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Una Brands Asia and Pacific – An Overview


Developing nations dominate the market in the Una brands Asia-Pacific region. Rising disposable income and rapid urbanization, coupled with innovative and engaging advertising by manufacturing companies, have created a potentially disruptive market environment in the Asia-Pacific region. The increase in the urban population and middle-class families has led to low-priced home appliances dominating the market, with consumers willing to experience the conveniences of off-the-shelf technology. And also, the high price of certain essential products has slowed growth. Still, China’s low-priced manufactured goods have dominated the market and helped it strengthen its position in the home appliance market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chinese brands lead by volume, although American brands record high growth in premium categories in India, China, etc. And also, a high rate of urbanization is contributing to the development of these markets. Chinese and Korean manufacturers have a sizeable market share in Asia-Pacific, and energy efficiency has become a priority for consumers. Therefore, green inventions will be paramount in shaping the home appliance market in this region.

What is Una Brand and How Does it Work?

What is Una Brand and How Does it Work?

The brand is the sign that distinguishes the products or services of a company in the market, whether it is of an individual or social nature. Branding is the marketing discipline that helps us define our brand and manage it over time. Branding is used to build brands and organize all their tangible and intangible elements, from values ​​to typography. To understand branding, it must be considered that brands are not static.  If we look at companies that have been around for many years, we see that their logos and typography have evolved. In the same way, the most profound and intangible aspects of the brand are also changing to adapt to social realities and consumer preferences.

About Asia Pacific Brands

About Asia Pacific Brands

Asia Pacific Initiative (API) is the brand of the International House of Japan program division (IHJ), originally known as the Asia Pacific Initiative. Based on IHJ’s mission to “promote intellectual dialogue, policy research, and social exchange with a diverse world, and contribute to the creation of a free, open, and sustainable future.” ) international relations, area studies, geopolitics, and (2) social systems, governance, and innovation.

In September 2011, half a year after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the atomic accident, we established the Reconstruction Japan Initiative (RJIF), a general incorporated foundation, and have been working on ​​”rebuilding Japan.” In July 2017, to further broaden our horizons to the Asia-Pacific and move forward to the second stage of building a free and open international order, the Rebuild Japan Initiative was reorganized to form the Asia Pacific Foundation and launched the Pacific Initiative.

Una Brands Asia Pacific

Una Brands Asia Pacific

E-commerce aggregator Una Brands has committed KRW 120 billion ($100 million) to South Korea’s eCommerce market across two years through a deal with local counterpart Klick Brands. However, this pact seeks to combine Una Brands’ global cross-border network with Klick Brands’ understanding of the South Korean market. Per the information from the website””: The two companies aim to grow local eCommerce brands domestically and into Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Una Brands and Klick Brands will partner with and scale at most minuscule 25 profitable eCommerce brands with revenues of up to $50 million across categories such as health, K-beauty, baby, pets, and home and living brands.

Una Brands has established its presence in Singapore, Australia, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The alliance with Klick Brands marks the first time Una Brands has entered a market with a domestic partner. And also, it had previously announced it would acquire Singaporean furniture brands Ergo tune and Ever Desk+ in January 2022. In addition, South Korea was identified as a critical market for Una Brands, being the fifth-largest e-commerce market globally. With an annual growth rate of around 14% and an expected market value of $250 billion by 2025.

Una Brands Asia Pacific 40mshutechcrunch

Una Brands Asia Pacific 40mshutechcrunch

Una announced today that it had raised a $40 million equity and debt round. Investors include 500 Startups, Kingsway Capital, 468 Capital, Foresight Capital, Global Founders Capital, and Maximilian Bitner, the former CEO of Lazada. Who currently holds the same role at the second-hand fashion platform Vestiaries’ Collective.

Una looks for brands with annual revenue between $300,000 to $20 million. She is open to many categories, as long as they have solid SKUs and low seasonality (for example, it avoids fast fashion). And also, its offering prices range from about $600,000 to $3 million.

“For example, in Indonesia, there are at least five or six important platforms that you should be on. And also, It many times the sellers aren’t doing that. At so that’s something we do,” Tanne explained. “The second is cross-border in Southeast Asia. Which sellers often can’t do themselves because of regulations around customs, import restrictions, and duties. That’s something our team has experience in and wants to bring to all brands.”

Key Market Trends

Smart Home Appliances are Driving the Market

The current bright home trend is encouraging the use of smart appliances in home design. With people willing to invest in a fully connected home that can easily operate. The prominent players in the market are investing in R&D to create intelligent applications. If that leads to smart devices that drive the growth of the home appliance market. Changing consumer preferences and innovative credit schemes coupled with replacement sales pave. And also, it is the way for more innovative devices to replace conventional instruments, and this will spur market growth. Basically, Asia-Pacific would overtake the North American and European markets to emerge as the market leader.


One of the biggest funding trends of the past year is companies that consolidate small e-commerce brands. Many of the most notable start-ups in the space, like Tarsio, Berlin Brands Group, and also Branded. It Group focuses on reducing Amazon Marketplace sellers. But the e-commerce landscape is more fragmented in the Asia-Pacific region. Where sellers use platforms like Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, Rakuten, or eBay, depending on where they are Co-founder Kiren Tanned, former chief executive officer of Rocket Internet Asia. Is said the start-up is “platform agnostic,” searching across marketplaces (and platforms like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce) for potential acquisitions.

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