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Tapestry Health Brings Together People, Communities and Health Care

Tapestry Health – Young, happy family playing with daughter in the sea on the beach in Spain whilst on vacation. Expect you’re looking for a great place to work. In that case, you’ll find it at Tapestry Solutions, where we provide a competitive benefits package and a company culture unmatched by competitors in our industry.

Our benefits include the following:

  2. Medical and Prescription Plans
  3. Dental Plans
  4. Vision Plan
  5. International Benefits Plan
  6. Company Paid Basic Life Insurance and AD&D Insurance
  7. Company Paid Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  8. Company Paid Employee Assistance Program
  9. About Tapestry Health

Tapestry Health is one of the nation’s leading medical care providers in the Skilled nurture industry. We pioneer the expansion of telemedicine as a tool to allow our on-site and remote clinicians to see patients in more than one location efficiently. We were the first to spend technology as a tool to enable nurses to increase the time –

Our Mission and Goals

Tapestry Health exists to better the lives and the think of our country’s most vulnerable patients – the residents of America’s skilled nurture facilities. It’s a formidable challenge but one we keep on to meet with a blend of very good people, classy technology, and an approach that starts not with the position quo or what various agencies and an insurance company will “allow” us to do, but rather one that begins with what will serve the patient best. Then we figure out how to deliver it.

As pioneers in remote medical care delivery, we know technology is the key to delivering that care. As doctors and nurses, building strong, trusting, personal relationships with our patients is critical. We emphasize face-to-face care, giving our clinicians the authority to assess and treat their patients as they see fit and behind them with equally devoted teams on nights and weekends. We have a team of specialists from a broad range of medical disciplines most often needed in nursing homes but rarely found there. Face-to-face consults with cardiologists, pulmonologists, urologists, psychologists and more are presently a phone call away.

We believe in empowering clinicians to do what it takes to realize our goals of improving our patients’ lives and healthcare and giving them the tools to do it. At Tapestry Health, you’ll be in accuse of your career. You’ll have the opportunity to grow your practice, increase your income, and help extra people more significantly than you always thought possible.

Benefits of Tapestry Health

Tapestry Health offers a unique chance for you if you’re the expert who wants to bring hands-on care, make the decision that makes a difference and be in control of your vocation. Here are now a few of the reasons why:

  • Strong clinical carry team
  • 24/7 treatment of your patients
  • Access to an array of a specialist on call
  • You decide how significantly time to spend with a patient, not a supervisor or an insurer
  • Flexibility to provide follow-up care as needed
  • The ability to grow your practice without the risk of striking out on your own
  • Access to the industry’s most sophisticated digital and remote technology
  • A support team that’s monitoring your patent’s vitals, connecting the dots patient by patient and facility-wide, and alerting you to potentially high-risk patients

What is Health Tapestry

In our course, trained volunteers visit groups where they live. All through these visits, they learn about what matters mainly to that anyone and their Health. They also know more about a person’s health needs. The story group tell our volunteers are recorded and sent to their healthcare team using unique technology. It helps the crew learn more about that person’s life, health needs, goals and how they can well again work together to achieve goals and meet needs.

A person’s health care team can include primary, community, specialist or hospital care members. It can also have the taught Health TAPESTRY volunteers and anyone who helps someone stay healthy.

The squad is centred on the individual and anchored in primary care. The team works with that anyone to meet their health goals and stay fit longer. Volunteers may visit again to verify how well a person meets those goals. A person’s action plan and progress among the fitness care team using skill and thought focus on care planning. The health care squad also connects with a community organization to help anyone participate in their community’s behaviour and capital.


Tapestry Health aims to help people stay healthier for longer where they live by person-focused care through the combination of four key program components:  trained volunteers who visit clients in their homes, an interprofessional prime health care team,  use of technology to collect and share information, and improved connections to society health and social services. The initial randomized controlled trial of Health.

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