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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics Write for Us – It are live bacteria (such as microorganisms and yeast) that, when spent, provide health benefits. And also, It can be part of the composition of different products, including foods (functional foods), medicines and dietary supplements, or a microorganism to be classified as a probiotic. And also, it must meet a series of requirements, among which it is worth highlighting, and more contact at

Be correctly identified. Identification require at the genus, species and strain level using phenotypic and genotypic methods. And also, The beneficial effects demonstrated in a specific strain cannot extrapolate and attributable to another song of the same species. And also, it is also required that the music deposit in internationally recognized collections.

What Types of Probiotics Dietary Supplements are There?

What Types of Probiotics Dietary Supplements are There?Dietary supplements libeled as probiotics contain a wide variety of microbes and quantities. And also, if many of these supplements have not been deliberate, so their health effects, if any, are unknown. And also, The information label for a dietary supplement containing probiotics specifies the total weight of microorganisms in the product. Many product labels limit the number of colony-forming units (CFU) in a serving. CFUs are a better indicator than the total weight of the number of live microorganisms. Examples of CFUs you might see on a label are 1 x 10 9 (1 billion) CFUs and 1 x 10 10 (10 billion) CFUs. However, a higher CFU count does not necessarily mean that the product has more significant health benefits. And also, The health benefits of a product, if any, depend more on the specific microorganisms it contains than on the number of microorganisms it has.

Functions of Probiotics

They displace microorganisms that are harmful to health and prevent their proliferation. And also, The collaborate in forming essential nutrients, in such as vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids. And also, The stimulate the formation of lactic acid, decreasing the pH of the digestive tract.

They favour the absorption of calcium, iron and magnesium.

They reduce diarrhea due to antibiotics, which alter the balance of the intestinal flora. And also, In which restore thanks to these microorganisms. And also, It allows for the reduction of atopic dermatitis in allergic infants.

Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics

If they consume in sufficient quantities, and permanently, probiotics make the following contributions to health:

They increase resistance to infections by potentially pathogenic organisms in the intestine. And also, The decrease the duration of diarrhea, for example, associated with antibiotics, and also traveler infections.

They reduce lactose intolerance (promote digestion at the intestinal level).

And also, The increase the nutritional value (better digestion, increased absorption of vitamins and minerals).

Regulate intestinal motility (relieve constipation, and also irritable bowel syndrome, among others).

Maintenance of the integrity of the duodenal mucosa.

What are Probiotic Foods?

Among the probiotic foods, we can find:

Plain yoghurt is the leading and most accessible source of probiotics on the market today.

Kefir is fermented with yeast and bacteria, similar to yoghurt, but has more probiotics.

Fermented milk, are unique products that generally contain Lactobacillus added by the industry, And also, the most famous being Yakult.

Kombucha is a fermented drink made mainly from black tea.

Oriental products based on soybeans, legumes, and vegetables such as Miso, Natto, Kimchi, and Tempeh. And also, it can purchase in specialized stores;

Sauerkraut is a culinary preparation that is made through the fermentation of fresh cabbage or cabbage leaves.

Gherkins, preparation of cucumbers in water and salt, are left to ferment for a while.

Sourdough or natural yeast is a live culture composed of yeasts and bacteria produce. And also, The fermentation of cereals such as wheat and microorganisms found naturally in the environment, used to make various products such as bread, cakes, and cookies.

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