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How To Have Self Confidence


Confidence or self-confidence includes feeling confident in yourself and your talent, not in an arrogant way, but in a genuine way. This security does not mean feeling superior to others. It is about knowing, within and with serenity, that you are capable.

Self-confidence is a very, very complicated thing. It’s so easy to depend on others to feel good about yourself when you should only rely on yourself. The decent news is that you are the captain of the ship of self-confidence and are ready to sail the seas.

Self-confident people:

  • Feel more secure than insecure
  • You know that you can trust your talents and abilities to face everything that may happen
  • feel prepared for everyday challenges, such as a test, presentation, or competition
  • think “I can” instead of “I can’t.”

Look Sure Of Yourself

Dress for the occasion. If you know that you look like a capable and confident person, you will eventually start feeling that way. You should dress the way you feel best, not how you think a confident person dresses. Try the following tricks:

Spend a little while on your hygiene daily and ensure you look well presented. However, Take a shower daily, brush, floss, and groom your skin and hair.

Dress for self-confidence. You don’t have to buy entirely new clothes to feel better about your clothes. You’re ready for self-confidence as long as it’s clean, comfortable, and feels good. Remember that you will look more confident if you enjoy what you wear.

Do not focus your security on your outward appearance. Wear clothes that make you feel insecure for a whole day, and try to feel confident without concentrating on your arrival.

You will not only fool others, but you will also fool yourself. Recent studies have shown that body posture tells the mind to feel sure, so having a confident stance will make you look genuinely in charge. And to top it off, having a confident physique language has been linked to lower stress levels.

Think Confidently

Firstly, Recognize your talents and your qualities and write them down. No matter how unhappy you feel, try to lift yourself and remember what you excel at. Focusing on your attributes will distract you from seeing your flaws and increase your self-worth. Think about your qualities in terms of your physical appearance, friendships, and personality.

Remember the compliments others have given you. What have they said about you that you would never have noticed or acknowledged? Perhaps you have been complimented on your smile or ability to be calm and collected in stressful situations.

Firstly, Remember your past achievements. It could be something others remember, like when you were first in your class, or something only you know, like a silent act of service to improve someone else’s life. I know how great it was. Let’s go!

Practice Self-Confidence

Take advantage of your hobbies. Now is the time if you’ve always been required to be good at a sport or hobby! Improving your skills will reinforce the idea that you are talented, increasing your confidence. Learn a musical instrument or another language, an artistic expression, such as painting, start designing projects, or anything that catches your interest.

Firstly,  Start practising a group hobby. Finding like-minded people who share your hobbies could be an easy way to make friends and boost self-confidence. Look for groups you can join in your community or discover affinities with those with the same hobby.

Talk to strangers. Seriously, self-confidence is more than a state of mind. It’s a habit. That’s all humans are. So to be sure of yourself, you must do things that require security. One of them is talking to strangers. It’s intimidating at first, but you’ll become more courageous over time.


  1. When you awaken in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you have come so far in life that you will not let anything or anything make you feel bad.
  2. Sometimes people say mean things out of envy. Remember to smile and enjoy life because it is very short.
  3. Speak in a positive tone. When you see yourself about to say something negative about yourself, instantly replace that comment with a positive one.
  4. Stop being a perfectionist. Nothing and no one is perfect. High values have their place, but your daily life will have bumps and flaws. Accept them as learning knowledge and move on.
  5. Set goals, not expectations.
  6. You are the only person who will always know you. Love yourself, and others will follow you.
  7. Retrain your inner voice. In situations where you think you lack self-confidence, realize that your inner voice tells you negative things. You will need to reeducate your inner voice to be positive on those occasions.
  8. As you walk, focus on where you are going. It would be best if you sat up straight.


Being arrogant and having self-confidence are two very different things. Being complacent is a negative thing while having self-confidence is not. Moreover, You should know how to distinguish them.

Your life mission should not be to do everything to have self-confidence. It would be best if you did the things that make you happy. In happiness, you will find self-confidence.

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