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In cosmetics, perfume is an aromatic compound that gives off a pleasant, persistent odor. Perfume is of natural and artificial origin and is generally in a liquid state. Still, it has an exceptional property: it evaporates, giving off a scent that is supposed to be attractive. And also, When a perfume is diffused or applied to the skin, a bouquet of aromas emerges that satisfies our olfactory sense; this is why the term fragrance is attributed to perfume. And also, A weapon of seduction, perfume partially reveals the personality of the person who appropriates it, and more at

The Importance of the Bottle of Perfume

The Importance of the Bottle of Perfume

As the scent of a best fragrance is difficult to guess, the bottle becomes a tool to promote the perfume. And also, In this sense, the bottle materializes the smell; it reflects its character(s), making it a pilot for the fragrance’s popularity. And also, The bottle, therefore, wants to be the “physical person” of the perfume.

A Brief History of Perfume

The first traces of the use of perfume date back to ancient Egypt. The dead were embalmed, and incense was burned during religious ceremonies. And also, The Greeks, then the Romans, made mascaras of flowers in oil. And also, The Middle Ages, but mainly the Renaissance, saw the growth of perfume. Thanks to navigators and traders, we discover new scents from Asia and America, such as vanilla and spices.

Manufacture of Perfume

There are several types of perfumes, according to their content of odorous substances. And also, if but also according to the composition of these substances.

Types of Perfume

The perfume is a mixture of natural and synthetic fragrant substances, more or less concentrated, and a hydroalcoholic solution. And also, It is the percentage of alcohol and odorous molecules that gives the type of perfuming product:

Eau de parfum: on average, 15% of fragrant substances in 85% alcohol;

Eau de toilette: approximately 10% of odorous molecules in an 85% alcohol;

perfume or extract: with about 20% of odorous substances in 95% alcohol, it is the most concentrated;

Eau de cologne: no more than 5% odorous molecules in 70% alcohol;

Scented water or freshwater: at most, 4% of fragrant substances in little alcohol, or even without alcohol, are replaced by floral waters.

Generally, the higher the content of odorous substances. and also, the less volatile the fragrance and the more expensive the product.

Making Perfume at Home

If you do not want to use perfumes containing chemical substances, You can prepare your bouquet at home. And also, The materials that will be needed; are musk, pine cone, 2 cups of pure water, and a small bottle of alcohol. Instead of musk. And also, if you can use your favorite scents, such as apple, lemon, sea buckthorn, rose, and lotus. It At the stage of construction, firstly, put the flowers on a flat and hardboard; Finely chop them with a knife. And also, Please take it in a bowl and keep mashing until it liquefies. Repeat this step for the pinecone.

Composition of the Perfume of the Notes

When discussing perfume, we often discuss the top, heart, and base notes. And also, They correspond to the composition of odorous substances in the product:

Top notes: these are the first notes, those that we feel as soon as the product is dispersed in the air; fresh notes of citrus fruits or herbs;

heart notes: these are the ones that we will smell for several hours; it is the character of the perfume; powerful notes of flowers and fruits;

base notes: these are the notes that will last several days and remain; warm and powerful notes of wood and moss.

Fragrance Families of Perfume

When we go to perfume, we are asked what type of perfume we like: somewhat floral, woody, amber, etc. There are indeed seven significant families of smell:

  • citrus flavors’: composed of fruit zest: orange, bergamot, citron;
  • floral fragrances: essential composed of flowers: jasmine, rose, violet;
  • fern scents: woody, lavender, oak moss notes;
  • chirp fragrances: accords of oak moss, patchouli, bergamot;
  • woody aromas: warm notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and cedar;
  • amber scents: oriental fragrances, sweet, powdered with vanilla;
  • leather fragrances: dry notes of tobacco, smoke, and burnt wood.

Precautions for using Perfume

Due to the presence of alcohol in perfumes, their application to the skin before exposure to the sun or under a UV device can lead to the appearance of irreversible spots on the skin. And also, It is also not recommended to apply perfume on children. and also, there are scented waters for babies and young children where floral waters replace alcohol.

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