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Zoom Hacks To Help You Deal With All Those Meetings


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service and one of the leading video conferencing software apps. Its communications platform lets users connect with audio, phone, video, and chat. Using Zoom needs an internet connection and a supported device. Video conference meetings, live chat, and webinars allow users to connect online and can be used through a computer desktop or mobile app.

Zoom has seen a flow in popularity during the Covid19 crisis to stay in touch with millions of people using Zoom. When in-person meetings aren’t possible, you can interact with co-workers virtually. Zoom has two following phases: zoom room and Zoom meeting.

Zoom had been with us for a long time, but the pandemic has made it one more part of everyday life for teleworkers, students, and teachers.



Video calls are not something new. But many did not need them. The coronavirus pandemic has made this technological tool a fundamental pillar of the daily routine of millions of people. Talk to co-workers or clients, conduct distance classes from teachers to students, or contact family and friends. He has even starred in movies and series in the last year. And among the most popular video calling solutions, an expensive winner has been  Zoom. So here are some tricks for Zoom so you can take advantage of it whether you start the meetings or are a participant.

Zoom has achieved great popularity as a video call tool thanks to its ease of use and the that you can use it from any device. It even managed to unseat the veteran  Skype or the long-running  Google Meet. Only  Microsoft Teams has managed to keep up at a distance and with the help of its integration with Office. All in all,  Zoom has more than 300 million daily users and is the preferred tool in states such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Russia and Germany.

But let’s go to the important thing. Let’s say you are already a Zoom user. Whether on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. You may use it directly from the web browser. Here are some Zoom tricks to make daily virtual meetings more bearable.

Precautions Before Entering A Zoom Meeting

Zoom Hacks

The camera and microphone are essential elements for a Zoom video call. But an oversight can turn a boring meeting into a viral video that thousands will see of people on social networks. Everyone has seen the “I’m not a cat” video and even Zoom had to post a tutorial to prevent things like that. Let’s see what tricks for Zoom will save you from going viral.

To avoid shocks or inconveniences, it is better to enter a meeting with the microphone deactivated. We will activate it when we need it. In the Audio settings of the Zoom app for Windows and macOS, you can start the option to Mute the microphone when joining a meeting or similar.

Do the same with the camera. It is not going to be that you are not yet ready to go on screen. From  Settings> Video, you must activate the option  Deactivate my video when joining a meeting.


Backgrounds and Filters for your Meetings

Backgrounds and Filters for your Meetings

Zoom Hacks

Let’s go to the tricks for Zoom that can make your meetings better or worse, depending on the context. The filters. They are great fun in a conversation with friends but a disaster if you talk to your boss or a client. If you want to use filters, click the up arrow next to the  Stop Video icon and select the Select Video Filter option. You may have to download them the first time by clicking on  Studio Effects.

To deactivate the filters, you will have to go to  Settings> Background and filters and choose None in the  Video filters section. You can make this change before a meeting from  Settings or during a session from the up arrow next to  Stop the video, tapping  Select video filter > None.

There are third party filters that work separately. Instead of choosing the filter from Zoom, you select a  virtual camera with the name of that filter app. You select the filter on that same application.

Filters are for fun gatherings with friends and family. But the funds are worth everything. From  Settings > Background and filters > Virtual backgrounds, you can activate the grounds so that you appear alone and behind an image or video. Zoom offers some, but you can add your pictures. You can also blur the background or use no experience at all. And if you use a green screen, tell Zoom to make the environment more professional.


Don’t Forget you have a Meeting with this Zoom Hacks

Zoom Hacks

If you spend the day in virtual meetings, this Zoom hack won’t do much good. But if meetings are occasional throughout the day, you don’t want to be late for them. Even if it only consists of opening the app and entering the intersection.

Zoom can alert you before a meeting to give you time to prepare so you’re ready on camera when everyone starts the session. In principle, this option is activated in the desktop version of Zoom. In  Settings > General, you will see “Remind me 5 minutes before my next meetings” started. You can change those 5 minutes for 10 or 15 minutes.

You Must have the Zoom App Open to Receive the Reminder, Even in the Background.

These Zoom Hacks will allow you to get more out of it using only the keyboard

Among the tricks for Zoom that will make your day to day more bearable are the * keyboard shortcuts +. Thanks to them, you can activate functions or perform actions by pressing a few keys instead of moving through the menus and Zoom buttons. These are the keyboard shortcuts you will use the most. And they will save you from any trouble or misunderstanding.

Quick meeting invites:  ALT + i  or  CMD + i

Turn your microphone off and on:  ALT + A  or  CMD + Shift + A

Turn your camera off and on:  ALT + V  or  CMD + Shift + V

Mute everyone:  ALT + M  or  CMD + Control + M

Record meetings:  ALT + R  or  CMD + Shift + R

Pause and resume a recording:  ALT + P  or  CMD + Shift + P

Share screen:  ALT + Shift + S  or  CMD + Shift + S

Pause and resume screen sharing:  ALT + T  or  CMD + Shift + T

Schedule Recurring Meetings

There are Zoom meetings that happen once. Others, on the other hand, are frequent and recurrent. The typical Monday meeting to organize the week’s work or the Friday meeting to see if everything went well. Or in virtual classes, daily or weekly classes. In short, you can create a session that will repeat every so often, so you don’t have to make it from scratch repeatedly. One of the tricks for Zoom is that it will save you time.

To do this, you will have to be the one who creates the meetings. From the desktop app itself, you can activate  Recurring Meeting after clicking on the  Schedule icon. After completing that meeting, the calendar you have chosen will open, for example, Google Calendar. There you can set the repeat frequency of the Zoom meeting. If you prefer not to use an external calendar, you can set up recurring meetings from Zoom Web.

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