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What is CrossTown Fitness About its Activities


CrossTown Fitness in Northalsted, Chicago, is a gym prepared with the best training methods and coaches. We focus on high-intensity interval training through various drills incorporating cardiovascular staying power, stamina, strength, elasticity, power, speed, agility, and balance.

CTF is Chicago’s Premier HIIT studio. Each class is sure to be different with each visit. Our trainers design each type to include interval cardiovascular routine, mobility and power training. This class is open to all health levels, putting first-timers and health die-hards side by side to develop at their level together in one community.

New Check-in Protocol: Everyone must sanitize their shoes and hands inside any CTF studio. All sundry is also required to take a surface temperature reading and must always wear a mask. During class, we will provide everybody with their spray bottle to sanitize equipment between stations.

I’m competitive, and there were ways to compete with myself and others throughout the class. For about half of the exercises, I could offer a challenge if I wanted to take it up a notch.

How is Crosstown Fitness?

How is Crosstown Fitness?

I love circuit training, but when there’s too much up time between exercises, I get caught including the missed seconds of work I could be responsible for, other than I’m a masochist. That was not the case with this class. It was all work except for brief rest between circuits. By the time the route ended, I was happy with the workout and had sufficiently “sweated it out.” victory.

The most delicate part about CrossTown Fitness is that the workout I just outlined will never occur again. I started this blog when I got burned out on routine, and this is a gym that could keep it interesting if you have a wandering eye, as I do. Each trainer and each workout is unusual. Every time you tread the gym, something interesting will come your way. Get there and sweat it out.

Daytime in the Life: Crosstown Fitness Area

Daytime in the Life: Crosstown Fitness Area

I arrive at the studio around 4:30 and begin setting up for my class. I teach a high-intensity interval training class called Total Body. Each trainer creates a format for each category, but it always includes a combination of strength and training. In class, you can wait to see various utensils, like kettlebells, dumbbells, boxes, battle ropes, bang balls and Rowers.

I always listen to music while setting up to help wake me up and push up my energy for class. Total Body class at our Northside location in Wrigley Ville this morning.

What’s A Social Wellness Club?

There’s more to health than fitness. While you’ll find many new ways to get active, like Fitness, barre, and HIIT, you’ll get so much more.

Enjoy current food and drink at the Catalyst Restaurant & Lounge, connect with associates in our social lounge, or silence your mind in a meditation pod. Active is here for all of you.

Hear from CTF Parents of Crosstown Fitness Area

Hear from CTF Parents of Crosstown Fitness Area

We understand you don’t want to go away with your child with just anyone, so take it from existing CTF parents who often choose our child care services during their workouts:

“I cannot converse more significantly of the child care at CTF. She is kind, caring, attentive and responsible, and I do not know what I would do without her! She has been watching my kids while I work out since they were 18 months and six weeks old.

For parents who like to work out or are hoping to work out more, having child care at the gym is a game changer. My kids love it so much that they always want to stay longer because the games and toys are fun for all ages. Lastly, the child care scope at all three locations is sparkling clean ALWAYS.”

“CTF child care is wonderful! I could return to a healthy habit shortly after having my son. It was energizing to have time to focus on myself while knowing he was in great hands nearby!”

“Child care at CTF has allowable me to work towards my goals postpartum. Irma and the rest of the childcare staff are warm and loving, putting me at complete ease when working out. So accommodating, kind, and helpful! My kids love coming to exercise with me!”


Experience our high-intensity training with over 100 weekly group fitness classes. Our west loop gym combines interval preparation and cardio to give you a full body workout and transform you within and out. Our certified trainers lead our course, which offers drills in cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, elasticity, power, speed, agility and balance. The endless variety of training and instructor styles insures that no two courses are the same and that every type feels new and exciting.

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