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Case Study of the Success of TaniHub Group in Indonesia


Indonesiabased TaniHub group- TaniHub Group, an Indonesian startup that helps agriculturalists get better prices and more customers for their crops, has elevated a $65.5 million Series B. The funding was led by MDI Undertakings, the asset arm of Telkom Collection, one of Indonesia’s leading telecoms, with participation from Add Ventures, BRI Ventures, Embellishment Ventures, Intudo Undertakings, Openspace Ventures, Tenaya Capital, UOB Venture Management, Vertex Undertakings and Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI).

Openspace and Intudo are returning savers from TaniHub’s $10 million Sequence A, announced in May 2019. The new funding brings its entire raise to around $94 million.

Founded in 2016, TaniHub has more than 45,000 agriculturalists and 350,000 buyers (including businesses and consumers) in its network. The company helps farmers earn additional for their crops by streamlining distribution channels, so fewer intermediaries between farms and restaurants, grocery stores, vendors, and other business buy their products. It does this through three units: TaniHub, Tani Supply, and Tani-Fund.

About Indonesia

About Indonesia


It is impossible to imagine a person who would not be happy to spend time in an exotic country! Distant islands beckon people who want an unforgettable experience. And this is not surprising – a mixture of the unknown and the mysterious with some extreme will always be in fashion. Indonesia allows you to experience all the advantages of an exotic world. If where the line between civilization and untouched nature is barely perceptible. We have compiled 22 facts about Indonesia that will help you better understand this incredible world of wonders.

Indonesia is quite an unusual country. There are many island states, but Indonesia is an archipelago of as many as 17,504 islands! More than 6,000 of these land plots do not even have a name because no one has ever lived there. But, simultaneously, Sumatra, Bali, and Java islands are incredibly popular among tourists.

What is the Tanihub Group?


TaniHub Group is an agriculture technology and groceries company established in 2016. Initially an idea to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, Indonesia-based TaniHub group has started its journey of building an advanced agriculture ecosystem through TaniHub, TaniHub Food Solutions, TaniFund, TaniSupply, TaniFoundation, and Tani Mitra Koperasi.

William Setiawan and Michael Sugianto remain cofounders of TaniHub Collection, an Indonesian agritech startup that operates an e-commerce stage, TaniHub, and a crowd-lending service, TaniFund. TaniHub connects farmers directly to shops looking to purchase fresh crops and has a user base of more than 400 SMEs and 10,000 customers. So far, TaniHub Group has joined with more than 25,000 farmers across Indonesia and functions in five delivery hubs. Last year, the group elevated $10 million in a Sequence A round led by Singapore-based Open space Ventures.

Indonesia-Based Company

Indonesia-Based Company


Working in Indonesia, specifically practicing in a French company in Bali when you are a foreigner, requires knowing certain rules specific to the country. Per the information from the website: Indeed, it is impossible to occupy any profession, especially work, without having carried out certain formalities. However, it is sometimes possible to work in large groups, particularly French Indonesia-based TaniHub group specializing in different fields of activity. We invite you to discover some examples.

Working in a French company in Bali is the dream of many people who wish to expatriate and settle there. Famous for its magnificent landscapes and volcanic mountains, ”  the island of the gods  ” seduces its way of life and pleasant climate. Finding a job in Bali can sometimes be complicated, but not impossible for the French. Indeed, many large French groups have chosen to establish themselves in Indonesia, although most have found themselves in Jakarta and not in Bali. This guide introduces you to some French companies based in Indonesia and explains what you need to know before moving to Bali.

Indonesia Based Tanihub Group


TaniFund is a Fintech company that seeks to enable small-scale farmers in Indonesia to tap into alternative sources of financing through digital crowdfunding.  Through its online platform, Tanifund allows farmers to raise capital from individuals and entities to finance specific agri-related projects. This represents a critical innovation in a context such as that of Indonesia. In where access to quality loans for smallholders represents a significant bottleneck due to the scarcity of collateral.

The absence of credit history, a bias against agricultural lending on the part of formal financial institutions. And also, It many other factors. As a result, Indonesian smallholders are often forced to borrow from intermediaries. In with predatory interest rates of up to 200% per annum. Nevertheless, the untapped potential of filling the agricultural credit gap in the country is enormous: 85% of Indonesian farmers are smallholders. In with agriculture representing the primary source of income for 33 million people. A contributing to 13% of the gross domestic product and 33% of employment.


William Setiawan and Michael Sugianto are cofounders of TaniHub Group. An Indonesian agritech startup that operates an e-commerce stage, TaniHub, and a crowd-lending service, TaniFund. TaniHub connects farmers directly to retailers looking to purchase fresh produce. It has a user base of more than 400 SMEs and 10,000 consumers. So far, TaniHub Collection has joined with more than 25,000 farmers crossways Indonesia and operates five delivery hubs. Last year, the collection raised $10 million in a Sequence A round led by Singapore-based Openspace Undertakings.

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