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Welcome to Health Emessenger (HeM) – Privacy and Confidentiality

Health Emessenger (HeM)

Contacting Student Health and Advising Services staff is easy! Health Emessenger is a facility that offers a variety of online options to simplify and improve your experience with your medical and mental health providers and other SHCS staff. This is a safe and confidential way to communicate about your non-emergency health care and mental health needs.

You can use Health Emessenger to:

  • Follow up on your visit by contacting your provider
  • Schedule COVID-19 testing
  • Seek sexual health services such as:
  • STI/HIV tests
  • Prep appointment (pre-exposure prophylaxis)
  • birth control
  • Cervical cancer screening (i.e., Pap test)
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Complete your medical history form online
  • Complete the pre-appointment visit questionnaires
  • View or cancel your scheduled appointments
  • Get your lab results
  • View and print your vaccinations
  • Learn about medical entry requirements and Hepatitis B holdbacks
  • Ask a question about your insurance reference
  • Request the communication of medical records to an external service provider
  • View and print account statements.

The health Emessenger service allows you to contact our practice at a time that suits you best. You can contact us from anywhere by logging into our site and using your UC Davis username and Kerberos passphrase. You’ll save time by avoiding non-urgent office visits and be able to manage your care more efficiently.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Health Emessenger

Privacy and Confidentiality of Health Emessenger

Anyone with your HEM login and password information can view more detailed information, such as appointment dates, lab results, and message history, with your providers. They can also access their attending physicals notes for private visits. And also, visit our Navigating Privacy and Confidentiality in Healthcare page to learn more about protecting your health information.

Updated Names and Pronouns of Health Emessenger

Updated Names and Pronouns of Health Emessenger

You deserve to be treated with self-respect and respect. Check out our tutorial on updating your name and pronouns in your Health Emessenger profile.

My Health Emessenger Web Portal

The web portal, My Health Emessenger, is available only to Clemson University students. Students use their college username and password to log in to My Health Emessenger.

Use My Health Emessenger to:

  • Schedule and cancel appointments
  • Download insurance cards and vaccination records.
  • Sign up for SMS appointment reminders (must be updated when changing mobile operator)
  • Communicate with specific service providers/staff via secure messaging
  • Complete online questionnaires, forms, and surveys
  • View medical and portraying records
  • Update your profile.

Additional Notes

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) appointments are NOT available online. To schedule a CAPS appointment, call 864-656-2451.

Initial appointments for ADHD are NOT available online.

Upon arrival at Redfern Health Centre, proceed to the CAPS and medical appointments registration area.

My Health meter cannot determine whether or not you have paid health costs. And also, If you have questions about your payment status, please call 864-656-1541.

If you have any questions, proposals, or concerns regarding My Health-e, please get in touch with the Director of Administrative Services at 864-656-2233.

Frequent Questions for Health Emessenger

What is the SHAC Health Portal?

SHAC Health Portal (SHP) is a secure web portal that allows students to:

  • Communicate with suppliers using specific messages;
  • View or cancel upcoming appointments;
  • complete medical history and intake forms before the visit;
  • enter, review, and print immunization history; Y
  • review and correct your contact information on file (address, phone number, email, etc.).

How can I Log In?

How can I Log In?

You will need your UNM NetID PIN to log in to the SHAC Health Portal. A login screen will appear if you click on the SHAC Health essential Portal link on this page. Enter your NetID password.

What Happens if I Don’t Remember my Password?

To reset your password, visit or contact UNM IT Support at (505) 277-5757.

How can I Verify and Correct My Registered Contact Information?

On the SHAC Health Gateway home page, click on your name in the upper right angle of the page to view your contact information on file with SHAC. To make any necessary alterations, click “Edit your profile”, brand your changes, and click “But”.

How do I View or Abandon My Upcoming Appointments?

The SHAC Health Gateway home page will display your future SHAC appointments. And also, If you need to cancel a selection, click the “Cancel” button next to the scheduled appointment. Please note that all actions must be balanced by 3 p.m. And also, The night before (or by 3 pm Friday for a Monday appointment) to avoid a $20 no-show or late cancellation fee.

What are Pre-Visit Intake Procedures, and How do I Fill them Out?

What are Pre-Visit Intake Procedures, and How do I Fill them Out?

For some actions, specific questionnaires (pre-visit intake forms) must be completed when you come to SHAC. And also, In with SHAC Health Gateway, you can fill out these forms whenever possible. After your appointment on the SHAC Health Gateway, click on “Forms” to access pre-visit intake forms. And also, please note that not all works have a pre-visit intake form.

How do I Enter, View, and Print my Vaccination History?

To view your immunization records in the folder, click “Immunization View History” on the top menu after logging in to the SHAC Health Portal. And also, To print, click the Pattern button. And also, If you may need to hinder your browser. A pop-up blocker from publishing immunization records. And also, To submit additional documents through the SHAC Health Portal, select “Vaccinations-> Enter Dates” from the top menu. Then, click the “Submit” key at the bottom of the page to save the data. Remember to bring a printout of your immunization records, including your childhood records. And also, so that SHAC staff can verify your information.

What is Secure Health Emessenger, and How do I Use It?

A secure health Emessenger is not transmitted like a standard email message. Instead, when you receive an email stating that you have conventional a letter from your healthcare breadwinner. And also, You must log in to the SHAC Health Portal to opinion your messages. Since the site is secure, like an online banking website. And also, it and your healthcare provider can exchange messages securely. And also, In addition, you will be able to send and obtain statements from your healthcare provider. To access secure messaging, click “Message” in the top menu after logging into the SHAC Health Portal.

Health Emessenger RNA Vaccines do not have Serious Health Effects

Health Emessenger RNA Vaccines do not have Serious Health Effects

Science Writing, Sep 3 (EFE): An American investigation did not find “serious health effects that could be related” to messenger RNA vaccines against covid-19, for which they analyzed data from 6.2 million vaccinated during two years. And also, The study published today by Jama is the first comprehensive result of the US vaccine safety program. And also, The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) on Pfizer and Modern preparations.

These results of our safety surveillance are reassuring,” said lead author Nicola Klein, director of the Centre for Vaccine Studies at Kaiser Permanente. And also, The study reports results from mid-December 2020 to June 26, 2021. And also, A evaluates the health histories of 6.2 million people for the first dose and 5.7 million for the second amount. Two vaccines are based on messenger RNA (mRNA).


The conclusion was that “none of the objective health e-messaging outcomes reached the signal”, although in some cases, they were less precise due to the small number of cases. And also, The authors highlighted their e-messaging findings on confirmed. If myocarditis and pericarditis among young individuals. And also, The study identified 34 issues in patients aged 12 to 39 years. And also, The authors calculated that, among patients in this age group, there is a risk of 6.3 additional myocarditis per million doses during the first week after vaccination.

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