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Earthen Pot Write for Us

Earthen Pot Write for Us

Drinking water in an earthen pot has many benefits, but what if you buy a separate pot? Nowadays, people are being cheated while buying an earthen pot. When you buy a pitcher, it happens that its soil is degraded or painted from the inside. In such a situation, when you keep water in this pitcher, the taste of this chemical soil or its paint starts mixing in the water. Drinking this water, you may get a mouth infection, sore throat, and stomach infection. That’s why it is crucial to keep these things in mind while buying a pot or an earthen pot and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your opinions at

By Doing this, There is Progress in the House

By Doing this, There is Progress in the HouseIf you bring an earthen pot or jug ​​in the house, then clean it properly and fill it with water and first of all, give that water to the child of the house, if it is a girl, it will be even better. By doing this, blessings remain in the house, and the blessings of the ancestors also remain, due to which the members of the house progress.

There is Progress in Job and Business

If there is no progress in your job and business, light a lamp and camphor near an earthen pitcher every evening. By doing this, there is progress in career and business, and a pitcher full of water will also keep your home full of wealth. Also, fill water in an earthen pot and keep it on your roof; by doing this, you will get new opportunities in job and business as well as profit.

There is Mutual Love Among the Members of the House

An earthen pot or pitcher filled with water smells sweet, and the water is also pleasant to drink. In the same way, by drinking water from these things, there is harmony in mutual love among the house members, who are always ready to help each other. Also, its fragrance communicates positive energy in the house.

Always Keep a Pot Full of Water in the House

According to Vastu, it is better to choose the north direction to keep it because the north direction is considered to be the direction of the god of water.

If someone in the house is stressed or mentally disturbed, you ask them to water any plant from an earthen pitcher; it will benefit them.

Keeping an idol of God made of clay in the house removes your money-related problems and keeps the stability of money.

Lighting a lamp in front of a pitcher full of earthen water in the house also removes financial troubles.

Keeping small decorative earthen pots in the house maintains harmony in relationships.

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