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Valentino Perfume and Fragrance: Amazing Long-lasting scents


To step into the universe of Valentino perfume is to discover a world of godly elegance, sensual pleasure, true glamour, and even dreams come true. This is a timeless couture name whose designs have love (and worn) by stylish women the world over, from Jackie Kennedy to Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman to Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Taylor to Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn to Halle Berry and Lupita Nyong’o, among so many more.

Indeed, screen goddesses, princesses, and the glamorous wives of billionaires have always flock to Valentino, with the label responsible for the glamour and elegance of half the names on the ‘Best Dressed List.’ Decades after the label’s debut, Valentino’s catwalk shows continue to receive with universal acclaim, and movie stars are still the designer label’s stunning ambassadors. They turn to Valentino because nobody understands the ‘red carpet moment’ better or makes the photographer’s flash guns whirr that bit louder.

Valentino Perfume Say: ‘Black: the most Colorful of Non-Colors

Valentino Perfume Say: ‘Black: the most Colorful of Non-Colors

A deliberate, powerful, absolute refusal of any hue, favored by artists and creators across time because of its strength, mystery, and spell. By refusing light, it takes everything to another dimension. Ans also, The Valentino Uomo bottle turns into a tactile totem in this new edition: a velvety prism that catches shadows with uttermost subtleness, delineating a clear, powerful figure, topped off by the black mark of a pure ring. Ans also, The bottle is now a magnet, attracting and intriguing with its spiky mystery and dangerously sensual elegance.

Why We Celebrate Perfume Day

It is obvious that perfumes are made on Perfume Day, and this time Perfume Day will celebrate on Monday, 17 February 2020. Technically, there is no special significance to this day, but people celebrate this week as a part of Anti-Valentine Week. Ans also, A Perfume Day celebration can on any label, big or small, depending on your planning. If we describe its region, then it can said that perhaps it would have thought of celebrating this day in the style of blowing away every pain like a fragrance. Therefore, despite being a part of Anti-Valentine Week or Hate Week, Perfume Day can also celebrate romantically.

Is it just us, or is Attainment a Bit Steamy in Here…?

You might need to re-set the aircon or reach for your fans if this dramatic limited edition wafts its way into your life this summer. The heat is on (well, it’s getting there. We’ve left our tights AND cardigans off, people), so with deeply, darkly mysterious fragrances like this around, we had better try and cool ourselves down somehow. Seriously a great bottle, too.

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  • Donna was Born In Roma
  • Rock’n Rose
  • Uomo was Born In Roma
  • Valentino Valentina
  • Valentino Donna
  • Valentino Noir Absolu
  • Valentino Uomo
  • Vendetta
  • Very Valentino
  • Voce Viva
  • Valentino Gold
  • Valentino Donna Born In Roma Coral Fantasy.

Valentino, the Company is Opening Stores in these Cities in Association with Reliance Brands

Valentino, the Company is Opening Stores in these Cities in Association with Reliance Brands

Maison Valentino: Valentino will open a 162 sqm boutique at DLF Emporio in Delhi. It will have an exclusive collection of women’s and men’s.

New Delhi: Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) and Maison Valentino perfume of Italy have entered a long-term distribution agreement. Under the agreement, both companies will launch the Italian brand Maison de Couture in India in partnership. The first store will be opened in Delhi this year itself. A few months later, a second flagship store will open in Mumbai. The stores will offer a full line of women’s wear, menswear, footwear, and branded accessories. In addition, the store will be uniquely designed to give an international experience to the customers.

Indians will like Valentino Products.

Darshan Mehta, MD, Reliance Brands Limited, said, “Valentino perfume needs no introduction in India. The brand’s signature code and bold colors are made for India. This partnership will help in making the brand more accessible to Indian customers. Also, a new generation of fans of Valentino products will be born.”

The Indian Market is Full of Opportunities

Jacopo Venturini, CEO of Maison Valentino, said, “We are delighted to partner with Reliance Brands Limit, India’s leader in luxury retail. We are proud to work composed in this market full of new opportunities. Ans also, The upcoming store opening will be an important step in Valentino perfume global strategy.

Mumbaikars will Get a Complete Valentino Universe.

Valentino in Delhi will open a 162 sqm boutique at DLF Emporio. It will have an exclusive collection of women’s and men’s accessories. Ans also, At the same time, the flagship store in Mumbai will host the entire Valentino Universe, where women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, and Valentino Garavani accessories will include. Accessories include shoes, bags, small leather goods, eyewear, scarves, ties, and perfumes. In addition, the brand has 212 boutiques directly operate by Valentino in over 144 locations.


Valentino SpA is the fashion house originates by Italian designer Valentino Garavani. Lines delivered by the company contain Valentino (Haute Couture and Ready-to-wear lines), Valentino Garavani (shoes and accessories), Valentino Roma (women’s ready-to-attire), and RED Valentino (current women’s). Valentino showed an early skill for fashion, apprenticing under an aunt and a resident fashion designer in Voghera.

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