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Package Write for Us- The importance of packaging is increasing. Packaging protects the product on the one hand and enhances its attractiveness on the other. And also, In a general sense, packaging means that a product is to be kept or wrapped with security in another object, and the name and brand of the product, etc. are to be marked on its outer cover.

Meaning of Package

Meaning of Package

packaging arts paribhasha wishest mahatma; In simple words, the purpose of packaging is to keep or wrap a product in another object with security. And also, it is called packaging. Packaging is an art related to product planning. And also, in which a container and wrapping material are used for the safe distribution and use of the product and to attract customers to purchase the product. Provides variation from manufacturers’ products, and want to write interesting articles, we are here to publish your thoughts at

Features of Package

The features of the packaging are as follows-

  1. Packaging is both an art and a science.
  2. Attracting the attention of customers is another feature of packaging.
  3. Packaging is the activities in product planning concerned with manufacturing, designing, and packing goods, containers, and wrappers.
  4. Introducing the product to the customers; this is the fourth feature of packaging.
  5. The primary purpose of packaging is to provide safe delivery of goods, ease of use. And also, assurance of protection to the customers during various distribution stages.

Functions of Package

The primary function of packaging is to deliver goods safely. And also, The main functions of packaging are as follows :

  • Packaging serves as a product identity.
  • The central part of the packaging is protected from dust, mold, moisture, and wear and tear.
  • Have to provide.
  • Packaging provides convenience in transporting, stocking, and consuming products from one place to another.
  • Packaging makes the job of sales promotion easier.

Importance of Package

The importance of packaging is as follows-

1. Security

A good package protects the goods from wear and tear and exposure to moisture, air, water, etc.

2. Convenience in Transportation and Storage

There is convenience in moving and storing the goods/products from one place to another, saving transportation and storage expenses.

3. Reduced Chances of Adulteration

The possibility of adulteration can be reduced by sealing the products in closed containers.

4. Medium of Advertisement

Packaging is also a medium of advertisement; through this, the customers’ attention can be attracted to the goods, and valuable information can be given to the customers about the goods.

5. Increase in the Prestige of Things

Good packaging increases the prestige and popularity of the product.

6. Sales Promotion

Good packaging encourages the sale of the product and also gives good value to the product.

7. Ease of Identification

Naming things makes them more accessible. Labels can past on the cans for identification, and helpful information can given in them.

8. Convenience to Customers

Consumers get convenience buying packaged items, and empty boxes can uses daily; they also have resale value.

Advantages or Importance of Packaging

Advantages or Importance of Packaging

As people are more health conscious, they prefer to buy packaged items because they are less likely to  degrade. In addition, the seller can distinguish the quality of the product due to the color, material, and size of the package.

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