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Natural Home Remedies Write for us

Natural home remedies are products such as olive oil, lemon, honey, liquor ice or apples that can be very useful in taking care of the body if you know how. And also, A home remedies are natural and inexpensive to treat problems such as dizziness, colds, constipation, hiccups, headaches, heartburn, damaged skin, etc. And also, in any case, if the problems persist or worsen, it is best to see a doctor. This article points out ten natural remedies to protect the body, and more at

1. Olives and Lemon for Dizziness

1. Olives and Lemon for Dizziness

Eating some olives or sucking on a lemon can help you not get sick when travelling since they contain tannin, a substance that stops nausea. And also, A Likewise, sucking on ginger candies. And also, It can also serve as an anti-dizziness system for coughing. Moreover, these candies can be made at home.

2. Garlic and Onion Against Colds

Colds can be better managed with various home remedies. One of them is to breathe the vapors given off by garlic or onion since they contain sulfur. And also, In which has anti-infective power. And also, A Chicken broth can also be a good ally against colds since it can reduce mucus inflammation. In less well-known is echinacea, a herb capable of reducing cold symptoms.

3. Alcohol to Remove Foot ordo

The classic smell of feet can be eliminated if cleaned with a cloth soaked in alcohol since its antiseptic effect fights the bacteria. and also, fungi that cause it.

4. Aloe vera against constipation

Aloe vera is a pretty popular plant for its various properties. And also, it can be used in creams to moisturize and care for the skin. And also, but it is also known for its digestive action that promotes intestinal transit.

5. Apples and carrots to clean teeth

Eating fruit, and specifically, apples, is very healthy, as recalled by a classic Anglo-Saxon saying: “An apple a day keeps the registrar away. And also, it can also protect eyesight, thanks to the fact that it contains beta-carotene, precursors of vitamin A.

What are the Benefits and Indications of Natural Home Remedies?

What are the Benefits and Indications of Natural Home Remedies?

Home remedies are natural, inexpensive, and easy to prepare. Several works cite the medicinal plants included in the various national And also, international pharmacopoeias, their properties, indications, modes of administration, possible associations, contraindications, undesirable effects, And also, A  precautions for use.

These are affordable natural treatments because many plants used in herbal medicine grow spontaneously in our regions. For example, lemon and mint are two natural remedies with many benefits that can be found in all markets. And also, Is moreover, grandmother’s medications are not toxic or very little, unlike some medicines. And also, therefore, the risk of adverse effects is low. These effects are usually mild and occur primarily in overdose.

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Why Write for Us –  Natural Home Remedies Write for Us

Why Write for Us –  Natural Home Remedies Write for Us

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