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Sp404 MK2 – Feature, Specifications, Sound, and Quality

Sp404 MK2

Sp404 MK2 SP samplers are the bona fide monarchs of performance-based beat-making, celebrated for their distinctive sound and skill in creating rapid-fire beats anywhere, anytime. Carefully refined through community feedback and widespread study and development, the SP404MK2 is the ultimate SP sampler. It’s faster and better than ever through a vivid OLED display, expressive new pads, long-drawn-out effects, unsolidified sequencing and sampling, and a massive library of authentic noises to inspire your music.

The New Roland SP Model of Sp404 MK2

The Roland SP series sampler is a beat-making sampler that dominates the performance-oriented needs in today’s market due to its unique sound and comprehensive functions. After absorbing user feedback and thorough research, Roland developed the SP404 MKII, an improve and carefully designed second-generation model of the SP404. And also, In addition to running faster, the second generation includes an OLED display, a responsive pad, and more effects and sampling library resources.

Feature of Sp404 MK2

  • OLED display for clear waveform and intuitive control panel adjustments
  • 17 velocity-sensitive and agile Pads
  • Faster and smoother operation, built-in 16 GB storage space, zero-latency touch, and higher sample rate
  • Lightweight body design, in addition, can be powered by USB, battery, or DC jack
  • Tons of built-in effects, including Vinyl Simulator and DJFX Looper, new Lo-fi, Cassette Simulator, Resonator effects, dedicated Vocoder, Auto Pitch, Guitar Amp Simulator effects, and more.
  • 32 voice polyphony, 16 preset projects, each project can access up to 150 samples. And also, A Built-in 144 preset samples and patterns
  • Personalized user customization options, you can choose the boot screen and OLED screen and outline color by yourself
  • The new resampling function gives more effect details modulation.  And also, A Skip Back Sampling automatically captures and samples the first 25 seconds of the playback track
  • Bus FX can give effects stacking and cascading more room for different adjustments
  • DJ mode can operate two separate audio files independently
  • Connecting the SP404MKII editing software can arrange more detailed sampling management. And also, The waveform adjustment and assigning Pad, and other extended functions.

Detailed Specifications of Sp404 MK2

Maximum polyphony Voice: 32

1. Recordable Information:

Examples = 2,560 (16 samples x 10 banks x 16 projects, stored in internal storing)

Examples= 2,560 (16 patterns x 10 banks x 16 projects, stored in internal storing)

Internal Storage: 16 GB (includes presets)

Maximum Sample Time: 16 minutes (approximately 185 MB)

Skip Back Sample: up to 25 seconds

Internal Data Resolution: 16-bit linear

External input format: WAV, AIFF, MP3

Sample sampling rate: 48kHz

2. Pattern Sequencer

Resolution: 480 ticks, quarter note

Pattern length: 1 – 64 bars

Effects: 37 types (Multi-Effect), 16 types (Input Effect)

Pad: 17 velocity-sensitive pads

Control knob: x3.

3. OLED Display

External storage method: SD Card

Concatenated:  I/O

PHONES jacks: 1/4-inch phone type, Stereo miniature phone type

LINE OUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch TRS phone type (impedance balanced)

LINE IN (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type

MIC/GUITAR IN jacks: 1/4-inch TRS phone type (for MIC), 1/4-inch phone type (for GUITAR)

MIDI (IN, OUT) jack: Stereo miniature phone type

USB terminal: USB Type-C (Audio, MIDI).

4. DC IN terminal External Storage

SD card (sold separately) for backup, restore, import, and export functions (SDHC compatible)

power supply:

  • AC adaptor (included).  And also, A USB bus power supply (USB Type-C port, 1.5 A or more)
  • Ni-MH batteries (AA, HR6)(sold separately) x6
  • Alkaline battery (AA, LR6)(sold separately) x 6

5. Current Draw

1,100 mA (AC adaptor)

1,500 mA (USB bus power)

6. Battery Life

Alkaline battery: Approx. 2.5 hours

Ni-MH battery: Approx. 3.5 hours

7. Size and Weight

  • W 177.5mm H 70.5mm D 275.8mm
  • 1.1kg.

Roland of Sp404 MK2

Roland has upgraded its SP-404 MK2 sampler to version 2.0, adding a TR-style step sequencer to the existing real-time recording options. And also, This new recording mode sits alongside the much-loved Live Mode recording; both can be used to create and edit the same way if desired.

Pitch changes in chromatic mode can now also be recorded into the pattern, and there are now three playback options for chromatic mode. And also, It is mono gives you standard mono playback; Legato means that pitch changes during sample playback will not retrigger the sample, and Poly enables it. And also, The model is to be played back polyphonically.

You can find more information on the SP-404 MKII update on the Roland website. And also, It’s free for existing users.

SP404MK2 was officially announced on Roland’s Youtube at 16:00 on October 13, 2021. The specs that had been leaked were more than expected. And also, There was a lot of excitement on social media in Europe and the United States.

I don’t have it in my hands yet, so I can’t say for sure. And also, It but I’d like to explain it one by one in an easier-to-understand way than anywhere else, based on the officially announced specs and videos of each Youtuber.

The Sound Quality is 16bit/48kHz

The Sound Quality is 16bit/48kHz

Enough. I’m happier with this than making it compatible with high resolution, and the operation becomes heavy.

Equipped with 16GB of Internal Storage

The SP404 SX’s SD card reading was a little slow. And also, It sometimes felt stressed at startup. However, the SP404MK2 uses internal storage. Therefore, it will be speedy as accessing Local SSD.

MP3 Files also Support

I think there are many sound sources that I do not own in WAV as long as I’m happy with MP3 support.

2560 Samples can Save

The number of samples that can save increased significantly from 120 to 2560!

Up to 16 minutes

The sample time has significantly reduced from 180 minutes to 16 minutes. Isn’t 16 minutes enough to include a long piece of music?

What about Custom Skins and Knobs of Sp404 MK2?

Speaking of the SP404 mk2 series, customizing skins and knobs is one of the pleasures.

Since the skin is different in size, it can not be substituted from SX and is out. However, the knobs have the same standard, so they can still be used.

With this custom knob, the touch feeling changes, making it more fun to touch the sound.

Power supply, battery, USB power supply: 6 AA batteries in SP404MK2! ( It weighs about 138g )

power supply                         AC adapter                                   AC adapter

dry mortar                         4-5 hours (6 AA batteries)             2.5-3.5 hours

USB power supply              not possible                               Can be powered by USB-C terminal.

The operation with dry batteries (6 AA batteries) continues. And also, It but durability has decreased by about 40%.

However, a power supply with USB-C is now possible! So, if anything, is it recommend switching to operation with a mobile battery?

Six dry batteries weigh about 138g. So the 100g weight reduction ruin. And also, It think it would be healthier to use it with a mobile battery that you carry around when charging your smartphone when you go out.

By the way, I think Anker is the most decisive choice for mobile batteries in terms of stability and cost performance.

SP404MK2 can be Recognized as an Audio Interface

It is recognized as an audio interface when connected to a PC with a USB-C terminal. When I’m at home, I always leave it connected to my PC, and when I’m surfing the net, I sample the parts that catch my attention and stream live beats online. And also, It can move to act immediately when you feel like it.


The SP404MK2 allows you to create patterns with sole feel and vigor. And also, There’s adjustable input quantize and shamble for custom swipe, Pad-Link for gunfire off multiple examples with a single tap, a Roll button for mutable note repeat, and BPM-per-bank for rapid tempo changes. And also, It’s also possible to organize patterns for different sets and chain them together to automate replay. With your hands freed up, you can give out on the SP belongings controls or let rip on your favorite synth.

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