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Pearls Write for Us

Pearls Write for Us – It are formations that arise from a particle that encysts inside a mollusk. Thanks to their rounded shapes and shine, some pearls consider precious stones and highly valued in jewelry. And also, The pearl emerges when the mollusk covers a foreign particle in its body with proteins and crystals of a chemical compound called calcium carbonate. This mixture allows the formation of mother-of-pearl, which covers the particle in several layers. And also, in approximately a decade, gives rise to the pearl.

How are Pearls Formed?

How are Pearls Formed?

Pearls are produced by fresh or saltwater mollusks when a foreign body is introduced to them, and, as a defense mechanism, they slowly begin to cover it with a mixture of calcium carbonate crystals and a protein called conchiolin, responsible for forming nacre. This process prolong, taking up to 10 years to have a good size pearl.

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Organically produced by an animal, they consider gems. And also, It not precious stones like diamonds or sapphires made from minerals.

What do the Pearls Mean?

Due to their creation process, as well as their color and shape, they are usually associated with loyalty, generosity, purity, and elegance. And also, Some consider that pearls also symbolize the experience acquired over the years. And also, In which is why it is common for older women to use them. In recent years, pearls have become one of the gems brides prefer for symbolizing purity and loyalty.

History of the Pearl

History of the Pearl

The Pearl has always been considered one of the most precious gems. And also, If so it has been identified as a symbol of power and prestige. Consequently, it denote the social status and wealth of its possessor. More than 2,000 years ago, in antique Rome, Pearls were the most precious object that money could buy. Julius Caesar, a Roman general, dictator, and lover of Pearls. And also, I had a law approve in the 1st century BC that prevent social classes not considered noble from using Pearls. And also, Queen Elizabeth I was so fascinated by Pearls that she was called the “Queen of Pearls.”

Characteristics of the Pearl

Pearls spherical (perfectly round or almost), symmetrical (proportionate oval or drop-shaped), or baroque (abstract or irregular). And also, Once out of the shell, they are ready to use, avoiding the endless cutting and carving process. Provenance is the primary factor by which the quality of a Pearl judge since Pearls from different sites have a diversity of quality and price. And also, In addition to their other species, the Pearls evaluate bases on the color of the body, its brightness. And also, its luminosity, the so-called “orient,” the purity of its surface, its texture, its dimension, shape, and symmetry.

Variety of the Pearl

Akoya Pearls (Pinctada fucata martensi) derive their name from the Japanese word “akoya-gai,” initially used by Mikimoto to designate saltwater pearls. And also, The Akoya Pearls grow in a period that varies between eight months and two years inside an oyster where up to five tiny spheres of mother-of-pearl have been inserted. And also, Akoya Pearls generally measure from 2 to 6 millimeters in diameter. One in five oysters produces a Pearl, and only a tiny fraction of the Pearls made in this way achieve gem quality (gem quality).

Freshwater or Freshwater Pearls: the “Hyriopsis Cuingii” live in freshwater and produce Pearls of different colors and shapes.

South Sea Pearls (Pinctada Maxima) are famous for their white, silver, and gold color.

Tahitian Pearls (Pinctada Margaritifera) derive their name from the French Polynesian island.

Care of the Pearl

It is recommended that after wearing pearl jewelry, they carefully clean with a damp cloth to remove excess sweat, makeup, or perfume. And also, After cleaning them, please do not use them for at least two days until completely dry. Preferably store them in their case.

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