or behind the ear to better reveal it when you want by simply lifting your hair.


You only have to look at a rose in a garden to understand its attraction in the world of tattoos and the desire to have one at your fingertips every day! Source of inspiration for countless artists and poets (we think in particular of the famous Mignini, let’s see if the rose of Ronsard), the rose evokes at a glance love and passion – shared or not. Nothing surprising when you consider that she already dress Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, from head to toe. It can also take on different meanings according to sometimes quite subtle variations such as the number of petals to follow the principles of numerology, the colour (red for passion or sacrifice, pink for innocence, yellow for joy, etc.)

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