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Wwwxxl Com R134 Refrigerant Recharge

wwwxxl com R134 refrigerant recharge – wwwxxl com R134 refrigerant is one of the top-selling products at Hangzhou E excellent refrigeration Co., Ltd. We consider environmental factors in developing this product. Its supplies are sourced from suppliers that enforce strict social and ecological morals in their factories. Made under usual manufacturing tolerances and excellence control actions, it is warranted to be free from defects in quality and performance.

What is R134 Refrigerant?

What is R134 Refrigerant_

R134 is a nonflammable gas used in refrigerators, computers, and other gadgets. It is used in devices and computers because these gadgets get heated on heavy and extended usage, which causes the performance delivery to throttle down. To tackle such problems, a cooling system is installed over the computers’ heating components, which uses freons to maintain the gadgets’ temperature.

R134 is also used in pharmaceutical conveyances because some drugs or medicines need specific temperatures at which prescriptions or medications survive.

The Solution for Recharging R134

Because there is still a transition period, TEXA has no intention of disregarding the demand for service stations for the older refrigerant and is dedicated to making the advanced technology of its 700 Series AC service stations available for use with R134.

With this in mind, TEXA has formed the KONFORT 710R, specially planned to please the needs of garages who want an “entry-level” system only for R134, which, after all, is still the utmost common refrigerant in vehicle A/C systems.

Specific Series Solutions

Hydraulic System Flushing

To ensure safety and efficiency, each type of oil and refrigerant mustn’t be cross-contaminated. TEXA has, therefore, developed an automatic glowing function to clean the inner circuits of the service station.

Automatic Leak Detection Management

The KONFORT 700 range charging positions automatically double-check for possible gas leaks from the tanks. All safety-related operations take place automatically to eliminate errors.

How Does A Wwwxxxl com R134 Refrigerant Recharge Plan Made and Work?

How Does A R134 Refrigerant Recharge Plan Made and Work_

It’s a gas that is made by joining different atoms. These items include two hydrogen atoms, two carbon atoms, and up to 4 fluorine atoms. It is also called the tetrafluoroethylene gas, which belongs to the HFC refrigerant. However, it has been verified that the HFC gas group has proven highly effective and safe in interaction with the ozone layer. Therefore, people are in progress using it as a refrigerant.

R134 refrigerant is also cast in the R-12 CFC. The best assets of this refrigerant include non-combustible, non-destructive, and non-poisonous. It can also be used as an application for revolving screws and diffusive replying compressors.

Likewise, it’s good to see that the R134 Refrigerant Charge Plan is not only used in those automotive vehicles. But it does have many other submissions that are described as follows.

  • Manufacturing industries use R-134a refrigerant to blow flexible froth.
  • Pharma companies also use it to make medicine.
  • It also helps remove wetness from the compressed air and applies to air drying applications.
  • Besides, several industries are using this agent to detect cryogenic particles.

Why Do We Use Wwwxxxl com R134 Refrigerant Recharge Plan?

It depends on what type of application you are acquiring this R-134a refrigerant because of its enormous uses. The gas comes packed in large and small chambers with a hose size depending on the intensity of an application. In that case, the gravity this gas provides will vary depending on the industry it uses. It’s also true that many corporations are manufacturing this R134 Refrigerant recharge code  & plan. Still, they are also reliant on some other gas companies.

Moreover, always take safety measures to detect the leakage immediately to avoid emergencies. Most people use up to 5 diverse procedures to detect this refrigerant leakage. These include ultrasonic leak detectors, electronic leak sensors, fluorescent dyes, soap solutions, and halogen-selective detectors.

The key Features of Wwwxxl com R134 Refrigerant Recharge Gas

The key Features of Wwwxxl com R134 Refrigerant Charge Gas

R134 is safe, non-combustible, and non-destructive. The R134 is a refrigerator with an edge of 26.3 degrees Celsius or 15.34 degrees Fahrenheit, making it available in gas when exposed to the environment. It is tempting as the temperature limit of the refrigerator should be below the planned temperature.

  • R134 has a very high temperature for evaporation.
  • The internationally familiar R134 room shading codes on refrigerators have a light blue.
  • The water policy of the compound is 0.11 percent by weight at 77°F, which is 25° Celsius.
  • It is a medium amount of fluid.
  • R134 has properties that lessen the Ozone layer, which is why it became renowned as an appropriate substitute for dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12), which was known to hurt the Ozone layer.
  • R134 is a low-potential fermenter.
  • This fridge has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) 1300 limit. The GWP is the value of how much heat is absorbed in the atmosphere by the heat gas.
  • Sub-atomic weights that are low and misaligned, lipophilicity and water temperature at room temperature make refrigerants a modern solvent for businesses.
  • The R134 is a suitable electrolyte with sufficient belongings. It has a high hardness at warm and low ends of boiling over and a lack of material blockage associated with the substances used.
  • It is currently used instead in place of the R-12 CFC in the refrigerator rather than a pivoting, divergent screw, parchment, or reset blower.
  • It is widely used to make the framework of air-molding used in new automobiles. The assembling industry makes use of it to smack plastic air pockets. Drug companies use it to fuel.

Pros of Using R134 Refrigerant Recharge

Positive characteristics which are depicted by R134 refrigerant are:-

  • It is nonflammable.
  • It has high thermal stability, so the increased temperature of the compressor does not cause harm like blasts, etc.
  • Low boiling point
  • Chemical Inertness due to which it does not react unnecessarily with the surrounding
  • It is non-toxic and also
  • It has a high heat of vaporization
  • Its auto-ignition temperature is about 1415 degrees Fahrenheit, which means 768 °C.
  • The universally accepted R134 container color is light blue, the specified color code.
  • R134 has negligible acidification potential.
  • Its low molecular weight, instability, lipophilicity, and liquid state at room temperature make it stand out. Thus, this gas is received in commercial industries for using organic solvents.
  • Leak traces of R134 can be identified as friendly. Methods to trace the leakage are mentioned in the next heading.

Methods to Trace Leakage

Its non-toxic nature and inflammation properties make tracing the leakage easier. By making the use of Glowing Dyes, leakages can be spotted.

Smearing soap solution over the suspected area or vent gives hints of leakage, if any. Electronic leak detectors are another method that can trace the point of leakage.

Ultrasonic Leak Indicators and Halogen Selective Detectors are other ways of tracing the leakage. Still, these methods are carried out in highly professional warehouses because, in typical usages, these methods may cost heavily.


Why is R-134a banned in European countries?

The researchers have found that R-134a is also a contributor to global warming. So, the European Union has banned refrigerants in manufacturing new vehicles, and many other countries are also planning to avoid it.

How is R-134a supplied to people?

The r134a réfrigérateur recharge plan gas comes in various dimensions so that users can get it according to their necessities. The pack consists of drum tanks and cylinders to make it easy to use.

Who invented wwwxxl com r134a refrigerant?

R-134a, which is now known as Chemour, was invented by DuPont.


For instance, look at this R-134 refrigerant which is something new used by most air dries, pharma cuticle companies, and other works like vehicle manufacturing. Due to its recent applications, we believe that the Wwwxxl Com R134 refrigerant recharge plan is worth it. But you will find this plan banned in most European countries.

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