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Fashion Designer Write for Us

Fashion Designer Write for Us- The fashion designer is a professional who participates in all stages of creating a collection. Although the best-known work in Haute Couture houses, the majority of fashion designers work in ready-to-wear and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

What are the Differences Between Stylists and Fashion Designers?

What are the Differences Between Stylists and Fashion Designers?Styling and fashion design are two different but complementary professions. People working in these fields share the same passion for fashion and the same desire for constant innovation. And also, In front of a subject, the stylist and the fashion designer each have their inspirations, and the mix of these ideas results in a pretty creation. And also,  If you will discover these diversities of skills and their applications in this article.

What does a Fashion Designer Do?

The Fashion Designer’s primary function is to create a new clothing collection that will renew the catalog of the company that employs him.

Current trends and consumer expectations will inspire this professional to consider tomorrow’s fashion. To do this, he does a lot of research work. He draws sketches, looks for colors and textures. And also, lays the foundations for his future creation. Once the concept has been decided upon, it must obtain the validation of the artistic direction. And also, Once this is accepted, he can begin concretizing his ideas.

He works with suppliers to find the raw materials to meet his artistic visions. And also, Then, he develops a collection plan that considers the models. And also, the fabrics, the number of clothes to be produced, etc.

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What is the Fashion Designer’s Job?

What is the Fashion Designer’s Job?

The Fashion designer is an artistic designer working in sewing workshops and design offices specializing in the creative style specific to clothing fashion. And also, He can exercise his talents in the design of collections for ready-to-wear or, rarer because they are more difficult to access, in haute couture.  And also, A fashion designer in the field of haute couture will have the designation Haute couture artistic designer or grand couturier.

How to Develop a Fashion Designer / Fashion Designer?

Fashion Designer / Fashion Designer

Bac Pro Fashion professions: clothing

BTS Fashion professions: footwear and leather goods

Professional Fashion License

BTS Fashion Professions: Clothing

CAP Hatter-Modiste: Fashion Professions

MSc Fashion Management

CAP Fashion professions: fuzzy clothing

CAP Fashion professions: Tailoring

Fashion Designer Stylist

Collection designer: styling, model making, accessories

FCIL Fashion and Accessories

fashion license

Fashion designer.

Why to Write for Us – Fashion Designer Write for Us

Why to Write for Us – Fashion Designer Write for Us

How much does a Fashion Designer Earn?

A beginner fashion designer earns between €28,000 and €30,000 gross per year. And also, The salary depends on the size of the company, its ambitions, and its reputation. It takes a few years to make a name for yourself and see your earnings soar. And also, A confirmed fashion designer can receive more than 4000 euros gross monthly, or even more! But beware, places are expensive and rare! Few people manage to achieve national or even international fame.

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