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Simple Mehndi Design – Different, Ideas, Weddings, and Other Occasions


Simple Mehndi Design – Mehndi is also known as henna globally and is a paste often related to good wealth and positivity. It is one of the oldest forms of body art created by persons. On favorable occasions, women and girls get their hands and feet burdened with this paste. Be it weddings or festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej, or Eid – Mehendi is an extraordinary way to drench the celebratory feeling for most girls. While some women swoon over its aromatic fragrance, others love their hands adorned with pretty and intricate mehendi designs. But now, as time has advanced, it is common for men also to apply mehndi.

The Mehendi paste is derived from the ground dry leaves of the henna plant to beautify a person’s body. First, the leaves are dried in the sun and earth to get a fine mossy green powder. It is then mix with adequate water, lemon juice, and a few drops of eucalypt oil to obtain a smooth paste. The paste is further soaked overnight for a drink of all ingredients and then pour into a plastic cone for application. Moreover, the word ‘Mehendi’ is originally derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika,’ referring to the henna plant itself.

Different Types of Simple Mehendi Designs

Different Types of Mehendi Designs

We all know the meaning of Mehendi in Indian culture. It’s an important ritual and a good thing to do during wedding ceremonies. Whether it’s a unique wedding function or any other festival, mehendi is forever in trend. Every culture has its way and style of applying mehendi. However, some significant and prominent mehendi designs have become trendy among all available formats.

So, let’s look at eight different types of Mehndi designs that are extremely popular worldwide.

1. Moroccan Mehndi Design

Moroccan mehndi designs are unique in their beautiful way, and the best part is that it is identified for their unisex patterns. The geometric shape, lines, and curves, along with the tribal and Moroccan mehendi designs, have irresistible charm and beauty. BesiSo besides regular Mehendi des

2. Western-Style Mehendi Design

Western culture has also adopted the mehendi trend, which is not link with their culture or tradition. However, the henna tattoo in Western-style mehendi is getting immensely popular. From geometrical shapes to quirky patterns, contemporary mehendi designs are worth trying as it comprises all the patterns and designs.

3. Indian Mehendi Design

Indian-style mehendi designs are already famous and stunning in design and style. For every age group, Indian mehendi designs have something to offer in their unique and intricate style. From front to back, there are some fantastic patterns in Indian mehendi design, including some prominent ones, i.e., florals, chequered dots, trails, and other traditional ways.

4. Pakistani Mehendi Design

Pakistani Mehendi designs represent values and traditions, including leaves, florals, mosques, mandala designs, domes, and much more, like paisley patterns. They are intricate to frame as it has bolder outlines that look beautiful when designed on hand.

5. Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are famous for their unique and aesthetic styling and the perfect blend of bold lines and empty spaces. Mehndi designs and styling differ slightly from the regular Mehendi patterns as they originated from the Gulf countries. However, it has unique elegance and royalty, among the best mehndi designs.

6. Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design

The perfect mixture of Indian and Arabic style mehndi with all that beauty and details. One of the most beautiful fusions in mehendi designs, Indo-Arabic mehendi design has all the patterns comprising leaves, florals, paisleys, dots, and bold lines with unfilled spaces. If you are searching for a somewhat unique mehndi design, this is undoubtedly a good-to-go choice to adorn your hands on special occasions and festivals.

7. Indo-Western Mehendi Design

The combination of Indian and Western style mehendi design, this Indo-western Mehendi is a perfect fusion. Apart from the quirky designs and patterns, some other prevalent techniques include the short messages and long trails in Indo-western mehndi designs. To get the best of both biospheres in traditional and western mehndi design, you can explore the broad selection of patterns and styles obtainable in this one to adorn the beauty of your hands.

8. African Mehendi Design

African mehndi design is one of the main mehndi designs, which comprises all the tribal patterns. It is similar to the Arabic mehndi design, with empty gaps or spaces and bold borders and lines.

Simple Mehendi Designs for Wedding

Simple Mehendi Designs for Wedding

Mehendi is a crucial part of Indian weddings. The Mehndi ceremony is termed auspicious for Indian brides. This ceremony is held a night before the wedding to wish the bride good health and wealth as she embarks on a new trip for the enduring wedding. From the wife to all the girls and married women, they get their hands laden with mehendi for the wedding festivities. Therefore, it is also essential for brides to get their feet loaded with mehendi. So, here are some of the most excellent simple mehendi designs for a wedding you necessity see.

1. Multi-Patterned and Elegant

This graceful mehendi design is perfect for brides who want to balance traditions and modernity. There are leaves, floral patterns, jaalidaar designs, and a catchy play of bold and light strokes. The prominent empty spaces further add to the contemporariness of this design.

2. Sheer Elegance

Concentric circles brought to dotted highlights look so soothing to the eyes. Further, the identical belted patterns on the fingers are delicately made. However, the bracelet part is another highlight of this charming mehendi design.

3. Mesmerising Florals

Pretty floral booties adjoined with delicacy make for an excellent mehendi design for a wedding.

4. Minimalist

The Mehendi rite is an essential and unmissable part of every bride’s appearance. Owed to its religious significance, it is an imperative tradition that can’t miss. However, if you are displeased by this fragrant adornment and decked-up mehendi designs are so not your thing, this minimal design is what you need. This minimal mehendi design is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

5. A Trailed Pattern

While consuming mehendi trails for the backhand is expect, this is one of the unique simple mehendi designs with a well-detailed Arabic course on the front hand. Looks great.

6. Let Mandala do All the Talking!

A mandala is a mystical and ritual symbol on behalf of the universe. Therefore, it is consider auspicious for the brides to incorporate mandalas in their mehendi design. However, for a bride who doesn’t want her hands to fully roofed with mehendi and yet has to shadow the mehendi ceremony for traditional purposes, this simple mehendi design is a perfect reference.

Simple Mehndi Design Ideas to Save for Weddings and Other Occasions

Simple Mehndi Design Ideas to Save for Weddings and Other Occasions

Mehndi is an integral part of all celebratory occasions in the Indian subcontinent. From weddings to festivals like Eid, Karwa Chauth, and Teej, women decorate their hands and feet with beautiful henna designs. So if you have an upcoming wedding or blissful occasion for which you are looking for a simple mehndi design, you have still just at the right place!

To give you some central henna design stimulus, I have curated many simple mehndi design images, which you can save for reference. In addition, this list has simple mehndi design for beginners too! So, if you don’t have a professional mehndi artist to apply henna, all you will need is a mehndi cone and an easy mehndi design photo!

1. Simple Mehndi Design for Backhand

This easy mehndi design on the backhand has simple motifs like teardrops, circles, and leaves that form an elegant pattern that’s minimalistic too.

2. Floral and Net Simple Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design with easy floral and net motifs is an attractive option for whatever, from Roka to Eid!

3. Backhand Easy Mehndi Design with Flowers

If you don’t wish to cover your whole hand with henna and want to design the fingers, then this simple mehndi design image is a must-have for reference!

4. Floral and Bead Pattern Simple Mehndi Design

This beautiful henna design has basic themes like flowers, dots, and leaves, can complete quickly, and look lovely too!

5. Modern Aztec Style Simple Mehndi Design

Why should the Aztec pattern only limit to outfits and accessories? Take this trend a notch higher by drawing it as a simple mehndi design on your backhand!

Tip: Use black mehndi while making such designs, as it gives your mehndi a tattoo style look!

6. Simple Mehndi Design with Mandala on the Hand

The mandala theme is a classic when it originates from Indian mehndi designs. It also occurs to the easiest to make. So take stimulus from these simple mehndi design images and let your originality pour out of the mehndi cone! You can smooth trial with the shape of the mandala and go it into some other form!

Simple Mehendi Designs for Kids

Simple Mehendi Designs for Kids

1. A Unique Curvy Pattern

This contemporary curvy Mehendi design is pretty and very quick to draw on your munchkin’s little hands.

2. A Cutesy Mandala

A charming and innocent mehendi design for children.

3. Fast, Simple, and Beautiful

In this simple mehndi design, the fingertips are tinted with Mehendi. It is a trick that receipts no time but appears very beautiful. In the center, there is a stylish mandala.

4. Full Coverage Mehendi Design

If you want a full-coverage Mehendi design for your kid’s hands, this is 1 of the premium designs.

5. Dots and Flowers

Tiny dots and dainty flowers for your little munchkin.


Lastly, eight prominent types of mehendi designs are preferred by women worldwide. You can apply these types of mehndi designs on special occasions and festivals. Day by day, these types of mehndi designs are evolving along with their technique of use on the hands. So, add charm to your traditional attire and improve the beauty of your entire look and character with these unique Mehndi designs.

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