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How To Find A Good Men


The best way to find a good Men is to realize how much you are worth. Being sure of yourself, having good self-esteem, and being aware that you are an intelligent, funny, wonderful woman, is the best strategy to find a suitable partner, not only because they love this type of woman, but because when you feel like this yourself, you will demand more because you are clear about what kind of person you deserve by your side. It starts with you first, as, in all aspects of life, balance is essential when looking for a good guy, and believe it or not, the law of attraction exists.

Women, Men Love Our Depth

Women, Men Love Our Depth

Depth is the aptitude to feel the world around you. It has a soul. Is beautiful. It is real.

Women have a deep capacity to connect with the meaning of the world. We are natural compassionate and heart-centred creatures. Men are attracted to this.

So what does depth look like? It’s a bit hard to define in words, but I will try. I feel the depth in my heart when I am loving. Think of depth when breathing and living in the present moment. I feel it when I care deeply about someone or something.

Encourage you to go there to that deep space within you. I tell you that the good ones will follow you.

It Has Limits

Say “no” when you need to say no. Really. It’s as humble (and as difficult) as that.

Limits are something we all struggle with. We are afraid of being rejected; we are so scared of leaving another person, so we skip the “don’ts” altogether. This never works in our favour.

When you set limits, you show that you have self-esteem. It means a man must act like a gentleman if he wants to go out with you. And ladies, gentlemen like this!

Any man who does not respect your limits is automatically disqualified. I’m serious: it’s a good selection tool.

Receive It

Receive It

This is another concept that may seem a bit elusive, but I’ll try to explain as best I can what I mean.

A man wants to influence a woman. He wants to feel important (aren’t we all?).

When you receive a man listening to him, being part of the conversation, laughing, etc., he feels that he is impacting you. This promotes the wish to be close.

On the other hand, living hard to get helps the opposite; it encourages you to be cold to hook a man with fear. This is pure manipulation. Because of that, it will never take you the kind of man or relationship you want.

Be Authentic

I know you’ve caught it before, but it must be said: Men find it very stimulating once a woman can be who she is, without annoying to entertain or impress them.

We all know when someone is present authentic or not. We can feel the vibration in the air. Inauthenticity tends to feel anxious and uncomfortable; authenticity feels real. And the real thing feels good.

Of course, it’s not informal to be authentic 100% of the time, especially in the presence of someone you like. But you can practice.

Hopefully, we are all precising living from our truth as much as possible because it is the secret to a good life.

Work On Self-Esteem Every Day

Work On Self-Esteem Every Day

Self-love is the foundation, honey. If you don’t have it, you’re not going to find it with someone else.

It would help if you practised feeling complete and content with yourself. The myth that a man will complete you will leave you feeling incomplete, thus leaving you desperately chasing a man! Not good.

Do things each day that promote self-love. Here are some practices you can implement: meditation, exercise and healthy eating, journaling, being with the people you love, gratitude, and the desire to make a positive impact on the world. Feel the love, with or without a man.


We often tend to run into people who think similar to us, either because they are in our social circle or because we consciously look for it. The important thing is that you can also give what you ask for. This will motivate a good man to love you too. When you’re out there interacting with men, reminisce this: the icing on the cake is the man, but girl, you are the cake! Please, don “t forget it. There are great guys out there. Stay connected to your greatness, and they will come flowing to you.

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