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Tips to Improve your Health this Summer


Tips to Improve your Health this Summer – Today summer officially begins in the northern hemisphere: the days are longer, and rest, and good humor. We can take the opportunity to review our daily habits and improve our health this summer. So let’s take advantage of the season of long days. Rest, and good humor to practice these simple and easy tips to enjoy good health all year round.

Beware Of Digestive Infections

Beware Of Digestive Infections

For every degree the temperature rises, the chances of severe gastrointestinal infections, usually cause by E. coli bacteria. Increase by 17%. So take extreme precautions by avoiding eating food in poor condition or that has not followed the cold chain to take care of your digestive health health this summer.

Take The Opportunity To Sleep More And Better

Take The Opportunity To Sleep More And Better

Long days shorten the period of night rest. It is easier to get up early and more challenging to go to bed early if you do not sleep enough at night. Take the opportunity to take a nap. It is a very healthy habit, provided that it does not exceed one hour of sleep. Is done in a comfortable place that does not destroy your back. And does not replace the minimum 6-7 hours of nightly rest so that you can sleep well.

Change Your Posture

On vacation, we do not have to wear suits or uncomfortable shoes. It is an excellent time to create good postural habits. Go barefoot on the beach, wear anatomical shoes that simulate how you walk barefoot, straighten your back and retrain you for the correct tread. Now you have time to practice Pilates or yoga. Look at your posture. In the mirror or in your photos to detect your ‘mistakes’ such as tilting your head to one side, putting one leg forward, unbalancing your hips, not showing your belly, getting a hump, etc.

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Good childhood habits have a lot of common sense. For example, washing your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom is the best way to avoid infections. Likewise, without getting overwhelm in summer, you must wash your hands when traveling or when the heart squeezes. And don’t neglect bacterial infections that can cause otitis, cystitis, gastroenteritis, etc., nor fungi, such as athlete’s foot that is usually spread in swimming pools and humid places, without forgetting those cause by viruses such as herpes, which is activate by the sun, dehydration, poor rest, or excess alcohol.

Leave Your “WIFI-Dependencies” At Home

Almost all of us are addict to something: mobile, email, social networks, TV, news, etc. Summer is a time of total disconnection. Forget about being updated and connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It is not a good sign that you have more ‘likes’ from strangers than from the friends and family you have next to you.

Play With Your Memory

It is essential to train your brain as if it were a muscle throughout life. Just as you do not stop doing sports on vacation, you should not forget to start your thinking machine every day and stimulate it with languages, games such as chess, word searches, crossword puzzles, sudoku, card games, etc., alone or in a company.

Stop Smoking

And by the way, give yourself a break from alcohol and white sugar, junk food, and other addictions during the summer. It is possible to break bad habits in summer because they are usually associated with stress and anxiety from work. Routines, problems, etc. Try to leave your vices at home and enjoy a vacation in the mountains or on a remote beach where there are no temptations or smoke. When the sun shines around you, it is easier to get out of addiction.

Set The Clock To Get Up Early

Yes, you have to take advantage of the summer to sleep more, but it is not an excuse to get up at lunchtime every day and live the ‘crazy life’ every night. The circadian rhythms of our brain adapt to sunlight, and summer is when we have more hours of light, so we have to get up with the sun and not let the sheets stick to us. Getting up late is also associated with fat accumulation in the waist, cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, and depression.

Get Your Defenses In Shape

Get Your Defenses In Shape

Before, winter was the season for the flu, and summer was the season for good health. Not now, and summer flu and colds are the ones that last the longest. Why? Because we abuse cold technology. And when you get home or in the car sweating, you put the air conditioning on full blast or sleep soundly at 18ºC, when in winter, the temperature is 22ºC at home. So the defenses go crazy, recover them naturally, and let your body adapt to summer temperatures progressively. Finally, you will see how you have a thermostat that keeps you at 37ºC without problems.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

It is hard to get rid of the sun’s rays in summer, and as you already know, skin cancer incidence increases yearly. It is unknown if it is due to the abuse we have done sunbathing without precaution or the damage to the ozone layer. A little sun is good. It gives us a good color. Increases the production of vitamin D, prevents diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Improves skin problems, even increases testosterone, and puts us in a good mood. But sunbathing without precaution is dangerous.


We already have summer here. The winter flu, spring allergies, and autumn depressions are over. And also, it seems that everything is joy and good health with the heat and the holidays. Especially for sports people who train outdoors and usually have a dark color all year round and think that for this reason they are permanently protected.

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