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Tips for Choosing the Best Hookah What Makes a Good Flavour


Tips for Choosing the Best Hookah  –  The hookah world is a strange place filled with many truths, even more myths, and some critical experts’ secrets. We like to think of ourselves as hookah experts here at, so we wanted to dispel some common myths, expound on the truths, and unleash the secrets.

The idea is that a taller hookah automatically smokes better than a short one has for a long time. It is 100% a myth. Except for hookahs with tiny bases that cannot hold enough water to correctly cool your smoke, almost all hookahs, tall or short, will burn the same.

Double Apple Doesn’t Taste Like Apple

Double Apple Doesn't Taste Like Apple

It is a common misconception amongst new hookah smokers. I like apple flavors, and this flavor is called DOUBLE apple, so it must be twice as good, right? Well, that all depends on the smoker. Suppose you love the taste of anise and black liquor ice with a hint of apple. But if you were looking for a moist, ripe apple flavor, be careful. You won’t find it now

Most smokers study this difference early on, but you’d be surprised how many seasoned vets still don’t know this ancient hookah secret. The width of your downstream/hose adapter/hose, a lack of air leaks, and a base that holds sufficient water to cool your smoke correctly make one hookah better than another. Put up a good 40″ KM hookah next to a 12″ tall Mya hookah, and assume they are both adequately set up. You won’t be able to tell the distinction.

A Hookah Is Just As Good As Its Smallest Choke End

A Hookah Is Just As Good As Its Smallest Choke End

This hookah covert is one that we wish more people knew concerning. It all boils down to physical. As smoke passes throughout your hookah, it will go through a series of passageways of various sizes. The most significant sized passage will be the base, where the burn has many gaps. The main chokepoints to maintain an eye on would be the downstream, the hose adapter, the heart chamber, and your hose. Whichever one of these passageways has the tiniest opening will regulate the performance of all others.

An analogy would be an eight-lane super highway that suddenly merges into one lane. It doesn’t need substance how much room you have on the road; everything will slow down when it connects to one lane. So when buying your next hookah, don’t just look at the downstream or base. Seem at the hose adapter and the heart so you can determine how large the tiniest opening is. The wider the spaces are, the easier the pull and the more smoke you will get.

Plastic Washable Hoses be Amazing

Plastic Washable Hoses be Amazing

Some hookah smokers twist their noses up at cheap, washable hoses that you canister find pro below $10. love our Namur hoses, our Dream hoses, with extra high-end washable hoses, but take a saunter around our office on any known day and see most people using $8 Unhouses, $5 Washable Hookah Hoses, etc. Why? It’s pretty simple. They are cheap, they smoke excellent, mainly when you are smoking in a small group or by yourself, and if a flavor ghost is terrible, you can throw it away and get another one. Don’t hate on the cheap hoses. They serve a clear purpose to move smoke from the hookah to you – and they work great.

Never Smoke Strong Flavors Through A Non-Washable Hose

Never Smoke Strong Flavors Through A Non-Washable Hose

If you be a fan of solid mint, floral/spice flavors, or double apple, you probably previously know all about this, but this will be helpful for newer smokers. These flavors, and others like them, tend to ghost badly in your hose. So unless you want every flavor you smoke to taste like rose or mint, we suggest avoiding those flavors if you use a non-washable hookah house.

A workaround for this is to have a dedicated hose for each flavor one for mint, one for fruit flavors, one for floral flavor’s, etc. Or, of course, you might switch to a washable hose.

The Best Shisha mix Use Three Flavors Or Less

The Best Shisha mix Use Three Flavors Or Less

Tips for Choosing the best Hookah  – We care for a good shisha mix and are constantly experimenting with the finest blends, but one secret we include is that if you mix too many flavors, it just doesn’t work. It might noise like a great plan to mix banana, strawberry, blueberry, mint, coconut, and lime, but you end up with a messy blend with no distinct flavors. Stick to 3 or fewer flavors per mix, and you should be able to distinguish each flavor and enjoy the nuances caused by the interplay between them.


Tips for choosing the best hookah are one solid piece. The material is brass, copper, or stainless steel. They do not have a range of bells and whistles. They have a tighter draw/more limited clean. Most be medium to tall.

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