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Best Bidet Converter Kits

The concept of personal hygiene and how a standard toilet may be converted into a bidet is evolving due to the availability of these bidet kits.

A bidet converter kit is used to convert a regular toilet into a bidet in your bathroom. It adds bidet functionality to your existing toilet, providing a more hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience.

What is a bidet converter kit?

A bidet converter kit for toilets fits directly to your toilet bowl (replacing the seat) and provides a water stream for cleaning. They are easy to install, in usually less than an hour, and don’t require any special tools or skills. And once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Why Should You Invest in a Bidet Converter Kit?

Classic bidets, commonly found in hotels across Asia and some in the United States, resemble small sinks with a tap for water flow.

However, these traditional bidets are not designed for toilet use, requiring users to move from the toilet to the bidet for cleansing. This can be inconvenient, which is why investing in a bidet converter kit can be a game-changer.

These kits upgrade your regular toilet to a classic bidet setup, providing you with the luxury and comfort of a bidet without the need for additional plumbing or space. The latest models of bidet converter kits offer many features, such as LED night lights, heated seats, and continuous warm water.

With a bidet converter kit, you can enjoy the benefits of a bidet while eliminating the hassles of space and affordability.

Save Money

Toilet paper is not cheap, and many households spend hundreds of dollars each year on it. Investing in a bidet converter kit can significantly reduce your annual toilet paper cost and save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Improve Hygiene

While toilet paper does an excellent job of cleaning up, it does come with certain risks that make it less than perfect for hygiene. A bidet converter kit can get the job done effectively and help prevent infections and other hygiene problems.

Environmentally Friendly

Toilet paper is one of the most widely used products in the world, and it requires a lot of resources, especially water, to produce. By having a bidet in your home, you can help reduce environmental harm and prevent water treatment systems from clogging up.

Help People with Mobility Issues

Beyond improving hygiene, saving money, and helping the environment, a bidet is an excellent solution for individuals with mobility issues or those who have difficulty cleaning themselves with toilet paper.

Provide Relief

Bidet converter kits that dispense warm water are excellent for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids or other similar conditions. The warm water can provide a soothing feeling and help alleviate the pain they are experiencing.

What Types Of Bidet Converter Kits Are There?

You can easily find three variants of bidet conversion kit from many different brands in the market. Electric, non-electric and hand-held sprayers are available in the market.

1. Electric bidets

Electric bidets are popular for good reason. They offer the complete “luxury bidet” experience. Depending on the model you choose, you have dozens of high-tech features at your disposal. Everything from heated seats and nightlights to soft-close lids and bidets with dryers.

Although there are budget options like the USPA 6800 bio-bidet, electric bidets are significantly more expensive than non-electric bidets.

Also, if you like a custom-made toilet seat, you will have to do without it, since the electric bidet replaces the toilet seat.

One of the main advantages of an electric bidet is the instant supply of hot water. However, for excellent cleaning, this is optional. However, most who have used hot and cold water say the cleanser does a great job of cleaning.

Plus, most people describe a pleasant clean with warm water. This has a massaging effect and increases blood flow, which is probably why bidets are so popular.

If you want the full bidet experience and don’t mind spending a bit more, an electric bidet is the best option.

2. Non-Electric Bidets

While the high-tech features of electric bidets are undeniably nice, the main purpose of a bidet is to clean your bum with a stream of water rather than wiping it down with toilet paper, and that’s exactly what non-electric bidets.

However, this is because non-electric bidets do not have an air dryer. It is important to note that you should always dry off after using a non-electric bidet.

Additionally, non-electric bidets require you to manually operate the sprayer with your hands. Young children, the elderly, and people with swelling or Parkinson’s disease may struggle with this.

Electric bidets don’t have any extra frills.

If you wash your butt with a stream of cold water after using the toilet, a non-electric bidet might be a good option.

3. Handheld Bidet Sprayers

A bidet sprayer consists of three parts: the shut-off T-valve, the bidet pipe and the bidet spray head. You can usually find it in the toilet tank or in a case on the hedge next to the toilet. These non-electric bidets are mechanical by water pressure, so bidet sprayers are a great option for bathrooms with no outlets near the toilet. These are some of the informal bidets to install.

Hand held bidets have many other uses too – it’s like having a little garden hose in your bathroom. Handheld bidet sprayers are easy to use for washing shower walls or cleaning large objects (and pets!) in the tub. Thanks to the long hose and the water pressure regulation of the bidet. New mothers prefer to use a bidet spray. Not only do they gently clean sensitive skin after childbirth, but handheld bidets are also great diaper sprayers for cleaning cloth diapers.


bidet converters because of the wide variety of user preferences and needs. While a bidet converter may seem like a no-brainer, there are a few things to keep in mind first.

These elongated bidet seat converter kits for you will hang on on your unique needs and preferences. This depends on the bidet toilet seat converter model that you choose bidet for your bathroom.

It’s probably a good idea to attach a bidet seat to the toilet that you’re currently using. Bidet offers the users, ultimate cleaning, comfort, and ease in the long run so they could live their lives with basic luxuries.

Turn your existing toilet into a bidet toilet seat that offers ultimate personal hygiene and comfort. Bidet doesn’t harm you in most situations but there could be some such as UTI.

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