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Dri Fit – Work, Advantage, and Benefits

Dri Fit

With the Dri Fit being the arrival of spring, the climate is getting warmer all over the world, and for many people, it’s time to update their wardrobes. Of course, you can play sports in the same clothes you used last summer or fall. Nevertheless, with new trends appearing in shop windows and catalogs, the temptation to buy some clothes on merchant sites like M&S.

In addition to adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe, you may be thinking about gearing up for sports. If you are the chilly type, the arrival of spring and the return of the heat should make you happy and motivate you for your next running outings. And when the temperature rises, several options are available, such as Nike dry-fit technology. Here are the specific advantages that this type of clothing brings.

What is Dri Fit?

Dri-Fit technology is a hybrid material created by Nike specifically designed for sport. The material comprises about 2/3 cotton, 1/3 polyester, and a small percentage of spandex (less than 5%). The result is a very light, stretchable, and breathable material. This Dri-fit technology is used in several sporting goods, socks, shorts, t-shirts, and even underwear.

How does it Work for Dri Fit?

The primary function of the Nike Dri-fit material, in addition to providing a light and comfortable garment, is to prevent sweat from becoming a problem during your training. More specifically, this material reduces the perspiration you secrete by allowing the work to evaporate quickly and not be in direct contact with your skin. This helps keep your garment breathable and as dry as possible.

How is this an Advantage of Dri Fit?

How is this an Advantage of Dri Fit?

As mentioned above, the Dri-fit technology prevents perspiration from contacting your skin, which gives you more comfort during your runs. “Breathable” materials are generally sought after by athletes since they help them stay comfortable during their physical efforts. Another advantage of this material is that it prevents your t-shirt from becoming soaked in water and therefore becoming heavier. It also reduces the risk of skin irritation from sweat.

Of course, dri-fit isn’t the only option in sportswear. Like all new products, dri-fit technology also has competitors. Adidas has a line called ClimaCool, which is similar. Reebok and UnderArmor also offer “breathable” materials. The most important thing before choosing a particular material is to know its advantages and to choose according to your needs and preferences.

What is Nike Dri Fit?

Nike has conducted numerous investigations of how human physiognomy behaves in temperature changes. The researchers carry out different heat mappings, differentiating between the male and female body to create an innovation in the sports world. Which was a success; the research and development department managed to make a type of polyester-based fabric that they called DRI FIT, technology that helps breathability and ventilation of the body, leaving behind those shirts soaked in sweat that add more weight to training, plus the shirts are incredibly unique in absorbing sweat, bringing it to the surface and evaporating it.

There are even some variants of this technology that help protect you from UV rays while you run. Such was the success of Nike, and it didn’t take long for other brands to release their version, such as CLIMACOOL by Adidas and DRY-CELL by Puma.

Pro Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Nike, DRI FIT

Pro Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Nike, DRI FIT

  • 100% Polyester
  • Pull-on closure
  • machine wash
  • Nike TechKnit technology eliminates many seams and delivers targeted performance where needed. So that you feel comfortable every time you move.
  • The 3D knitted material guarantees strategic breathability in areas of high heat intensity.
  • Dri-FIT technology provides dry, distraction-free comfort.

Benefits of Dri Fit

Apart from being the first two 21-22 kits from Nike to unveil, the Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain kits have another point in common, the presence of a new design technology, the Dri-FIT. ADV. If the term DRI-FIT is not unknown to the general public since it is already used on “replica” jerseys, that of Dri-FIT ADV is, on the other hand, innovative. Nike is clearing the way for innovation for its jerseys five years after launching the Aero swift, three years after the release of the Vapor knit, and one year after the second generation of this technology brings even more clarity to its range.

This new design technology has some differences from its predecessors. We note, for example, the consequent reduction of the seams to allow additional freedom of movement and the presence of moisture-wicking fabric with advanced engineering and functionalities, which make the Dri-FIT ADV a real technological advance compared to the last ones. Years. If it will use on all of the American brand’s “authentic” 2021-2022 jerseys, it is indeed the Dri-FIT” normal”, which is present on the “replica” version of the jerseys. By using a name with a joint base designed for the same purpose, Nike wanted to bring better readability to its product design by materializing the higher level of its design with the term “ADV”.

Custom Nike Dri FIT Swoosh Perforated Cap

  • A contrast underbill reduces sun glare.
  • This 6-panel cap has an unstructured, low-profile design with a hook and loop closure.
  • The contrast Swoosh design trademark is overstated on the bill and center back.
  • It is made of 100% Dri-FIT polyester.
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable.

Dri Fit Adv the New Technology in Nike Football Shirts

Dri Fit Adv the New Technology in Nike Football Shirts

Before receiving the heart of the matter, it is interesting to come back to the different design technologies at Nike, mainly to explain what they use for. Whether it’s DRI-FIT, DRI-FIT ADV,  Vapor knit, or Aero swift, they always have the same objective: to regulate perspiration, stay dry and provide comfort. Directly integrated into the very design of the fabric, these technologies also have the particularity of being visible to the naked eye. In 2016, for example, the Aero swift was in the spotlight with the famous “Morpheus Design”, which drew a kind of shield on the chest, while Flovent bands stood out with a different color to make it easier for referees to read. On jersey prints.

In 2018, just before the start of the World Cup, the Vapor knit present characterize by these unstructured bands on the shoulders, which imagine giving an impression of speed. Last season, the NextGen Vapor knit set the bar even higher with a rather imposing relief built into the shoulders and torso. A particularity that there-FIT ADV and which could almost make believe that nothing has changed on Nike jerseys.

Product Details of Dri Fit

Product Details of Dri Fit

Incredibly lightweight, the Nike Dri-FIT UV Miler Running Shirt offers sun protection and sweat-wicking features for lasting comfort on the streets, on your treadmill, and wherever your feet take you.


  • Dri-FIT UV fabric keeps you dry and comfortable while protecting you from UV rays
  • Seamless structure to minimize chafing points
  • Longer hem in the back to keep the t-shirt in place
  • Reflective loop in the upper back for the passage of headphone wires.


  • The Nike Dri-FIT UV Miler Jersey incorporates flat seams that reduce irritation caused by chafing.
  • A Nike Running reinforcement tape around the neck ensures durability and comfort, while a reflective ring on the back lets you manage your headphone cords while remaining visible in the dark.


  • This ultralight running jersey is made of Dri-FIT fabric with sun protection, providing optimal sweat management while it protects your torso, chest, and shoulders from harmful UV rays.

Additional Information

  • Considered Design technology for optimal performance and low environmental impact.
  • Composition: Dri-FIT UV 100% recycled polyester.
  • Machine washable.

Putting Nike Dri Fit Technology to the Test vs Cotton T-shirt Personal Experience

Putting Nike Dri Fit Technology to the Test vs Cotton T-shirt Personal Experience

At PORTLAND, we did not stop there. We wanted to put the technology to the test with two of our athletes, neocortex, and Odinism, who tell it in their own words. To do this test, we did weight lifting training combined with running and a lot of cardio. For this, we tried two shirts, one entirely made of cotton and the other with Nike’s FIT technology.

It is worth mentioning that this was not a scientific experiment.

Still, we did try to express our personal experience in this regard, where the main differences between training with one shirt and the other were the following:

  1. The first comment that arose in this regard was a difference between feeling the rose of the shirt between movements. In contrast, in the sweater with FIT technology. The action felt much more natural, avoiding roses in the parts of more rotation.
  2. After sweating for a while from training. If we started to feel an extra weight in training due to the sweat absorbed by the cotton shirt. A while in the Nike DRI-FIT shirt, we couldn’t notice that added weight.

The training divides into two parts to test both shirts for both people. And also, If we did a litmus test. Finally, at the end of the training, we squeezed both shirts hard:

  • Let’s say that in the cotton shirt, we could notice that the fabric absorbed a large part of the sweat since drops of sweat still dripped, while in the shirt with DRI FIT technology. If we could not find traces of fascinating work, just a little moisture.
  • For all of the above, we both concluded that wearing a shirt with DRI technology does make a positive difference in training, so we dare to recommend it.
  • If you want to see the complete experiment, we leave you the video, so you don’t miss it.


DRI-FIT Technology is an innovative polyester fabric intended to help keep you dry so you can work harder for longer. Dri-FIT’s sole high-performance microfiber building supports the body’s natural cooling system by wicking away sweat and scattering. It across the fabric’s surface to vanish faster. As a result, FIT clothes are most real as a base coating. Or their direct contact with your body means you stay drier. And Dri-FIT’s sweat-managing properties are permanent over the life of the clothing.

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