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Avocado: Properties, Benefits, And What It Is For

Avocado – In nature, we find many plants that offer excellent fruits, which vary in shape depending on their gender or class. For example, we have the berries, consisting of one or several seeds covered by the pulp. Among them, we will highlight one in particular, the avocado.

What is Avocado?

Avocado, also known as avocado, is a fruit use in different ways, value for its many properties. It comes from a tree with a similar name, and the origin of its cultivation is attribute to countries such as Mexico, Guatemala. But, at current, it is one of the fruits found in much of the world.

The size of the avocado can be between 7 and 30 centimeters, approximately. The color may also vary depending on its class. Some are always green, even when ripe, while others turn yellow or purple as they mature. The size of its seed is proportional to the size of the fruit, approximately 30%.

Avocado Properties

One of the main reasons why avocado is so appreciate is its properties. So here we highlight its features.

Regulators. Because it contains monounsaturated fats, it can remove harmful cholesterol from the body and, at the same time, increase the production of good cholesterol.

Immune Protectors. This is thanks to the presence of vitamin B6. This protects the body from harmful elements.

Normalizers. It has potassium, an essential element for the body’s normal functioning, as indicated by the US National Library of Medicine.

Energizers. Contains lipids in large quantities. These manage to increase the amount of energy in the body.

Use of Avocado

Avocados can be use in different ways. One of the most common is at meals. You can get a lot of recipes perfect for getting the most out of this fruit.

It can also be use topically. For example, you can get one of the many avocado creams or use the fruit’s pulp directly on the skin. This allows it to improve its condition, eliminating the effects of the passage of time or other conditions.

Avocado Benefits

The key to why avocado consumption has spread worldwide is its health benefits. Next, we will see the utmost important ones.

improves the skin

When there are burns, the skin can lose both its sensitivity and its pleasing appearance, but, in the Study of the action of avocado on the remedial process in burnt experimental rats. It found that the application of an avocado-base cream increases the speed of recovery of damaged skin. And no adverse reactions.

It is also handy for improving the appearance of the skin, even under normal conditions. This is why many creams use avocado pulp among their ingredients. In the case of the scalp, it is a good idea to use it directly on it to take advantage of its properties on the hair, giving it more life and health.

Promotes Muscle Structure

One of the elements that muscles need most is potassium. It is usually suggest that it be obtain through bananas, but it is good to know that avocado contains a higher percentage of this element, so it works much better. So, thanks to him, the muscles can work harder and better.

In addition, beneficial properties have discover for the functioning of the nervous system, which makes it possible to prevent diseases that affect brain function.

Reduces the Presence of lipids

Those who suffer from a high concentration of lipids in the body (hypercholesterolemia) find an ally in avocado. The Study on the effect of avocado consumption on the lipid profile in adults with dyslipidemia highlights how its consumption considerably reduced the number of lipids in the body.

Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis

Thanks to the presence of vitamin D, avocado consumption reduces the effects of degenerative diseases in the joints. Significantly, since it increases the amount of calcium in the body, the bones remain in optimal condition.

In addition, this fruit influences the assimilation of other nutrients, which is beneficial for the entire body, including the bones and cartilage that form the joints.

Risks and Contraindications of Avocado

Although it is one of the most recommended foods, it offers excellent benefits and, in most cases, is safe. However, some recommendations should always keep in mind.

To begin with, consuming too much avocado is harmful to your health. Dr. Andrew Freeman, a cardiologist, confirms this. This is due to the high-calorie content present in this fruit. To prevent these problems, experts recommend only consuming 30 grams per day.

In addition, although, as we have pointed out in this article, it offers many nutrients to the body, it does not contain all the necessary ones, so the diet must include other foods. In some people’s cases, avocado consumption is contraindicate because it negatively influences their health. These are the following groups.

Allergic. To protect their health, people who have allergic reactions to avocado or one of its components should not consume it.

Hepatic. Anyone with liver problems can negatively affect their health by consuming avocado, so they should not do so.

One of the best fruits we can get. If use properly, many benefits can be enjoy.

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