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What is a Blog, and What is it For?

Blog Surely you have heard the term “bloggers” or that some blog important information about a political issue or another aspect of social life was revealed. But what is a blog, and what is it for? In this lesson, you will be able to clear those concerns.

Who Are The Bloggers?


The new generations frequently talk about blogs, and many already have one. So could it be that having blogs on the Internet is only for young people who know about computers?

We tend to think that “bloggers,” as people who have blogs on the Internet are called, are people with excellent knowledge about a subject and a high impact on public opinion. We usually imagine them as young, with some political inclination or specialized in a specific issue and extensive technical knowledge.

The truth is that although some of the bloggers fit that description, there is no definite stereotype. People write blogs of different ages, educational levels, and even professions.

Number of bloggers in the world

Why Create a Blog?

Although most bloggers consider their activity part of a hobby, the truth is that they spend between 3 and 5 hours a day writing articles, answering comments, and so on. Why do all this?

In a study of more than 4,000 bloggers, these were the most common answers to the question of what was the reason for blogging:

Share my experiences and knowledge.

Being able to talk about a topic that interests me.

  • more involved with my passions and hobbies.
  • To be part of a community.
  • ¬†advance or start my career in writing.
  • To keep my family and friends know of my activities.

Graph representing the survey.

According to figures from the “State of the Blogosphere, more than 60% of bloggers consider this activity a hobby, 40% of them are women and a third are over 40 years old.

Another reason that encourages people to become bloggers is the economic factor. It is possible to earn money if you open spaces for advertising on your blog or sell products through it.

Some blogs have been so successful that many companies contact them to advertise in that medium, which enhances the advertising and turns your website into a big business.

It is essential to clarify that these types of cases are scarce. Most people who own blogs can blog their entire lives without ever becoming recognized bloggers.

What Can I Blog About?

There are no forbidden or complicated topics to post on a blog. However, knowing how to choose a good case can ensure that you have many readers interested in following your posts and making them successful.

A blog can be about photography, audio, video, or written. People who blog write about anything you can imagine, from politics to their garden to pets. Think of any interest or hobby you have, no matter how unusual or niche, and a whole community of bloggers will be willing to discuss it.

Although it is incredible to list all the topics, people, and blogs, specific issues are widely covered.

The five most common themes:

Identify what you want to reach with your blog

The first step to developing your blog is to identify what you want to achieve with it. That is, what are the goals and objectives of the blog.

why write a blog

To discover your goals and motivations for creating a blog, ask yourself these two key questions:

What is the aim of why you want to start your blog?

Who do you want to visit your blog?

Your primary goal will be the main reason or motive you want to become a blogger. You can have more than one reason, and in that case, those will be your secondary goals. By carefully examining your primary reason and audience for your blog, you can generate secondary goals.

Meet new persons and be part of a community of professional chefs.

If you are also very interested in having many people read what you write about cooking, another secondary goal could be:

Improve my writing and become a better writer.

Consequently, anything that motivates you to blog, no matter how small, can become your goal or objective. That is, what you are going to achieve with it. Therefore, as you develop your blog, always keep your goals in mind when deciding how you want your blog to be.

Select a Theme for Your Blog

No rules say how to select a topic for your blog. But I have some tips you can keep in mind when doing it.

For your blog to succeed, one of the most important aspects is knowing how to choose a topic of interest to you. After all, it is about being able to talk about something you like or are passionate about since the amount and consistency in the publications will directly depend on how much you enjoy it.

Bring a notebook with ideas for the blog

You can do an exercise to identify if your chosen topic is good enough to create a blog. It is about you thinking of possible articles or “Posts” that have to do with your case and that you would like to discuss. You can even list titles like in the example of our traveler in the image.

It’s not that you have to write and publish the articles you register on the list. Instead, you explore if you are interested enough in the topic to write about it for a long time. If you’re having worry coming up with ideas for possible articles, you may need to reconsider your theme or make some adjustments.

Adjust the theme of your blog

You may have chosen a general theme for your blogs like cooking, politics, or sports. In this case, you must evaluate it a bit so that you can focus on what really interests you about that topic and thus achieve an advantage over other bloggers who write about the same thing but in a general way.

So you can narrow it down, think of some subtopics that branch off your main topic. Are there any that interest you or are easier to write about? If so, you should consider writing about such issues and focus on them. This way, you can create something much more exciting and successful.


You may want to write on multiple or varied topics. This can be fun if you want to write about whatever is on your mind regularly. However, attracting readers who do not know you can be challenging.

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