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What Animal has the Highest Blood Pressure?

What Animal has the Highest Blood Pressure?

  1. A) Elephant
  2. B) Giraffe
  3. C) Rabbit
  4. D) Lion

The correct Answer is Option (B) Giraffe

The giraffe has the highest blood pressure among animals. It is because a large pressure drop (100 mmhg) in the blood is transported from the heart up the neck to the brain. It’s about twice the average blood pressure of humans, 120/80 mmhg. Their body part would almost certainly fail.

Giraffe has always baffled scientists when it comes to his long neck & why it’s necessary to have it. So, how can they keep the necks in place? The reason physical takes a system which it lets the giraffe push blood from the heart to its brain. The giraffe has a normal heart beat of up to 170 times per minute. So, also about double of humans. According to research findings, a giraffe has a small but powerfully boosted heart. It is nothing compared to animals.

How Giraffes Deal with Sky-high Blood Pressure

How Giraffes Deal with Sky-high Blood Pressure

Giraffes have sky-high blood pressure for their sky-high heads that grow about 6m(19ft) ground in adults. A long way is used for a heart to pump blood against gravity. To have a blood pressure of 110 by 70 on the brain. So, about 220 by 180. It doesn’t faze the giraffes, but stress, like in the reason for everything type of problem for people, from heart failure to kidney failure to swollen ankles & legs.

In people, constant high blood pressure causes thickened heart muscles. The left ventricle heart becomes stiffer & not as much of able to fill again after each stroke. Essential to a disease known as diastolic heart failure, Characterised by fatigue, the smallness of breath and reduced ability to exercise. Its type of heart failure is responsible for close half of the 6.2 million heart failure case’s in the US today

How does a Giraffe’s Heart Work?

How does a Giraffe's Heart Work

On average, the giraffe’s heart weight is 11 kg and, like in all animals, is composed of two halves, the right & the left, which are each responsible for moving blood around the body. The heart’s right ventricle pumps blood a relatively short distance to the lungs.

The giraffe’s heart is not bigger than most animals, but instead has a thicker muscle on the left ventricle of the heart that makes enough force to fight gravity. The slightly quicker heart rate compared to other animals of their size, combined with an altered heartbeat, allows the heart more time to fill with blood between heartbeats for better efficiency.

Giraffe’s Circulatory System

Giraffe's Circulatory system

According to the results published in the journal of comparative biochemistry & psychology, the researchers wanted to find out why & how the giraffe had such a long neck. With its long neck, the giraffe can browse for leaves in trees and regulate its body temperature while maintaining a high vigilance. The research was concerned with the fact that the head of a giraffe is more than 2 meters from the heart. So now, how is it able to get blood to the brain?

Previous studies showed that the giraffe’s blood pressure is twice as high as other animals. But it was mistakenly expected that it was due to the Animal having a gigantic heart. Current research found that the size of the giraffe’s heart is more petite than that of an animal of a similar size. The heart is a powerful supercharged machine that leads to high blood pressure.

Giraffe has a Normal Sized Heart but Thick Ventricular Wall

The heart is so powerful in its small radius, enclosed by thick walls. Its blood vessels also have thick walls to confirm they don” t rupture due to high blood pressure.

However, unlike other animals, giraffes have an internal machine it can shrink or expand their blood vessels. So this way can increase the volume of the circulatory system.

Giraffe’s blood Not ever Floods the Brain

Giraffe's blood Not ever Floods the Brain

As with all these Unique features, giraffes are well-adapted to their high blood pressure. If they don’t suffer what we usually think of as consequences of high blood pressure. In other animals, such a blood pressure level would leave the heart and blood vessels seriously ruptured.

The source of the high blood pressure in giraffes is the small but mighty heart. It needs high blood pressure to push blood from the seat to the brain. However, high blood pressure is just an issue for an upstanding giraffe. It gets worse when the animals bend over to have a drink. The blood pressure after the heart tends to increase due to the effects of gravity. What saves the giraffe are the special valves in the neck blood vessels. So, as soon as the giraffe bends, the valves close to stop blood from flooding the brain

Also, the giraffe has the rete mirabilis, a webbed group of tiny blood vessels. In this least excess blood returns to the brain while the giraffe is bending and is absorbed when these vessels expand. The blood, therefore, never floods the brain.

FAQ What Animal has the Highest Blood Pressure?

Which Animal has the lowest blood pressure in the animal kingdom? Why?

Per Quora, Turtle & tortoises have the lowest blood pressure in the Animal Kingdom. Their body metabolism is slow & they do not need much energy at once.

What is the highest blood pressure ever?

The highest blood pressure noted in an individual was 370/360. With slow exhalation, the mean BP was 198/175 when the equal 100% maximum was lifted.

What animals have the most powerful bite

The Hippopotamus has the most substantial bite of all land animals at about 1820 PSI.

Do giraffes have high blood pressure because they need to pump blood to their heads?

Not according to Randy Reaches, the animal curator at the San Diego Zoo. A series of valves in the neck control blood flow so that it does not spill over the head when raised or rush to the head when the animals bend down to eat or drink.


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