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Photo Art Write for Us

Photo Art Write for Us – Photo art is made up of two words. It means the art in which pictures are made; through photo art, it presents emotions, dreams, and feelings, expressing the sentiments of the heart through various forms of lines, visual and performing arts. And also, It making them beautiful and alive with colors is an art. So to express inner feelings and imagination beautifully, create different types of artworks. And also, prepare them with different colors is called photo art like Radha Swami Temple, Ajanta Ellora Caves, etc and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

Types of Photo Art

Types of Photo Art

“Photo art is to depict the length, width, roundness of a flat surface like a wall, a wooden board, etc., And also, In with the help of colors and lines to give an impression of a form.”

Salient Features of Indian Photo Art


The culture of India is a group. Here people of different religions live together. And also, Art told about religion in every country, every Tee; the festival comes alive through art. And also, Indian photo art and craft have been closely related to religion for about three to four thousand years.

Expression of feelings:

Humans can express their feelings through art. Presents his sense of reason through pictures. Just as an Indian yogi, after attaining the state of meditation and samadhi, experiences the external and internal nature or the broad field of nature by sitting in one place. Similarly, the Indian painters also depict many times and locations or the vastness of the universe from one place. He expresses it by taking it together; in this way, the imagination of the sky, underworld, and earth gets merge in his creation.

Extensive use of Symbols:

The language of art is symbolic; in the arts of Eastern countries, similar to Indian art, signs and characters bases on natural shapes are of utmost importance. And also, In the arts of India, Jat jut, Mukul, Throne, Chakra, Session, Padukas, Lotus, Elephant, etc., are also shown through different line photo arts.

Coordination of Shapes and Postures:

Coordination of shapes and postures has done in Indian photo art. This is why in most Indian photo art and sculpture, the figures of Indian classical dance styles. And also, their body movements and postures have particular importance in the body composition of the figures. In which the liveliness is shown.

Coordinating Characters:

In Indian art, the general character law has develop traditionally. Normal means creating a proportion of figures of symbols according to age, occupation, or position. King, rank, deity and demon, sage and servant women, Gandharva, child, teenager, youth, etc., And also, I have been fixed the proportions of their organs. Not only this but their seat and foot prints are also fixed.


Various forms of visual and performing arts. Ornamentation is the nature of art. Therefore Sundar Partha describes the form of ornaments and figures for ideal picture representation, such as a face like a moon.

Importance of Line and Speed:

Line has uses in Indian photo art. Flat colors use in these drawings.

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Why to Write for Us – Photo Art Write for Us

Why to Write for Us – Photo Art Write for Us

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