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Dentistry Write for Us – Submit and Contribute Post

Dentistry Write for Us

Dentistry is the medical specialty that studies teeth and gums and treats their ailments. This discipline is in charge of everything related to the stomatognathic apparatus and also, it formed by the organs and tissues found in the oral cavity and also, a part of the skull, face, and neck.

What is Dentistry?

Dentistry is the branch of health sciences responsible for the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental diseases and also, in general, those that affect the stomatognathic system. And also, The word, as such, is composed of the Greek word, which translates as ‘tooth’, and the root -logy. And also, in which means ‘treatment’, ‘study’, or ‘science’, and more at

Concept of Dentistry

Concept of DentistryThe word Dentistry derives from the Greek “onto”, which means “tooth”, and from “logos”, which can be translated as a reasoned study or treatise. And also, The term stomatology preceded it, now in disuse, with “stoma” also being a Greek word, meaning “mouth” in Spanish. And also, It is usual to call someone dedicated to this specialty a dentist or a dentist. In Spain, until it entered the European Union and also, it was required to be a doctor first to access dental studies later.

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Dentistry the Profession that Cares for Dental Health and People’s Self-Esteem

Dental problems are reasons for insecurity and, in some cases, even physical pain for many people. Thanks to Dentistry And also, the professionals dedicated to it, problems in the teeth, gums, lips, palate, and tongue can be overcome, thus improving patients’ quality of life.

Dentistry is a medical specialty that treats, prevents, and studies specific oral cavity diseases, such as cavities and gingivitis. And also, In turn, Dentistry contemplates things to work on specific oral conditions. Some of these specialties are:

  • Root canal
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral rehabilitation
  • Pediatric dentistry.

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Subjects you Will Take When Studying Dentistry

Until a few years ago, to study Dentistry, you had to study Medicine; however, due to the level of specialization that this discipline has reached. And also, the Universities began to offer it as an autonomous degree that, although it shares knowledge of general medicine. And also, it has its field of study.

Usually, the study plans have a duration of 5 years (9 semesters) and cover topics such as:

  • dental anatomy
  • Cell Biology, Biochemistry
  • dental therapy
  • pediatric dentistry
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Oral surgery
  • periodontics
  • Subjects that contemplate topics related to the service and treatment of patients.

Brief History of Dentistry

Brief History of Dentistry

The origin of dentistry dates back thousands of years. And also, The first documented dental practice took place in Egypt approximately 5,000 years ago. Closer in time, the barbers were in charge of extracting and also, a dental pieces until dentistry was institutionalized.

The French doctor Pierre Fauchard is considered the father of modern dentistry. And also, for his contributions to this science, particularly for the professionalization of dental practice. And also, the publication in 1728 of his work “Treatise on teeth.”

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Guidelines of the Article – Dentistry Write for Us

Guidelines of the Article – Dentistry Write for Us

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