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The Best Light and Healthy Breakfasts for All Sports


You’ve made a good resolution: you want to taste the joys of a healthy breakfast. Its promises of happiness and morning dynamics make you drool, and you are ready to take the plunge. The Relaxed Fruits congratulate you; it’s the beginning of a new life! But almost. Because yes, you want to start a new healthy breakfast routine and refuel when you wake up. Yes, you are ready to throw industrial cake packets into oblivion. But, lost, you don’t know where to start. Don’t panic, and Relaxed Fruits are coming to the rescue! Lovers of savory or sweet breakfasts, nervous stomachs, or big gourd man we promise ds, you will find breakfast at your mise. Plus, it’s super easy and quick to prepare. We propose these varied and healthy breakfasts to adapt them to your favorite sport and fill your morning with energy.

The Best Healthy and Light Breakfasts for All Sports

The Best Healthy and Light Breakfasts for All Sports

Breakfast should never be eliminated from our daily lives; In fact, it is most likely that if we skip this meal, we will later fall into excess lunches and dinners with caloric and unhealthy ingredients. So if you think you are getting closer to your “cleansing” path by skipping breakfast, you are very wrong. That is why we want to propose breakfasts that will not interfere with your plan to compensate for past excesses, but that will provide you with quality nutrients and that will allow you to face the day with the optimism of someone who has had somewhat to eat first thing in the morning, and that will be noticed in the excesses that you will not commit later.

Breakfast 1:

Sweet Toast

Two wholemeal toast with jam

a handful of walnuts

A banana


Breakfast 2:

full bowl mix of yogurt juice

Skimmed yogurt with apple, raisins, and brewer’s yeast

Natural orange juice

Breakfast 3:

tea and teff cereals

Tea with milk and honey

A bowl of teff cereal

Natural orange juice

Breakfast 4:

yogurt with sesame and whole grain oats

Skimmed liquid yogurt with sesame and chia

bowl of whole grain oats

Apple and carrot juice


Breakfast 5:


A glass of skim milk or oatmeal drink

Half a cup of quinoa with cinnamon and honey

An Apple


quinoa grains

Breakfast 6:

fresh cheese integral toast

Fresh natural skimmed cheese

Wholemeal toast with grated tomato

a kiwi

More Healthy Breakfasts for Athletes

More Healthy Breakfasts for Athletes

Surely you have always wondered what the best breakfast is for the runner? And for the cyclist? What should he have for breakfast before he hits the weights? There is a “morning menu” for every athlete! Find out how you should eat to perform better and better with each workout!

Healthy Breakfasts for Strength Athletes

The central premise when eating breakfast to gain muscle mass and strength is to have a surplus of calories that facilitates the anabolic process of hypertrophy. Protein requirements are also increased, so we must ensure a supply of between 1.7 and 2 g of protein per day per kg of body weight.

Healthy Breakfasts for Cyclists

Healthy Breakfasts for Cyclists

Moreover. Breakfast can be a combination of solid foods (sandwiches, toast, fruit, toasted cereal flakes.) and liquids (juices, smoothies, or liquid yogurt) in such a way that it provides the necessary energy and nutrients. Carbohydrates should be the nutrition present in the highest proportion, limiting fats and proteins.

Breakfast for Runners

It should be made up of easily digestible foods that provide simple and complex carbohydrates that a moderate portion of protein can accompany. Limit fat, fiber, and protein.

Breakfast for Fitness Workouts

We propose different combinations depending on what time you distribute your training.

Breakfast for Mountaineers and Hikers

The activities carried out in the mountains all have the production of great physical exhaustion and, often, in climatic conditions or extreme altitude or latitude, for which the organization of the day’s first meal becomes the most important of the day.

July 28 Our blogger, the mountaineer Araceli Segarra, mountain cooking workshop at the TNF Mountain Festival of the Italian Alps

The Ingredients that are Not Lacking in a Good Breakfast

the Ingredients that are Not Lacking in a Good Breakfast

However. There are no good or bad foods. Try different foods and breakfasts to find out what works best for you before training or competing. However, a good breakfast  must meet some requirements and must have a list of ingredients in mind:

Relatively high content of low-glycemic carbohydrate-rich foods maintains blood glucose and replenishes muscle glycogen.

Moderate Content of Protein-Rich Foods.

Sufficient fluid intake (exercise increases needs due to losses caused by sweating).

Low fat and fiber content when going to train later facilitate stomach emptying and reduces discomfort.

It must be composed of daily foods that the athlete tolerates well.

And another ingredient as crucial as the previous ones: have a quiet breakfast, sit down, take your time and chew your food a lot.


Many do not eat breakfast in the morning for lack of time or appetite. However, this first meal should bring the energy necessary for a good morning. The foods of Saison inspire a balanced breakfast and offers products of different categories. It is not forbidden to vary the pleasures from one day to another or to have breakfast for the week and one for the weekend. Opinions differ on the need to keep breakfast as part of a diet. Breakfast remains essential for children, adolescents, and those who are quickly hungry in the morning to avoid untimely snacking.

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