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Renovation Write for Us – Submit and Contribute Guest Post

Renovation Write for Us – Submit and Contribute Post

Renovation Write for Us

Building renovation consists of refurbishing part or all of a dwelling. The objective is to bring more comfort and modernity to a house or an apartment. And also, The most frequent renovations concern the bathroom or the kitchen, and more at

Renovation Work, an Added Value for a Home

The renovation does not exclude the demolition of specific elements or the entire building. And also, For example, the old parts must be removed to renovate a bathroom. And also, Once completed, the renovations may reveal some ancient traces for decorative purposes.

The Different Categories of Renovation

The different types of renovation are often confused. There are three categories:

Light renovation, which most often includes one-off works (one or two batches). And also, in such as refreshing walls and floors, changing windows, bringing electricity. And also, it up to standard, changing plumbing, modifying equipment, repairing kitchen or bathroom, wall or roof insulation, etc.

The renovation is said to be heavy when it involves work that affects the structure (and which also benefits from the ten-year guarantee). And also, Here, we can redo the foundations, and a floor, knock down a load-bearing wall, replace the roof, etc.

What Should Budget be Devoted to a Major Renovation?

The cost of a significant renovation depends on many factors, including the condition of the building and the materials used for the work. That said, an average price of between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per square meter. And also, It must be provided for this type of project, to which it is prudent to add a 10% margin to deal with unforeseen events. And also, In any case, comparing at least two quotes from qualified general building contractors is recommended before embarking on this work.

Why do We Talk so Much about Energy Renovation?


Why Write for Cafe shape – Renovation Write for Us (1)

Because energy renovation brings very concrete benefits, in a renovated home. And also, if you feel good: you benefit from a regulated temperature, whatever the season, and you see your energy consumption decrease. And also, a renovated property is a property that gains in value. But energy renovation is not just an individual matter of comfort or budget. And also, It also manifests a global awareness of the ecological and economic issues linked to the energy transition.

Important of Renovation

Many questions come back to us about calculating the 25%, which allows us to differentiate the simple renovation from the important one. And also, In consultation with the UVCW and the facilitators, we have established a “manual” to calculate the ratio between the existing envelope’s size and the renovated envelope’s walls. And also, the famous 25%. You will find some scenarios that illustrate the reasoning.

This “instructions for use” agreement does not replace the regulatory text. Moreover, it only applies to distinguish between simple and significant renovations. And also, In no case does this calculation convention intervene in other definitions, and more at at

Why Write for Cafe shape – Renovation Write for Us

Why Write for Cafe shape – Renovation Write for Us

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