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How to Keep the House Cool in Summer Season?

House Cool in Summer

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons for many. Vacations, trips, beaches, and tanning are the order of the day. However. It is not equally delicious for everyone, since with summer comes high temperatures that make even being in closed spaces like a sauna. When temperatures exceed 35 ºC, it is likely that, despite being inside your house, you feel the heat in every home corner. However, there are more and more tools and tricks to deal with it.

Use the fan or air conditioner

Take advantage of kitchen extractor fans.

Air in the Mornings

One of the main habits you should implement in your routine when it gets hot is to open the windows every morning. This way, you can clean the space and let the freshest air of the day enter the house first thing in the morning.

It is also an excellent trick to stretch the sheets and clean some dust that remains since the air, during those first moments of the morning, will be cleaning and entering fresh and clean.

Create Shaded Spaces with Blinds and Curtains

If you have started to air and ventilate in the mornings, another of the tricks you should do to keep the house cool is to lower the blinds a little when you close the windows or, failing that, draw the curtains. Shaded spaces without direct sunlight are much more relaxed and pleasant, but if you also do it after ventilating, you will ensure that the fresh air remains for longer.

Avoid Having the Lights On

Although it is advisable to create shadow spaces in the house, do not turn on the lights, even if you think it is very dark. They seem small, but electric light bulbs emit heat when they are on, and, as the minutes go by, this heat begins to permeate the environment, creating charged and warm air. Instead of turning on the light, if you need a more precise space. It is preferable to lower the blinds where direct sunlight enters but leave the others ajar to see without problems.

Refresh the Space with Plants

Refresh the Space with Plants

Plant plants may be the answer if you are still wondering how to keep your house cool in summer. Not only do they make a cozy and lively environment, but also, plants can be an excellent help to refresh the home. The truth is that if you opt for large plants with green leaves. In summer. You can water them or spray them practically every day, and this fresh sensation will spread throughout the house.

Sleep With the Windows Open

In summer, you should make the most of the incredible hours of the day. That is why at night, when it is usually more relaxed, what you have to do to keep the house cool is to sleep with the window open. In this way. You will be able to create a contrast with the hottest hours and let the house air out, expel the hot air of the day, and cool the walls and spaces.

Opt for Windows that Isolate from High Temperatures

You may think that thermally insulated windows might be too expensive, but it’s worth the effort over time. Good thermal insulation in both walls and windows can save us from the cold in winter and summer heat. You will notice the difference by keeping the windows closed in the hottest hours.

Avoid Using the Oven a Lot

The truth is that in summer, we most want ice cream, salads, and fresh products that help us regulate the temperature. However, if you are still passionate about cooking, try to space out the use of the oven as much as possible. As you can imagine. This appliance is an actual heat pump that, not only when it is use, but when it is aired, expels a great wave of hot air that can ruin the calm atmosphere of the rest of the house.

Change the Sheets More Often

Is there a better feeling than getting into bed with freshly changed sheets? In summer, it is essential to maintain good domestic hygiene since our bodies tend to be more sweaty and eliminate more toxins. That is why it is recommend to change the sheets once a week. This way, if it is very hot, you can shower before bed and get into fresh and clean sheets.

Use the Fan or Air Conditioner

Use the Fan or Air Conditioner


If, despite everything, you feel that the atmosphere in your home is very stuffy and you still wonder how to keep the house cool in summer. A good option is always to have the fan on during the hottest hours. In this way, you will get the air to move, and you will have a feeling of freshness. Air conditioning can also help, but electricity is a significant expense. Therefore, you may be interested in this One. How to article on How to cool the house without air conditioning.

Take advantage of Kitchen Extractor Fans

Kitchen extractor fans not only serve to remove smoke and bad odors that we leave behind after cooking, but they are also perfect for removing heat from the house. Its mechanism is to suck in the air and, if the air is hot, it will repair this sensation a bit.


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