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Nail Color Write for Us – Contribute and Guide Post

Nail Color Write for Us

Nail Color Write for Us

Nail Color Write for Us – If the nail is under heavy impact or pressure, blood collects under the nail due to the rupture of the vessels, which creates a black, red, or brown appearance on the nail. And also, The blackening of the pins is not a normal situation. And also, After this process, the nail completely separates from the skin, and more at

Best Nail Color Idea

Best Nail Color Idea

On the wedding day, your hands will constantly be in the spotlight -and in the photos!-: the exchange of wedding rings, the pictures of the bouquet, the kisses, and handshakes of friends and family. And also, That’s why the manicure of the bride must be perfect! And also, Today, we reveal our tips and inspirations to be glamorous and chic to the ends of your nails during your wedding.

1. Maintains Hands

The hands are maintained daily (especially in winter!), but specific care is expected in addition to a beautiful manicure on D-Day.

Do you want to do a home treatment? Here are the three steps to follow:

Exfoliate the skin: the best thing is to use a specific scrub for the hands. And also, An essential step for moisturizers to penetrate appropriately afterward.

Clean nails: using the appropriate accessories, remember to clean the cuticles and under the nails and remove dead skin.

Moisturize the hands: oils, moisturizing creams, or a hand mask with paraffin!

2. Choose the Right Shape

Short and thin fingers: the oval shape will suit you best, giving the illusion that your fingers are long and stretched by visually lengthening the hands. And also, Stay in the right measure; all the same, everything is a question of dosage.

Short and thicker fingers: prefer the rounded shape; they will create an overall harmony and make them appear longer.

Long and thin fingers: you can afford everything! Almond, square, rounded shape. And also, Everything will suit you!

This year, short pointed nails are the big trend!

3. Opt for a Trendy Color

Nude: it is generally -and rightly so- considered the best choice of manicure for a future bride. And also, The varnish in a natural tone, or with the classic French manicure, is elegant and chic. And also, If you opt for this choice, you have a wide range of color choices: from milky white to pink or beige to chocolate brown! Because beware, as well as for the complexion, we choose our nude varnish according to our skin color.

Red: red is not “too much” for the bride but rather highlights the dress and the bouquet, especially if these have been chosen in neutral tones! Be careful, however, that your nails are not too long and thin.

The Micro French manicure: super simple, trendy, and elegant! And also, The micro French adapts to all colors and all tastes. You can make it classic white, with glitter or color. And also, the choice is yours; in any case, it will give a super clean nail impression, at

4. Do not Neglect the Type of Varnish

If your nail polish tends to chip quickly, opt for a permanent or semi-permanent manicure to guarantee its hold on D-Day. And also, It would be a shame to notice a damaged nail a few minutes before the ceremony. And also, If you have weak and brittle nails, don’t hesitate to try acryl, a varnish texture that helps strengthen your nails.

If you do not like the shape or length of your nails, do not hesitate to turn to gel nails or acrylic. And also, But be careful, avoid fake nails if you’ve never worn them before, you might not like them, or worse, you might not like the look.

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