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Easy Unicorn Face Painting Creating Base In 5 Steps

Easy Unicorn Face Painting  –

I begin by loading the curved side of a half-circle sponge with a soft metallic white, metallic baby pink, and a touch of neon orange. Then I sponged a triangular base (like you do with a small butterfly) and tapped on orange glitter while the plan was still damp.

The shape of the bottom on the side of the unicorn Halloween face paint is fundamental because we are not adding a flowy curl to this design.

It has to follow the unseen line from the nostril to the outer corner of the best eye and should be a bit round from the bottom (outer corner of the eye) to the top. The top is a bit upper here than on the reverse side.

Behind the base, I load a round brush no. 4 with the usual white and add a unicorn head to fit the already existing ‘manes’, pulling it down towards the inner corner of the eye.

On the other side, I copied the white corner of the inner eye and added the biggest star. With the lead, I also keep that invisible line in mind. I also give it a bit of a curve to give a better flow. Lying on the cheeks, I add a soft blush.

Step 2: Add Color to our Unicorn Makeup

Next, I add several pink textures with my favorite stencil.

I painted neon orange and added the same gorgeous orange shimmer on the horn.

I finish the stars in a curved, moon-like shape and add chunky glitter True on the cheek below the unicorn and the forehead to simulate its unicorn magic flowing from the horn and going to the big stars.

Step 3:Give More Importance to The Unicorn

Step 3:Give More Importance to The Unicorn

Currently. It’s time to give it some contrast and meaning with regular black

With a thin round brush, I add the eye-on outline to the stars, the horn and the unicorn head. I also outline the inner corner of the eyes, ending in a ‘swirl’.

The manes are nobody more than teardrops done with a round brush. The lowest teardrop extends in an eyeliner.

On the reverse side, I only put the lowest drop and eyeliner, but I am careful not to cover over the star.

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Step 4: A Little Touch Up

Easy Unicorn Face Painting  – The final steps include adding light blue lowlights to the unicorn head and stars to give it more depth and adding white highlights, dots and starbursts to make the device more cohesive ‘lipstick’ and a tiny blue rhinestone on the main twinkle star on the horn.

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Step 5: Your Unicorn Face Paint is Ready!

Lastly, I added a small smile to my unicorn face painting, which is optional.

This sweet design is ideal for busy lines when you don’t have time to mess with a full face Halloween unicorn face paint.

Feel free to modify this fantastical design with your favorite color combinations and stencils.

Face painting is the answer whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity, amazing to make a party memorable, or some thoughts for your next school fundraising event. You can’t beat the silent, anticipatory face paint queue of excited little people waiting to remain distorted into a character from their imagination, or that moment when you turn the mirror to them, and there’s a modest rainbow face of awe looking back at themselves.

And don’t panic that face painting is only for fine artists. With good-quality face paints, a few brushes, and sponges, you, too, can create face paints to wow, inspire, and amuse.

Our top tip for amateur face painters is that you’re going for overall effect, not detail. No one is looking close up, and the harshest critic is yourself. Children are far more ready to look beyond wobbly lines and get lost in their transformation. So be confident, have fun, and take inspiration from these popular face painting ideas for kids.


Easy Unicorn Face Painting  – We have gathered some of the mainly famous face paint ideas for you to practice and play along with your kids. If you don’t have a face paint kit home, we highly suggest getting one of our professional quality yet affordable face painting kits. Avoid getting the ones sold by big box stores and Halloween stores, as those are shallow quality and will not give you the results you see below.

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